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    Excellent long article with many essential links:

    In this interview with Dr. Al Johnson, Dr. McCullough reports that the studies show that within highly vaccinated countries like Iceland, Israel, and Singapore, up to 65% of hospitalized cases are fully vaccinated. Up to 75% of all breakthrough infections occur in the fully vaccinated. See mark 4:00.
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    I'm s
    Prayers for you from this little corner of the world too, Mark...

    There's an Irish doctor who is under extreme pressure for speaking out too. I follow him on Twitter. He's so very brave. He's called Marcus DeBrun.
    I believe he is having similar issues.
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    More to come, surely...
    If I remember right, some of the doctors that were demonised at the start of this thing, were saying that the immune system would be affected. And thus unable to fight-off other illnesses - even the minor ones. For sure, more to come..
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    More physician censorship:

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    That's exactly what it is about. NZ apparently is said to have refused participation due to nuclear being involved but I don't know how well I buy that.
    China has a serious vulnerability when it comes to our subs and they know it. They have nothing that can counter them and their subs are no match in the hunter/killer arena.
    Someone I know was a nuke sonar tech for 25 years and said he has no doubt that every Chinese sub in existence has had it's sonar signature documented for some time.

    An interesting article from the HMS Queen Elizabeth's recent time at sea that relates to this.
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    I've had a feeling that Melinda may have a role to play in Bill Gates' downfall.
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    Wonder what type of man she thought she was getting, given his deceitful track record in business. Plus his blatant calls for population control ie. genocide/mass murder.
    Did she actually think he was a keeper
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    Another view on this is simply that they are taking precautions to protect the Foundation interests. What happened to Epstein, Maxwell etc could happen to them too
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    Georgia hospital refuses to honor pleas from gravely ill couple to be treated with effective COVID protocols

    “Many doctors and other medical professionals have raised questions about the “perverse incentives” created due to financial conflicts of interest established last year by government agencies. For example, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) establishedenormous COVID-19 “relief funding,” awarding significant compensation to hospitals if patients were classified as COVID-19 positive ($13,000) or put on a ventilator ($39,000).

    Last year, Minnesota state senator and practicing physician Dr. Scott Jensen explainedhow due to these financial awards from the federal government, “doctors and hospitals have an incentive to, if you will, massage the numbers.”
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    Distraught wife fighting hospital’s refusal to administer Ivermectin to Covid-stricken husband

    “Dr. Kory said Ivermectin is being “censored and buried” because it threatens “probably the largest financial interests you can imagine,” with the WHO, FDA and European Medicines Agency continuing to claim there are not enough studies to allow for its full authorization.

    “That is a tactic that they are using to very great effect,” Dr. Kory said.

    “They complain that there is no ‘proper’ trial as they define it. So, really, they are creating a system where only really large pharma-funded trials are recognized as valid.

    “That is actually wrong; it departs from medicine and it actually leads to this irregular adoption of medicines.”

    Ivermectin trials have so far shown “massive reductions” in mortality, hospitalization, time to clinical recovery and viral clearance times, according to Kory.

    The intensive care specialist is among a growing number of experts who now claim these inexpensive treatments for COVID-19 are being suppressed to ensure experimental vaccines are given emergency use authorization by health authorities”.
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