Covid and the “Academy of Divine Knowledge”

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    With all we know about Covid and vaccines by now, one would expect the global elite to have founded the “Academy of Divine Knowledge.”

    However, that’s not the case.

    We need to start being a lot more discerning about the current crop of anti Covid vax “leaders.”

    Some of them started or belong to this group:
    Dr. Carrie Madej, for instance, has some heavy/serious New Age leanings, as do a number of other “leaders” opposed to the vaccine cult.

    Take a look through that site and tell me whether faithful Catholics should be in any way associated with it.
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  2. BrianK

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    I’m not sure whether Dr. Madej is a member of the Academy. But watching several of her interviews I (and others!) got a real New Age vibe.

    As far as the Academy itself, from their “About” page:

    The Academy of Divine Knowledge was founded on the initial principle of helping humanity through its awakening process in a comfortable manner. Through sharing and uncovering expansive information and knowledge, our goal is to unite together to raise the collective consciousness while preserving and promoting freedom of speech. We knew we needed a change in our world, and we knew we could only do it on a collective level. When we come together in unity consciousness and put our energy together, we shift our entire reality in ways that surpass even our wildest dreams!

    The Academy is a hub where all truth resides in one organized platform for all to view, to learn from and to share. Our community was created to give people a place to come together and support the initiative of building a new system rooted out of compassion and love, and dedicated towards catalyzing humanity’s ascension.

    The Academy is full of teachers and professionals from all over the world who have come together in one place to share their experience and knowledge to the masses. More than just a streaming platform, the Academy of Divine Knowledge is full of interactive workshops, discussions, activations and upgrades, interviews, meditations, and so much more.

    We’re so happy and so grateful that you are here.
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    Bad vibe.
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  4. Not surprised if this is the case. Even during the recent US Elections, the New Agers like Jako, Charlie Ward,Mel K, Simon Parkes, and many more were the ones busy leading the narratives for the Conservatives in podcats, Youtube, Rumble, Bitchute media, and their views are even reaching hundreds of thousands. I was thinking if the Global Cabal deliberately planted all of them or it was just spontaneous.
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    Thanks for the info, Brian.
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    Me too Jason. Controlled oppositoon.
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    Is their logo similar to the satanic symbol? The star....?
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