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    The British Vaccines Committee has decided against recommending vaccinating 12 to 15 year Old children unless they have underlying health conditions. You can read about it here:
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    ellen Ellen

    I understand Whatever...We are all trying to make sense of it all the best we can with the information that we are getting out there.
    I just found it "odd" that this report goes counter to all that has been a long held "reality" in the scientific/medical world . That I understand it... that once a person is infected with a viral disease, the body builds up a natural resistance(antibodies and T-cells) to future attacks of that virus.
    And ... as far as I know ... this is true for Covid 19 and the variants.

    I am not in the medical field either... so my info is taken from all that I've read.

    I always "consider the source " when ingesting any online publications.
    I found REPUBLICWORLD.COM to be a little "sketchy".:cautious:

  3. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    New doctors’ group Pandemic Health Alliance argues for early treatment to fight COVID-19
    Instead of pointing to the vaccine as the most effective way to prevent death and disease, these medical doctors stress the importance of treating the virus early on, using effective medications such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.
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    Beth B Beth Marie

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  5. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    This could be the reason why the push is on for more vaccinations.... but I'm thinking its bigger and broader than that.
    If.. in fact.. these are the times of the great spiritual battle between Good and Evil...then it is Satan who is "running the show" not any one perspective nor any one ideology or human being

    Here's my theory:
    The devil is using his minions ( individuals some of whom we can even name out rightly!!!) from everywhere in the world and in every occupation in the world to do his will.

    These fools think that they are the movers and the shakers... but... in reality they are nothing but puppets in the hands of the Evil one.
    So there are many,many of these yahoos all over the world, but they are only a small part of the "whole outcome" planned by Satan. They cant "see" the reality of what is happening around them because they are merely one tree in a huge forest of many trees!! ( I often wonder ...if they could SEE what they are REALLY doing would that scare then straight?)

    I think that all these disparate ideologies going around these days like : critical race theory... transgenderism... even forced vaccinations about the basic Democrat platform... to name a few are ALL "fingers" of the Evil one forming his evil plan of destruction!! The fingers dont know what to do until the brain tells them what to do!

    As I'm writing this I'm thinking...... Hmmm... The same can be said of us...the followers of Jesus.
    We cant see the whole of Gods plan for the very same reasons! Our view point is too small in scope to "get it". Thats why we have to "trust in Jesus" and his Mother Mary to lead us and to use us as his "fingers"in forming Heavens plan for mankind!!
    Y'all know what they are telling us to do right?! Rosary every day...confession ..etc. etc.!! (y)

    Hmm ...Fingers... Rosary!!;)
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  7. ellen

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  9. BrianK

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    There was independent verification of this on the No Agenda Podcast on Sunday. Prior to this tweet, I think.
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  10. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    If true....YIKES!!!
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  11. BrianK

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    Universal diabolical disorientation.
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  12. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Hey, the way this world is now, anything is possible! They did manage to keep the therapies suppressed and people died.
    The world medical community ( of course not everyone), did comply with the threats to tow the line on treatments, so there you go…..
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  13. PurpleFlower

    PurpleFlower Powers

    Yes! All of this!

    A while back I learned about the Pergamon Altar. In the Book of Revelation, Jesus mentions the "throne of Satan" in Pergamon (ancient Turkey I believe). It was a giant altar where victims were offered to some kind of serpent to obtain healing or something like that. Well in the late 1800's, this altar was discovered and dug up, then rebuilt in a museum in Germany! Guess who rose to power very shortly after? Yeah, Hitler, and he had his own stage built to look just like it. (Some say Obama did too, but idk).

    So this massive evil thing is in Germany still, in the Pergamon museum. In 2013, just that exhibit was closed for "renovation," and it was supposed to reopen in 2019. Except it didn't. The reopening got delayed to 2023, then 2025. So for 12 years this "throne of Satan" has been behind closed doors... What's going on in there? Are they preparing something, or is it in use? I wouldn't be surprised at all of it's been in use and is perhaps a great source of the evil occurring in the world at such an alarming rate these last few years.

    I say this because I really think we Christians need to get our acts together and pray and fast like never before. We need to counter evil. Go to more Masses, offer them up for the world, build home altars and really focus on regular prayer time on our knees. Use and dispense sacramentals to everyone we know. We are in a major battle and the other side is taking it very seriously.
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  14. Whatever

    Whatever Archangels

    I don't think that corona viruses are a one and done infection, otherwise we would only catch a cold or 'flu once. From my very limited understanding, natural immunity is probably more effective against covid but Dr. Fauci doesn't seem to agree and I wouldn't dare question Dr. Fauci's credentials, credibility or sincerity.

    I've never come across Republicworld before. It happened to show up in the search results amid a whole lot of older reports. Short of wading through pages of search results to find something more trustworthy, my choice for a relatively recent report was that or Huffington Post. I fear my hand would drop off if I linked to Huff Post.

    There have been cases where people who recovered from covid were reinfecteel. Hard to know how many because of testing inconsistencies. Hoe can anyone know the number of false positives when all the headlines were about testing, possibly leading to shortcuts being taken to meet the demand?
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  16. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    I agree…I think reinfection is probable too…
  17. BrianK

    BrianK Powers Staff Member

    Oh, I do. I have no scruples about questioning any of these. He’s a proven culture of death NWO scrooge. He is most definitely NOT above criticism, even by us “lowly.”

    (Apologies if you were just being sarcastic!)
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  19. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

  20. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    Whatever... You said " but Dr. Fauci doesn't seem to agree and I wouldn't dare question Dr. Fauci's credentials, credibility or sincerity." you're being sarcastic.... Right???

    I agree.... we just dont know what the truth is!! So much that is put out there as fact by CDC, FDA ,WHO and the likes of Dr Fauci are nothing but plain ol BS!!

    I really have been made aware that reinfection of Covid is really rare and could possibly be something like a mis-diagnosis at the onset?
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