Covid VACCINES-54 options on the way

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  1. Joan J

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    This is a snapshot of page 1. Opening the attachment will show the info was updated December 14, 2020. OK, I count 37 listed.
    Any further updates discovered, such as release dates or information learned that is "currently undetermined", please share!

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    Thanks for the info, Joan; I'll look at it tomorrow!

    Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!
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    Mario, you'll want to print landscape orientation, color if you can. I have 9 pages, both sides.

    Immaculate Heart of Mary protect us, show us, pray for us!!
  4. Joan J

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    Here is a quick break down of ethical vaccines. I encourage you to read up on what "vero monkey cells" means (cancer promo cells).
    I hope this helps a bit more.

    CureVac from Germany is otherwise ethical. In phase 2 trials, non-replicating "CVnCoV" in vitro transcription lipid nanoparticle

    Whole virus - live attenuated or inactivated
    Beijing Institute of Biological Products (if you believe it), inactivated "BBIBP-CorV" (I have heard their citizens are becoming re-infected in spite of being vaccinated.)

    COVAXIN from India, Inactivated "BBV152", in phase 3 trials

    Viral- Vector based
    Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR), "IIBR-100", phase I

    1 or more stages of development currently unknown ethics, shown on table as question mark.

    Genexine from Korea, In phase 1&2 trials, DNA synthesized in vitro, placed in plasmid vector, given Intradermal Electroporation; confirmatory labs test unknown ethics.

    Symvivo Corp from Canada, in Phase 1

    Whole virus - Live attenuated or inactivated
    John Paul II Medical Research Institute from the USA, Pre-Clinical, Live attenuated

    Valneva and Dynavax, from France/USA/UK, Inactuated Virus "VLA2001", pre-clinical

    Viral- Vector based
    Merck and IAVI from USA, in Phase I, part of Operation Warp Speed

    Two more from China

    from Russia, carrier protein absorbed on aluminum containing adjuvant, approval in Russia Oct 2020

    Kentucky Bioprocessing (British American Tobacco) from USA, "KBP-201", in phase 1&2, primary date 5/6/21

    Sanofi & GSK Protein Sciences from USA/France, phase 1&2, part of Operation Warp Speed HHS-BARDA

    Sorrento from USA, "T-VIVA-19", pre-clinical
  5. Christy Beth

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    But are they safe? That's what scares me. We don't know the long term effects of any of these vaccines. I've been told, since I'm considered high risk, that I should get the vaccine when offered. But not knowing some of that stuff is almost enough to keep me away from it. And the thought that what's offered here in the US isn't ethical. Maybe I'm not being totally with it when it comes to this stuff, but I'm so uncertain about it all that I wonder if I should get any of the vaccines. I don't want to get the virus, but I also don't want to take something unproven and end up with something else wrong.
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    Are you willing to discuss your concerns with you doctor? I am very fortunate mine respects my research and is very willing to discuss my thoughts and validate various points. You might look into Ivermectin and other therapeutics.

    I am certainly not in a position to suggest anything! I have simply found myself very compelled to do a lot of personal research. Coordinating group travel, I feel I should educate myself on what is coming, sharing it with whomever will listen.

    Which ones are me. That is truly a conversation you need to have with your doctor. Mine asked me 2 months ago if I wanted to be in line for a vaccine early among those at high risk. That started a bigger conversation. Among other things, I suggested I did not view myself in any high risk category and I was not comfortable in the least with any mRNA vaccine. Presuming I am not her only pro-life patient, I have shared much with her regarding my research. How in the world could she know everything about any of them. When I told her I needed to research a given vaccine before getting it, that prompted her asking me to share what I learn.

    HAHA, little did she know what that would start!!
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  7. sparrow

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    This new type of mRNA vaccine may have long term adverse reactions. And so many reactions have already been seen! I will not be taking any vaccine, even if I must go to a covid centre (concentration) camp.. Keep your immunity high with things like Vitamin C, D3, zinc, etc. There are too many nefarious reasons that this vaccine has been rushed through for and I simply have a very bad feeling about them. I do not trust big pharma and the elites who are all one in the same now.
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  8. Joan J

    Joan J HolySpiritCome!

    I'm with you. I don't trust the mRNA version or those who are behind using it for this vaccine.

    I'll wait for a more trusted approach. I am also very interested in the clinical studies of IVERMECTIN.
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  9. Fede

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    You sound like me ... my twin..exactly!
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  10. sparrow

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