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    The theory about Plum Island is kind of an underground theory. Animal diseases were studied there by the Federal Government
    But in the underground theory, there was a secret area on the island
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    The over-use of therapeutics, rather than alternative methods of prevention, might be another factor, due to eliminating less virulent strains and offering opportunities for more virulent ones to fill the biological niche. I read recently that there is a major typhoid epidemic ongoing in Pakistan. Due to excessive reliance on antibiotic therapy, it is predicted that the causative bacterium will be 100% resistant to all known antibiotics within a year or two. Alternative preventive measures, such as dealing with appallingly inadequate sewerage treatment and ignorance of basic personal hygiene, have not been sufficiently applied. There are those who argue that all this is happening because of the ability of the major pharmaceutical multi-nationals to influence political decision-making. There certainly seems no end to mankind's ability, via wickedness and stupidity, to harm itself.
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    I can see this happening, DeG
    You have spoken truth
    Big Pharma is responsible for many ills

    Warning: graphic description following:

    I read an autobiography of a local country doctor. In the early part of the 20th century, he was eating a picnic meal outdoors
    They had just put some lime in the latrine
    They sat down to eat and noticed that the flies on the food had lime on their legs
    It was a scientific moment of truth!
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    Thanks HH. I think you are right about the strength of viruses. I am susceptible to bronchitis and this morphed into that and I'm still trying to dig out. It gives me something to offer up but I'm getting pained looks from my husband (who is insanely healthy) who wants normal life back and not a wet dish rag lying around like I seem to be doing.
    I had heard about Lyme disease coming from that island as well. I believe it. Weren't we warned by Our Lady at LaSallette about deadly diseases? Sigh.
    Well if I can just get to Confession and Holy Communion I bet I'd snap right out of it. Smile.
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    Whatever happened the hole in the ozone layer? I haven't heard it mentioned this year. Did someone fill it in?
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    One must follow the truth, wherever it leads to, or comes from!

    [Big Pharma, like modern states, and Silicon Valley, represent examples of too great, and too painlessly accumulated, concentrations of wealth. They are all too easy prey for the devil and his minions].
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    You'll find it in the same place as the imminent Ice Age of the 1970's. If you find them, have a look around for 'acid rain', while you're at it. And don't forget to look for the hundreds of thousands of people who were to die from 'the human form of mad-cow disease'. Oh, and that 'Millenium Bug', that was supposed to cause planes to fall out of the sky-that turned out to be Bin Laden!

    [Mankind's propensity to devote limitless resources and reserves of anxiety to imaginary fears while simultaneously blind to, or deliberately ignoring, actual risk, is mind-boggling].
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    I always recall my mother telling me a story. She said before she got married she used to pray all the time. She got guilt stricken after marriage and the first of her ten children were born as she seemed to have little time to pray. She went to a holy old confessor who told her, 'Your children are now your prayer'. This relieved her.

    So you could now say, 'My illness is my prayer'.

    I have found in prayer I have a very natural human tendency to regard the times when I have feel good in my prayer life to regard these as the best times. To regard emotional rewards as an index to success. In fact I believe now the times I was closest were the times I hung most upon the Cross, it kinda forced me on forward through the storm.


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    LOL. So true!!!
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    Thank you for this Padraig. Very comforting words. And I believe very true words. At one point during this siege (that's what it feels like) I apologized to the Blessed Mother for not saying my Rosary and just renewed my offering. I hate missing the Rosary but I was back at it the next day. I miss getting to Mass most of all although I pray it with EWTN. I'm looking forward to the day I can walk out if here back to Mass and confession and adoration. I'm trying to be patient. (Not one of my natural virtues!!!)
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    I suppose in many ways the prayer journey is very is very much like a marriage. When the young couple involved at the start , this can seem like the peak experience. They are fit , they are well, they are good looking, they have time and money at their disposal, they are a new discovery to each other , they are very much in love.

    Then they get married. Then there are responsibilities . There is the grind of living together there are the dirty nappies and so on. So at one level you might think things have gone backward, which is why I suppose there are so many divorces. People say to themselves , 'I never signed up for this'.

    Whereas , realsitically their love their relationship has gone light years forward.

    The same with prayer. We go through the romance period and then move forward into grind of giving. For that is what love is centrally, all about giving rather than receiving. This is a real test and why so many turn back down the road. They divorce themselves from God and the marriage, so to speak.

    So sad.
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