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    And it started in Africa where no one is badly affected by the virus thus perplexing scientists. Well I guess the continent of Africa gets to join the exclusive club now.
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    if the virus manages to collapse health systems as in 2020, it could be used as a pretext for a revival of the communist agenda around the world, under the socialist motto of universal health care.
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    Boy, did it tank yesterday!
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    They just don’t quit….” Never let a crisis go to waste”. The one rule this gang always follows.
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    Well, I’m hearing today that Biden is now restricting travel from 8 African nations because of this variant. Hummm, when Trump restricted travel from foreign nations because of the virus, Biden called him a bigot. Rules for thee, but not for me….again and again.
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    I think we just need to be prepared for absolutely anything. Our faith is the only thing we can ever be sure of or rely on.
    The NWO push is not going away.
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    Need to scare Africa's official and people into higher vax uptake. Can't have an entire country as a control group.

    I bet the NWO @holes will only lift travel bans once Africa reaches a certain vax %.
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    I found this post in the forum and am posting again here, because it's an article about the explosion of faith in Africa.

    Funny thing, in Michael Brown's article from October 2016, he refers to a "tsunami of scientism". Boy, he had it right but even though it was bad back then, we had just seen the tip of the iceberg!

    Let's pray for Africa that a good leader can resist because only those with Grace will be able to stand against the pressure from the tsunami.
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    This is what you’re not seeing in the American media (but it’s definitely happening’:

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    Revelation 22:12-13

    “Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.

    Symbolism of Omicron Omega Nu
    What does this Christian symbol mean?
    This Christian symbol looks like our capital letters "O W N."

    The letters on a nimbus are often an Omicron, Omega and Nu as seen to the left. These letters are (very) roughly translated to mean "the one who is." This is a reference to the Greek translation of Exodus 3.14, in which Moses asks for God's name. God's response is difficult to translate, and is often rendered something like "I am what I am" or "I am the one who is." That phrase is signified here by the Omicron, Omega and Nu.

    When these letters appear as part of a nimbus behind Jesus, it is an affirmation of Christ's divinity and unity with the First Person of the Trinity.

    Where can I find this Christian symbol?
    This symbol is quite rare. It is worth looking closely at any nimbus to see if these letters appear. In my personal experience it is most prevalent in churches with Greek heritage.

    Notice that the positions of the letters can sometimes shift, but the meaning is the same as long as they are the same three letters.

    Leading a Bible Study with this symbol
    First, a background story is helpful.

    One of the controversies leading up to the council of Nicea, one of the major early Christian councils, involved a theologian named Arius. To condense some of his arguments into a phrase, Arius held the position that "there was when He was not" - meaning that there was a time before Jesus existed.

    Athanasius represented the opposite position, claiming that Jesus Christ is eternal. His side is sometimes condensed to the phrase "there was not when He was not."

    Ultimately, the Church sided with Athanasius, declaring that Jesus Christ always is, always was, and always will be.

    After considering this story, read the following passages:

    John 1 (remember that "the Word" refers to Jesus).
    Revelation 22.12-13
    Exodus 3.14

    Given the passages from John and Revelation, why would artists want to connect Jesus to Exodus 3.14?

    How does this influence your understanding of Jesus?

    How could I preach using the symbolism of Omicron Omega Nu?
    The Nimbus with the Omicron Omega Nu provides a way to discuss Christology and to connect Old Testament passages to new Testament passages. It also provides an opportunity to talk about the Trinity

    When would the Greek Cross fit in the liturgical calendar?
    Due to its emphasis on Jesus and the his existence throughout time, this symbol could work well close to Christmas, particularly when paired with John 1. It could also work at any point in ordinary time.
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    Heart Attack Warning following the “ Vaccine “…a doctor exposed the data:

    Researchers will not release the information linking the vaccine to the heart attacks because they will lose research money from big pharma.
    Researchers need to publish this data…lives are at risk!

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    I started with Martinson in January 2020 when this first emerged. He had been a wonderful resource.
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    I see Part II is behind a pay wall. If anyone has access and can summarize I would love to learn his theories. Part I seems to basically be saying we don’t know yet how this one will play out… stay tuned
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    To say it’s lazy journalism is a understatement. When they publish “ wrong” “ facts”, we tend to call it a lie.
    We’re on our own to get the truth.
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    After reading this interesting piece and looking at that verse from Revelation , the timing of This Omicron variant is quite a coincidence- or maybe not (n) This is last week of Liturgical year - lots of “end times” reading… in fact today is sort of the Church’s New Years Eve- last night of the liturgical year! Advent is upon us…. As always … a season of waiting and hoping for Christ to come again into a very darkened world. Interesting… Omicron.
    Come Lord Jesus, Come!
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    So happy for you Mary's Child and all like you who have gained a reprieve! Praise you, Merciful Lord!

    O Mary conceived without sin, continue to pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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