Damned to hell and torment forever

Discussion in 'In Memoriam' started by Julia, May 10, 2018.

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    ...I always try to pray for poor souls in purgatory (especially those most forgotten). And though I do have a particular fondness for those who have passed who entertained me via old TV shows, songs, etc, or who helped make all of our lives better, I pray for them but also include those who were not famous or lived very quiet, unassuming lives...but who might have been in danger of going to hell...if only someone had prayed for them. I try to pray for those who may have done something good in their lives, advertently or inadvertently, but who maybe got caught up in some addiction or bad behavior...without fully comprehending how evil it was. I beg God for their souls ("Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do"). And certainly, as one who who has often wished I could do it, but never ever really would, I beg for those who have committed suicide, or are suicidal.....especially those who were most distraught, even if they did know what they were doing.
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    I try to pray a Divine Mercy chaplet every night for those about to die and in danger of losing their souls. And also for all the souls in purgatory especially those most abandoned. I say "try" because lately with son and family living with us I seem to be quite challenged. Can barely pray at all let alone the chaplet. :) I offer it up.:love:
    At Mass I always place dying souls in danger of hell in the chalice of the Precious Blood and beg God to save them. This goes way back to Fr Groeschel I think.
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    I can identify with "try". I have a houseful, and I have to hide myself away to pray. I do a lot of car praying.:)
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    Yes the car! Some of my best Rosaries are in the car.:)
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    You are all so real. I am in the same boat lately!
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    Awww….you’re rescuing souls! Beautiful!
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    God hears your prayers.
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    Same! I went to my prayer room (it's really a closet) twice this morning to pray, and was followed both times by all 3 kids making an absolute ruckus... It is disheartening when I desperately need some peace from prayer so I can be a calmer mother to my children but they won't even let me pray! So I have to just offer up my care for them as my prayer and carry on the best I can.

    I asked God a couple weeks ago to help me save a bishop who needs saving...and boy did things fall apart around here. All my kids and I got sick, had to take my baby to the ER twice, my van broke down, is still in the shop and won't be fixed in time for our yearly trip with husband's family...so we'll be crowding into a sedan (hopefully we can even fit the kids' seats 3 across back there), and other upsets piling on... It's strangely comforting even in the challenges because I feel like it means God is answering my prayer!
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    Thank you Fede, on Father's Day Father Chris Alar gave a sermon on his grandmother's suicide, and then does say that because of God's infinite Mercy, we can pray for the soul of our loved one.
    Here is the mass:

    The homily begins at 15:00, but at 19:00 he shares what his priest tells him. He advices Fr. Alar to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for her salvation. God is outside of time, everything for God is in the present moment, and outside of time, according to Father Alar's conversation.
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    Yes, I agree with you Julia, AED, and Padraig. I also think that killing oneself is a serious sin and huge risk. But I also heard the quote from Padre Pio which Padraig has quoted, and as I recall, also St. Faustina has said that a soul gets a final choice on whether to follow God or the devil at the point of death.
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    The way you spoke to your friend may have saved her eternal life.
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    Wow, what a prophetic post, from 2018/
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    Remember PF, feelings matter little. A unrecollected prayer sincerely offered in the midst of daily crosses is precious to the Two Hearts.

    Luke 9:23 Then he said to them all, "If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me."
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    NEver doubt your prayer is being answered. You are battling for that bishop's soul. No wonder suffering appears. I am a coward. I never ask. I do try to accept with love and gratitude everything that happens and offer it.
    When my kids were small I did my praying at night. A quick morning offering when I would first wake up. The rest of the day short one sentence prayers on the run. God understands!
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    At Fatima, Our Lady asked us to offer up the sacrifices of our daily duties.:)
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