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    I just wrote this to an old friend seeking some advice regarding this subject:


    I think all of us go through depression. I know I did as a young adult and into my married life.

    I think there are two kinds of depression, 1) the far more common inability to cope with and accept our current state in life and its concomitant duties and obligations and 2) an organic depression due to inherited tendencies and brain chemical imbalances. There can also be mixtures of 1) and 2).

    But even if one suffers from 2), one can still get a handle on depression in how one either grasps the spiritual role in it, or refuses to see or admit it.

    We all have crosses. Life isn’t always “pretty.” It doesn’t always turn out the way we had hoped or dreamed. Our duties and obligations often seem absurd or beyond our abilities or frankly, they repulse us.

    But despite all that, we have to accept our current state in life and duties and obligations as God’s Holy Will, something He is permitting (not positively Willing but allowing) for our sanctification and salvation.

    When depression sets in it is often because we allow our current circumstances - permitted by God for our sanctification - to overwhelm us or drive us to despair. We just hate our current situation and we hate that God is permitting it.

    The only way out of that thinking pattern, which drives us deeper into despair and depression, is to accept our current situation with Acts of Faith, Hope, Love and Trust.

    “Jesus, I believe in you and your Church. You take care of it.

    “Jesus, I hope in you. You take care of it.

    “Jesus, I trust in you. You take care of it.

    “Jesus, I love you. You take care of it.

    “I embrace these crosses That you will not lift right now in reparation for my sins, for the sins of others, and for all lost souls.”

    We have to embrace those crosses that, in our prayers for relief, God does not lift from us.

    We have no choice. Otherwise they’ll defeat us and drive us deeper into depression.

    Insofar as our depression might be “organic” or inherited, we must seek competent help.

    But here still, it does no good to “kick against the goad.” We still must accept it as God’s permissive Will for us, for our sanctification and salvation, at this moment in time, until God Himself lifts it, or modern techniques and treatments help alleviate it.

    Be at peace. God knows you’re struggling. Leave it in His hands as much as possible and gently turn away from every thought or action that deepens your depression, even as you would turn from any temptation not to Hope, Love and Trust God or to sin.

    Let the prayer “Jesus, I trust in you, you take care of it” be on your lips and in your heart every moment of every day, even if you’re depressed.

    And ask God for a break every now and then, when that cross seems more than you can bear at that moment.

    He will give it to you. He has for me.
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    You've covered it Brian. Wisdom indeed. I learned several years ago a very valuable lesson. Happiness is a choice. As you say, we must turn away from thoughts that reinforce our misery but rather thank God for what God is doing for us every minute. For what He is providing and trust Him that the chalice He has given us is for our sanctification. Your short prayers are powerful to this situation so many find themselves in--Jesus i trust in You. Complete abandonment to Him brings huge graces. Its tough to do but He truly does answer those prayers. The medical side of depression is very tough but thank God they are finding new ways to treat it all the time.
    I don't mean to make light of depression at all. It is a heavy cross but it is a great sacrifice of love when carried for Christ.
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    Excellent, Brian. Thank you!

    O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    This is awesome Brian! Thank you for posting this advice.
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    Well said!
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