Could Covid Vax be annhilation of nations

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    I believe there are many but below are just 2.

    Teilhard de Chardin French Jesuit priest, who died in 1955 but wrote many books and had/has influenced many Catholics! Teilhard believes the human soul as well as the material world are evolving to become the cosmic Christ.

    He wrote, "...everything is the sum of the past" and "...nothing is comprehensible except through its history. 'Nature' is the equivalent of 'becoming', self-creation: this is the view to which experience irresistibly leads us. ... There is nothing, not even the human soul, the highest spiritual manifestation we know of, that does not come within this universal law.

    In summary he believes the Body of Christ is cosmic. and it "extends throughout the universe and comprises all things that attain their fulfilment in Christ [so that] ... the Body of Christ is the one single thing that is being made in creation."[28] Teilhard describes this cosmic amassing of Christ as "Christogenesis." According to Teilhard, the universe is engaged in Christogenesis as it evolves toward its full realization at Omega, a point which coincides with the fully realized Christ.
    He has many followers that claim to be Catholic.

    Joachim of Fiore, was an ordained priest who lived in the 12th century.

    His theories can be considered millenarian with a touch of Gnostic thrown in; he believed that history, by analogy with the Trinity, was divided into three fundamental epochs:

    • The Age of the Father, corresponding to the Old Testament, characterized by obedience of mankind to the Rules of God;
    • The Age of the Son, between the advent of Christ and 1260, represented by the New Testament, when Man became the son of God;
    • The Age of the Holy Spirit, impending, a contemplative utopia.[2] The Kingdom of the Holy Spirit, a new dispensation of universal love, would proceed from the Gospel of Christ, but transcend the letter of it. In this new Age the ecclesiastical organization would be replaced and the Order of the Just would rule the Church.

    According to Joachim, only in the third age will it be possible to truly understand the words of God in their deepest meanings, and not merely literally. In this period, instead of the parousia (second Advent of Christ), a new epoch of peace and concord would begin; also, a new religious "order" of spiritual men who have divine knowledges, thus making the hierarchy of the Church unnecessary. There are some Catholics today who believe these repackaged heresies.
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    I did a very criminal activity yesterday, I secretly went to my hairdresser. I have to wear a hat going to the shop this morning just in case anyone notices. What's this got to do with vaccines I hear you ask??
    Her sister works in a private hospital and they all received the AstroZennica (sp?) vaccine a week ago and every one of them had adverse reactions. The doctor assured her that it is a good sign as the vaccine is working. Her sister spent the night shivering and was unable to sleep. It lifted a bit the following morning and she had to go to work as no arrangement was in place for people not going in if they didn't feel well. In the afternoon a terrible feeling of total wip out hit her and she had to go home early. I said nothing one way or the other as I did not wish to add anything to her worries. I pray for all those young hospital staff that they will be OK. Its scary. They are taking it totally on trust and they are expected to line up dutifully for it. These Mass vaccination of front line workers is very coersive.
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    Good for you getting your hair done, it reaches the point where you just can't stand it any longer. My son's barber was one of many in NYC who became 'traveling' barbers when they were forced to close down their shops. So my son also engaged in 'criminal' activity :sneaky: when the barber went to his apartment to give him a haircut.
    I pray that there are no longterm effects from the vaccines. I have family members who feared for their jobs and agreed to be vaccinated. One of them became very ill following the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. :(
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    this reminds me of the heresy of catharism in the middle ages that preached that no one needed intermediaries to reach God, not even the hierarchy of the Church, it is the kind of heresy that denies apostolic succession
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    I just did a telemedicine appointment through the
    Front Line COVID-19
    Critical Care Alliance

    website to do the ivermectin prophylaxis treatment. I work in a busy medical office and I will not take the vaccine. I don't think many people know you can do this. A friend of mine told me about it after Mass today. It's called I-MASK+ Prophylaxis & Early Outpatient Treatment Protocol for COVID-19.
    They will also treat Covid symptoms and people who have had covid and still have long haul after effects.
    You can go to the website for information and set up a telemed appointment with a board certified physician.
    The website is

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    Thank you for telling us about this.
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    Thank you so much for this site! Lots of great info.
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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Is this in USA. I wonder if it is available in the UK or Ireland.
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    Covid: Australian Open fans criticised for 'booing vaccine'


    Australia's government has criticised fans at the Australian Open tennis final after some loudly booed the mention of a Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

    The booing happened during an awards ceremony after the men's final, when a tennis official referred to global vaccine efforts as a sign of optimism.

    It comes just as Australia begins its national inoculation programme.

    Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack called the crowd's behaviour "disgusting".

    "I don't like booing at any event, and certainly any sporting event," he told reporters in Canberra on Monday.

    "This vaccine is going to get our country back to some sort of pre-Covid normality," he said.

    The men's number one player Novak Djokovic won the final against Russian Daniil Medvedev on Sunday.

    Djokovic in the past has been criticised for appearing to have a casual attitude towards virus-related restrictions and health measures.

    Australia kicked off the first stage of its vaccine programme on Monday. Frontline, health and quarantine workers are in line to get the first of 60,000 Pfizer vaccine doses this week.


    While the vaccine has broad support locally, it has also sparked protests. On Saturday, small crowds of anti-vaccination demonstrators marched in cities including Melbourne and Sydney to protest against its rollout.

    In Melbourne, where the Australian Open was held, the crowd also booed mention of the Victorian state government when Tennis Australia chief Jayne Hrdlicka thanked authorities.

    Last week, the government ordered the state's residents into a snap five-day lockdown amid fears of an outbreak. The tennis event was allowed to proceed and the virus did not spread.

    Australia's low case numbers
    The vaccine is not mandatory in Australia but highly encouraged by health authorities. Australia aims to inoculate four million people - about a sixth of the population - by early March.

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison was among the first to get his jab on Sunday, broadcasting the event in an effort to boost national confidence.

    Government polling has shown that close to two-thirds of Australians say they will "definitely" get vaccinated, while just over one quarter are "unsure".

    Australia has received doses of the Pfizer vaccine and last week approved the AstraZeneca vaccine.

    Both have undergone extensive safety checks and are already being used in several countries.
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    France considers slowing vaccine rollout for hospital staff, with many unable to work following jab
    In the university hospital of Brest in Brittany, during the first week of the vaccine rollout, 20 to 25 percent of the recipients of the vaccine had to stop work because of influenza symptoms including bad headaches, high fever and sore muscles



    February 22, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – The AstraZeneca experimental COVID-19 vaccine currently being given to health workers in France has caused so many side-effects that the French vaccination task force (Conseil d’orientation de la stratégie vaccinale) has recommended “a staggering of the vaccination schedule for people working in the same care unit” as well as “the systematic intake of paracetamol just before the injection and in the two following days.”

    The vaccine was developed by Oxford University together with the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca by cultivating the weakened SARS-CoV-2 virus in the HEK-293 cell line derived from the kidney of an aborted baby. According to the Oxford Vaccine Centre, these weakened viruses “are purified several times to remove the cell culture material,” adding that “this makes it unlikely that any human material remains in the final vaccine.” “Unlikely”, it is worth noting, does not mean “impossible.”

    The French restrictions on the AstraZeneca jab follow a series of undesirable incidents registered in several hospitals in different parts of the country where personnel were being massively inoculated from the start of the campaign on February 5. These were so numerous that the hospitals were finding themselves facing personnel shortages in ICU and COVID-19 units. In one hospital, half of the physiotherapists were on sick leave at the same time after having received the vaccine.

    In the most western town of France, the university hospital of Brest in Brittany was particularly hard hit. During the first week of the campaign between 20 to 25 percent of the recipients of the vaccine had to stop work because of influenza symptoms including bad headaches, high fever and sore muscles. The hospital authorities subsequently took the decision to stop vaccinations.

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    Similar scenarios played out in other hospitals in Brittany and have been documented by the local media in towns such as Quimper and Morlaix. In the town of Vannes 18 percent of the vaccinated health workers were reportedly compelled to take sick leave after receiving a vaccine.

    In Normandy, the hospital of Saint-Lô suspended vaccinations on February 11 after ten of the fifty or so employees vaccinated on February 10 presented symptoms of fever and nausea. By that date 10, 000 shots had been delivered to health workers and 149 “pharmacovigilance declarations” had been filed. The mRNA Pfizer and Moderna experimental vaccines that are being used for elderly people have not led to such declarations, although several reports suggest that their administration has been followed by COVID-19 contaminations and deaths in care homes.

    In the Dordogne, near Bordeaux, hospital workers no longer want to get the AstraZeneca jab according to local media, since the “Hygiene and Security Committee” of the hospital of Périgueux reported that a “considerable number” – between 50 and 70 percent – of those who received it “experienced very heavy side effects,” as compared with a “tolerance level” of about 10 percent.

    By February 16, no less than 363 adverse events – high intensity “pseudo-influenza syndromes” in most cases – had officially been reported in France among health workers aged 50 and under (with an average age of 31) following reception of the AstraZeneca shot. This did not prevent sanitary authorities in France from proclaiming that the frequent side-effects do not “call into question the risk/benefit ratio of the vaccine.”

    This is remarkable, considering that the risk of falling ill following a SARS-CoV-2 contamination is very small at that age, while the vaccine – that boasts a mere 62 to 70 percent “efficiency rate,” – is apparently causing real symptoms bad enough to prevent work in about one in five of the young people who have received the shot.

    It is not clear whether the AstraZeneca jab actually prevents contagion, as it appears that the virus has been found present in people who had received it during trials.

    In France, the AstraZeneca vaccine is only administered to people under 65, as beyond that age there is currently no data proving its efficiency. The shot is at present recommended only for health workers and people aged between 50 and 65 with comorbidities making them vulnerable to a severe form of COVID-19.

    Interestingly, France appears to be the only European country where the AstraZeneca vaccine is causing such an extent of illness among health workers.

    According to a pro-vaccine researcher specializing in immuno-oncology, Dr. Eric Billy, the situation is linked to the age of the people being vaccinated. While the mRNA shots are being given to the elderly aged over 75 and health workers over 50, the median age of those who get the AstraZeneca shots is 34.

    “The older a person is, the slower the immune system’s response to the vaccine, so by default, older people develop fewer side effects from the vaccine because their immune system reacts too weakly,” explained Eric Billy. Inversely, he said, younger people have a “very reactive immune system, and it’s rather reassuring that there are these kinds of side effects, it shows that there is an immune response.” If the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine, for example, were in turn administered to much younger people than at present, the side effects would also probably be more intense than those currently seen, he argued: “It’s not as if 10 percent of vaccinations were followed by hospitalization.” He simply recommended staggering administration of the vaccine in order to avoid practical issues.

    The question that he did not answer is the one regarding the giving of vaccines to people over 75 with weakened immune systems. Is this useful? Can it be dangerous?
  12. Christy Beth

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    This is scary. That many people getting sick following the vaccine is discouraging. I only hope I'm not forced to take this vaccine. I think I'm going to try and wait this out. I mean, this sounds like it's between the devil and the deep blue sea. Either I risk getting the COVID virus, or I take the chance of getting sick from the vaccine. So far it's been almost a year and I haven't gotten anything. So, I think I'll just wait and see what happens.
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  14. Jo M

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    Among my family members who received the vaccine, all of them were sick following the second dose.
    Two had the Pfizer vaccine, but the one who had Moderna was in bed for three days with fever, chills, nausea and terrible joint pain. Seems as though everyone's experience is different depending on how your body reacts. It is scary, and the fact that so many are under tremendous pressure to take the vaccine is very, very troublesome. :(
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  15. Sanctus

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    My parents are getting the vaccine tomorrow. I don't know what to say to them.
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    I have spoken to several in the hospital who have had bad side effects. This is not normal for any vaccine I ever heard of.
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  17. HeavenlyHosts

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    Tell them you wish they would not get it.
    Then pray for them.
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  18. HeavenlyHosts

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    It’s definitely not normal.
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  19. padraig

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    They don't even deny this is happening. They claim it is the price you have to pay. No pain, no gain. They have an answer to everything.
  20. Christy Beth

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    What's really bad is the authorities are saying that a "few" people are getting sick and "it's to be expected." Any other vaccine causing so much problem would probably be pulled out. Or they would be more careful, this amount of problem can't be good. I'm less inclined to get it now than I was before.
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