Covid vaccines more than useless

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by garabandal, Apr 27, 2022.

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    Many saints have said that the saint on the day when you were born is particularly strong for you and is of course your patronal saint. I looked up Putin's birthday and it is Oct 7'th- feast day of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. So I have been placing Putin and the Russian people in the flame of love of Immaculate heart of Our lady of the Most Holy Rosary and praying for them. Our good Lord Jesus appeared to a bishop in Nigeria and handed him a sword which turned into a rosary and told him this was the weapon with which to defeat the Boko Haram. A Bishop in Nigeria, Boko Haram, and a Sword | The Divine Mercy The rosary is the weapon for these times.

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    Way to go, Sam!
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    Brilliant Sam.
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    Still I am inclined to think that the Vatican arranging some shipments of some small heavy arms and some military training to the poor Catholics of Nigeria and other parts of Africa and beyond wouldn't do the least bit of harm.:)

    These poor people are being mass slaughtered. Only a week ago a Catholic priest and tortured to death their feet with a war cry on their mouths than in an Islamic Government sheepfold. .

  5. Emmanuel

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    What qualifies any of us to even discuss this with some air of authority as if we possess the relevant knowledge and expertise outside of reading online articles and uploaded videos?
    Personally, I think the opinion of my brother-in-law (infectious disease specialist) who works 14-15 hour days, often 7 days a week, treating dozens of Covid patients, far outweighs that of anti-vaxxers who have very little knowledge or experience, but are quick to copy and paste information more in tune with their ideology. I just happen to have a relative just like that—an antibacterial who relies on various “prophecy” and “fringe” websites and goes around spreading their msinformation….
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    Did you actually watch the video I linked that provides compelling evidence from scientific studies that the vaccines made no discernable difference?

    Your brother in law's opinion, whilst containing valuable insights, is just that, one opinion.

    It is a fact that the vaccines do not stop you catching or transmitting covid!

    And now a Danish study (pre-printed in The Lancet) shows that mRNA vaccines offer no all-cause mortality benefits.

    These are scientific conclusions based on evidence. (note - the Lancet is a weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal. It is among the world's oldest and best-known general medical journals in the world).
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    Emmanuel, I can't speak for anyone else but I have had several personal experiences that have lead me to make some semi-educated conclusions.

    One adult son and two of my brothers (both in their sixties) contracted the very serious kind of Covid. All three followed a protocol that was not advised by our medical professional. In addition to Ivermectin, a regime of high dosage vitamin C, and the usual things to improve natural immunity, I purchased nebulizers for each of them and they nebulized food grade hydrogen peroxide with a iodine compound called Lugol's Solution. They all called it a "game-changer". Their blood oxygen levels rose to normal within 48-72 hours. They no longer struggled to draw in a deep breath and after a week or so the brain-fog lifted. We had been advised to forgo Remdesivir at all costs.

    Another brother was not so fortunate. He did not die from Covid but from the Pfizer vaccine. He was my youngest brother, physically fit, with great health until he decided to take the shots so that he could continue working with the elderly. He slowly and painfully died from micro bleeds that the medical professionals could not pinpoint a source. He ultimately started bleeding from his intestines in massive quantities and could not walk without passing out. His death told us something about the vaccines that some doctors have become enboldened to finally speak up about. Some will say that this just constitutes anecdotal evidence; I say a big, fat balderdash!
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    I am sorry about your loss. Please accept my condolences.
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    Thank you, HeavenlyHosts.

    I am also not without great sympathy for the medical practioneers who are overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated. We have four doctors and three nurses in our extended family and they are often caught between a rock and a hard place with their insurance providers and the medical institutions that they worked for.
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    There is no explanation for any of this. It just has to be diabolical.
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    I agree 100%.

  12. 'On the one hand, Covid can kill people and, on the other hand, the vaccine can kill people too'
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    So sorry for your loss .Agree worth Heavenly Hosts .
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    Truly sorry for your loss. My dad who was the most healthy individual has colon cancer. And it all happened after his booster. I have no doubt the moderna vaccine’s accelerated his cells. He had checked himself at the Mayo Clinic in January, and in February he went to his Atlanta doctors. All of them said he was as healthy as an ox. This is just too weird.
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    Praying for your father.
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    I prefer to not waste time watching anti-Covid vaccine videos recommended by random posters hiding behind a pseudonym, who also demonstrate zero to little medical knowledge of the subject matter. And what was that said about my brother-in-law that it “is just that, one opinion.” Sure, an “opinion” widely shared by a global network of professional colleagues--who regularly discuss their findings, observations, and insights among themselves during numerous consultations, meetings, conferences, and presentations. For all the anti-Covid vaxxers out there, are they doing the same? Now, if my brother-in-law recommended a relevant video, I’m more likely to watch it.
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    Emmanuel, you just used the words “global network” in your post. That’s a huge part of the problem. That, and Big Pharma. And the shots being rolled out without prior testing. Then, being mandated by government control.
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    I am so sorry about your brother.
    As to the medical establishment ignoring such connections to the vaccine--I say if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck its a duck.
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