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    It’s all spiritual imo
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    Yes, this is why mainstream social media is censoring everything
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  4. This is also what I believed, this is the science that we have known before, you cannot be reinfected if you already had the virus.

    Those fake PCR tests proposed by Dr. Fauci, with those high cycle rates of 35-40s instead of just 20s, is what brings confusion to all of these. They will just keep giving you many false positives.
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    VAX MANDATES EXEMPTIONS: You have rights!

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    Yes, and much much more than vaccines, for that matter. 4E9A8E4E-F64A-4278-B5D1-BA58C219E2CD.jpeg

    “Ahmed says investigators were surprised to see that convalescent participants also displayed increased immunity against common human coronaviruses as well as SARS-CoV-1, a close relative of the current coronavirus. The study suggests that patients who survived COVID-19 are likely to also possess protective immunity even against some SARS-CoV-2 variants. “​
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    Doctors have had their medical liscense threatened if they gave a patient any exemptions!
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    Thanks Brian for the backup evidence!
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    It’s possible for large group of educated people to adhere to something based on conformity rather than science alone.Take how religiously a few years ago evolution and climate change were pushed. For the layman they just said “trust the science” and “all these scientists can’t be lying”. Scientists who dissented from the party line lost reputation and jobs.
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    I didn't see an answer to this question so wanted to say that many associations have been lobbying strongly for comparative studies between vaxxed vs unvaxxed children for decades and the powers-at-be have never complied with this request and produced one study. There is an aggressive vaccine schedule for children in most countries that has never been tested against a control group despite decades of efforts to get one done. The reason is probably because parents and many doctors see that unvaxxed children are much healthier overall with little or no "modern" ailments like autism, ADD, OCD, sensory-processing disorders, etc...

    If it has never been done for the children's schedule, why would it be done just for this one injection? And even if they produced something, the system is corrupt, so what is the point of another study anyway?

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    “The system is corrupt, so what is the point of another study anyway?”
    You spoke volumes of truth there!
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    Brian, I think that by now most people (probably not Dr. Fauci and those who treat him like a God) believe that immunity from a previous infection is better than vaccine acquired immunity. The jury is out on whether it provides immunity to variants. The degree of mutation in the variant probably makes a difference. Are people who test positive told which variant they have? I doubt that happens in most cases. With thousands of tests being done every day, is it possible for all positive test results to identify the variant?

    In one of Dr. Mobeen's recent videos he talks about a lad in Pakistan who was very ill with the virus, recovered, got vaccinated, contracted the virus again and transmitted it to his friends who had been vaccinated. I was doing something else while listening to Dr. Mobeen so don't know what they had been vaccinated with or what variant of the virus they had. I think he said something early in the video about Pakistan using Chinese or Russian produced vaccines as well as the ones used in the West. There seems to be a shortage of Ivermectin in Pakistan.

    Dr. Mobeen's latest video is a discussion with Dr. Marik about treatment at various stages of the virus. Dr. Marik maintains that the virus stops replicating after a certain number of days (I think he said 8). I won't try to paraphrase what he said because I'm bound to get it back to front but his theory about what happens at each stage of infection and after the virus stops replicating seems to make sense. The video is worth watching although I suppose you won't like what Dr. Marik says about masks (he's very much in favour of masks). I think that the video would be more helpful to medics than for those of us who will be self-medicating in the early stages of infection.
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    I’d like to know this too….
    “With thousands of tests being done every day, is it possible for all positive test results to identify the variant?”
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    What came to mind was Sister Kenny and her treatment of polio which worked, but she was villainised by doctors and the powers that be in the medical community in her day.

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