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    Tomorrow I have 2 hrs in Adoration. I will pray for yo all.
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    We are having an all-night Adoration on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception as well, and the entire congregation will be consecrated (or renew their consecration) to Jesus through Mary together after all the Masses that weekend as well. I sure wish all Catholic churches would do so! We need it!

    Oh another positive is last month my bishop announced all churches in his very large diocese must pray the St. Michael prayer after all Masses, including Sunday.
  3. PurpleFlower

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    That was my first thought on hearing about this "variant."
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  4. Yes, trying to shift the attention/focus away from the injury-causing vaccines
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  5. same strategy they used for HIV-AIDS.
    Maybe the NWO are planning the human race to stop having kids for a period of time...
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  6. or Power grid failure, there is also the potential conflict with Russia...
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  7. Covid: Report reveals increase in risk of heart attack following the mRNA COVID vaccine
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  8. Yes, St. Michael must re-enter the battlefield...
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    Also most of Africa did not get vaccinated.
  10. MMM

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    Clearly its caused by climate change, but only in countries with high vax rates! ;)
  11. Beth B

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    Thank you so much!
  12. Beth B

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    Good point!
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    I'm sure the variant is real just like all the others but is it more deadly? More contagious? Or is it hype about nothing to scare people?

    My gut tells me before they release small pox as the final nail in the totalitarian coffin they need to max out Covid in one final push.

    I think we'll see a wave of mandatory vaccination requirements for all citizens in numerous countries exploding shortly. Including Canada.

    I pray that I am wrong.

    Now that Canada is pumping this toxin into little kids our Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Kieran Moore just lied saying they are seeing increasing cases and hospitalizations in this age group yet the data shows zero in the last 2 weeks.

    These people are evil liars.
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  14. Beth B

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    Yes they certainly are!
  15. Muzhik

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    No, it's using some of the meds used in current HIV treatments to treat COVID-19. Sources I've read say that basically it's a patentable version of ivermectin.

    If you didn't know: pharmaceutical companies, when one of their money-making drugs is about to have its patent expire, they'll tinker with it and release it in a slightly modified form, "New and Improved'. This new formulation is then patented and the company continues making money. IIRC, Ivermectin has gone off-patent -- basically any company can make it and sell it as a generic formulation.

    These companies have spent so much time and effort telling people that ivermectin is "horse medicine' that they can't come out and release their own form of ivermectin. They CAN, however, combine ivermectin with one of their existing HIV drugs and market that as a new and amazingly effective drug to treat COVID-19, complete with its own patent and marketing material.
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    Thank you for explaining this Muzhik. All of this is so infuriating. :mad:
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    Thank you!
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  18. Jo M

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    From today's Twitter feed...

    'All these variants are smart. They seem to appear before Easter and Christmas.' (n) :(
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    Or when the stock market is doing well......until.

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