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Discussion in 'Welcome to New Members' started by TheDeuce, Apr 3, 2023.

  1. TheDeuce

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    Hi everyone. New member from Winnipeg, Canada here.

    It was an unexpected series of events that brought me to this forum - coincidental or providential? I'll leave it to others of greater wisdom to decide.

    I had stumbled onto Glenn's Garabandal group on Facebook and eagerly joined up. I've been following all things 'private revelation' for years and his group was right up my alley. A while ago I posted a query in the group and Glenn was kind enough to take the time to reply to me directly through a DM. At the same time I had another query that I thought he could advise me on so I asked him if I could email him outside of FB. I was pleased when he not only gave me his email address but that he replied to my question promptly.

    After he shared his thoughts on my private issue I asked him if there was a forum that he would recommend where I could discuss and share thoughts and ideas with fellow Catholics. His FB group is great but it's necessarily tightly focused on Garabandal. He pointed me to this forum and here I am.

    Here's to some great discussion!

    Glory To Jesus Christ!

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  2. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Welcome to Mary's living room.
  3. jackzokay

    jackzokay Powers

    ...most welcome, Deuce..
  4. AED

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  5. HeavenlyHosts

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  6. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

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  7. RoryRory

    RoryRory Perseverance

    Welcome from another East Coast Canadian .
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  8. Ananchal

    Ananchal Vigilans

    Welcome :)
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  9. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Welcome! Though a deuce may be low card, Our Lady's lowliness assures you are good company!

    I'm sorry! It's bedtime, I'm tired, and that's that!:LOL::LOL:
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  10. Mary's child

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    Welcome to our Heavenly Mother Mary's livingroom Deuce. :)
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  11. Jo M

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    Welcome! Happy you found your way to the forum. :)
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  12. Denise P

    Denise P Archangels

    Welcome! I found the forum when Joey passed away back in 2014, so Garabandal led me here also.
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