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    All of this is appalling. Appalling--but sadly--not sutprising.
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    Ha, lame excuse! There was no ' proper trial' for their experimental vaccines either, they were rushed right through. This is beyond disturbing. We are this far into the pandemic and hospitals are still getting away with depriving patients access to lifesaving treatments, or should I say getting away with murder. Drop your loved one off at the hospital, and you are completely helpless. Once the patient has been admitted, you lose control of the situation since you cannot be physically present to monitor them. They wouldn't want a family member smuggling in Ivermectin to cure a patient. :(
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    Onset of the culture of death full blown and operational.
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    It most certainly is. :mad::cry:
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    Exactly Jo!
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    My small city had a town hall meeting with the mayor a few days ago, to discuss various things. I didn't attend, but I read the detailed notes to see what was discussed. It was mentioned at one point that our city has the highest vaccination rate in the county. Then someone asked at one point, why is there such a high Covid death rate in our city lately? The answer given was that many people here work for the nearby airport and are probably more likely to catch Covid. :rolleyes: Nevermind that ALL the cities in this county have plenty of people working at the airport. Anything to deflect from the possibility that higher vaccination rate = higher death rate.

    My brother-in-law's perfectly healthy mother fell and broke her hip a couple months ago, and was placed in a nursing home. She was given the Covid vaccine there and began to rapidly decline to the point that she was said to be dying and put on hospice. It was very confusing for everyone. Even while supposedly on her deathbed, they gave her the 2nd shot. She died the next day. Please pray for her soul.
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    :cry: What is her name?
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    Will pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet for the intention of her soul
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  10. The corporate media narrative that unvaccinated people are filling up the hospitals and dying from COVID is quickly falling apart.

    Look at the comments in Facebook:

    "WXYZ TV Channel 7 in Detroit asked their viewers on their Facebook Page last Friday to direct message them if they lost a loved one due to COVID-19 if they refused to get one of the COVID-19 vaccines."
    "This is a clear indication that they are getting desperate to find these stories, and are having a difficult time finding them."

    The narrative of this TV station wanting portray the unvaccinated as the one's who are dying and spreading COVID is destroyed by over 180,000 comments speaking out about all who have been injured and have died as a result of this vaccine.
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    So many nurses are confirming our worst suspicions. How terrible to have your career end like this. :(
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    Thank you
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    I will pray for the repose of Albina's soul. What a pretty name. It's Italian for white, or fair. Is she Italian? How sad.
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    She's actually Czech. Yes, it's a pretty name. :(
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    I am adding Albina and your family my beads this morning PurpleFlower.

  17. So this @US_FDA meeting is full of bombshells. Vaccines actually kill more people than they save

    4:20:15 mark

    The FDA's official YouTube channel posted a livestream hours ago where a panel member admits COVID vaccines are killing more people than they're saving, effectively declaring them ineffective & HIGHLY dangerous.
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    I haven't time to watch the video now. Will watch later. Who are these people? Are these the faces behind the decision to prevent early treatment being made available to the public who prefer not to take the vaccine?
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    Oh my goodness, I've been listening to these people for a while and it is restoring my faith in humanity. The majority of these people making their case here see the truth and are demanding answers.
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