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    Today’s first reading at Mass. God controls all things. Perhaps he has led us to this “Covid” dessert to bring us back to Him just like he did with Israel?

    Thus says the LORD:
    I will lead her into the desert
    and speak to her heart.
    She shall respond there as in the days of her youth,
    when she came up from the land of Egypt.

    I will espouse you to me forever:
    I will espouse you in right and in justice,
    in love and in mercy;
    I will espouse you in fidelity,
    and you shall know the LORD.
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  4. Yes AED...
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    40 years in the desert. Yes, I think you are right.
    words of Hosea, "Come back to me"
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    I pray we are getting close to our deliverance.
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    Yes, wow.
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    Why aren't healthcare workers speaking out about the catastrophe caused by the vaccines?
    Everyone thinks that if the jabs were really dangerous, doctors and other healthcare workers would be speaking out about it. They are wrong. Here are the four main reasons they do not speak out.
    Steve Kirsch3 hr ago
    It’s too hard to ignore all the vaccine injured kids showing up in the ER nowadays.

    I just heard a story from a friend who went to the lab for a stress echocardiagram.

    In the waiting room with her are 4 kids aged 7 to 10 years old with their moms. She talked to the moms. The kids were all suffering from tachycardia (heart rate that beats way too fast) and waiting to be tested.

    Two important things you need to know:

    1. All the kids were recently vaccinated.

    2. Kids that age NEVER get tachycardia (i.e., the medical experts I’ve talked to have never seen it before in their careers).
    There are close to 10,000 adverse event types elevated by the COVID vaccines. Here’s a list of the adverse events most elevated compared to “normal.” In the #2 position: heart rate, elevated by nearly 8,000 times normal.

    So why aren’t we hearing about these stories from mainstream doctors?

    Here are nine reasons very few people are speaking out:

    1. Fear of job loss. Nobody wants to lose their job. Look what happened to Deborah Conrad and others who speak out. Fired within hours after speaking out. So the lab technicians who are now seeing kids with tachycardia just keep their mouth shut. They know something is very wrong, but their job is more important. Besides, if they spoke out, it wouldn’t make any difference since they are just a lab technician.

    2. Belief that COVID is even worse than the vaccine injuries. Many people are deceived by erroneous reports that the number of vaccine cases (e.g., of myocarditis) are occurring far less often now that the vaccines have been rolled out. Dr. John Su is the big culprit here because he’s never told the world that VAERS is under-reported. The pediatric cardiologists know what is going on, but they aren’t going to say anything due to #1. So I see doctors tweeting the myth that “sure, there is myo after the vaccine, but the rates due to COVID are worse so the vaccine is the better of the two options.”

    3. Belief that the injuries are really rare. I know a doctor who treats vaccine injured patients. He has no clue whether these are every single vaccine injured patient in the US or he’s only seeing a tiny fraction of the injuries. He believes he’s seeing them all so writes it off as just “coincidence” and “bad luck” since if it was the vaccine, the CDC would have spotted it.

    4. Cognitive dissonance. They are so convinced the vaccines are safe (since nobody else is speaking out), that any adverse events that happen must be due to something else.

    5. Belief that they can treat you for your vaccine side effects, but that they can’t treat you if you have COVID. So lesser of two evils. And of course, they think no early treatments work, so they think they are doing you a favor by telling you to get the vaccine.

    6. Belief that there is no viable alternative for treating COVID and that the vaccines work. So even 100,000 dead or injured people is better than 750,000 dead people from COVID.

    7. Trust in the NIH and CDC. If it was a problem, the CDC would tell people. Telling people isn’t their job. Their job is to follow the direction set by the experts.

    8. Fear of being ostracized. People who do research fear if they speak out they would be labelled as anti-vaxers and their research would thus be discredited.

    9. Critical thinkers have been fired.Hospitals and medical facilities have already fired vaccine hesitant employees per vaccine mandates thereby self selecting for vax believers.
    Not all people are affected. Some are speaking out. Here are some links of people who are speaking out:

    Deborah Conrad interview

    Registered nurse Melissa McKinney, who shared her concerns with her legislator, State Representative Mike Echols

    There was a startling admission during the House Health and Welfare meeting yesterday that caught all of our attention.

    Solicitor General Liz Murrill provided testimony at Monday’s House Health and Welfare VAERS hearing, but she did not speak on behalf of her office

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  12. yes this is democide...
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    Who was involved in the Whitman-Walker Clinic in DC? It was an AIDS clinic. None other than Anthony Fauci.
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    Bad news on my end. After seeing my mom Sat at work, due to severe back pain and weakness she is being admitted to hospital. This is after 2 weeks of chemo and 2 1/2 weeks from booster shot. Any prayers are appreciated.

    What I do know is every test imaginable was given to ensure she was a candidate, her health was amazing for 77, all organs functioning well and no soft tissue cancer. Her doc put her on a 9 month chemo treatment plan and suggested a few decent years for her.

    Last week at chapel I prayed instensely imploring a word or sign on our situation. I got the will be quick (or fast). Again, I'm pretty dense so not 100% sure this was from God but felt in my heart it was.

    I really hope she gets months or years but God's Will be done.
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    I will pray. Sometimes it is a blessing not to linger and languish. But it is all up to her Father in Heaven. Praying.
    I am sad for you. My own mother died two weeks after her cancer diagnosis. She was so sick at the end that it was a blessing God took her home. But I could barely function during those two weeks.
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    Sorry to hear that your mom has had a set back. I will pray along with you for her quick recovery, and no suffering.
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    Amazing protests, FP, throughout the world!
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    I will pray for her tonight MMM. Its so hard to watch our mothers suffer. You are really being put through the ringer. Praying for all of you.
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    What can compare with the love we have for our Moms! Perhaps it's why we hold Mary in such esteem! I'm sorry, MMM; Geralyn and I will be 5 hours in a car tomorrow and will certainly include your Mom in our prayers!:notworthy: Lots of time to spare!
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    With the trials we are going through due to illness and government's oppressive measures, I was inspired by the Responsory embedded in Evening Prayer today:

    You have tried us by fire, O God...then led us to a place of refreshment!

    Response: You have tried us by fire, O God...then led us to a place of refreshment!

    You refined us as silver in the furnace; Response: ...then led us to a place of refreshment!

    Glory to the Father and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit!

    Response: You have tried us by fire, O God...then led us to a place of refreshment!

    O Lord, give peace and refreshment to MMM's family and let your blessing be upon their Mom!

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