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    Whatever..Are you saying that natural immunity doesn't work?? That those whose had the infection can get it again a and spread it to others? Hmmmm....If thats true we all are in a boat load of hurt!
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    Great post!
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    So everyone accepts that Nero burned Rome to blame Christians, that the Holocaust happened, that North Korea and China exist, but if you dare say contemporary authority figures are wicked and corrupt you're a conspiracy theorist.
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  5. That is why Bill Gates already has an expensive bunker made in New Zealand...
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    He has several of them all over from what I've read over the years. I can't imagine anyone in the US or Europe would make it to NZ should that happen suddenly.
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    And now this …. So key vaccine experts say no to boasters because they found lead to side effects. Is it not therefore logical that initial shots also have side effects? The web of half truths, scientific uncertainty and out and out lies is starting to catch up. Which is why imo we are seeing even more drastic imposition and mandates. It’s all they have left.
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    It occurred to me recently that no one's really gonna be doing long term studies on the Covid vaccine. If the whole world is vaccinated, where's the control group?
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    Love the cat. A Maine Coon I think.:)

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    Conspiracy theory or educated guess?

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    Here's a report urging the previously infected to get vaccinated because the US CDC said that that they are twice as likely as the vaccinated to get reinfected:

    That report is dated August 2021. Maybe I'm misunderstanding it, but I take twice as likely to mean that both the vaccinated and previously infected can be infected.
    Please bear in mind that I have no medical knowledge so all I can do is make the best sense I can from what I read or hear.

    The consensus seems to be that reinfection or first infection is rare in both the previously infected and vaccinated with the elderly being more vulnerable, and that subsequent infections are less life threatening in both groups than in the unvaccinated and never infected.

    I'm editing this post because I got my T Cells and B Cells mixed up. No point leaving inaccurate information so I am adding a video with Dr. Mobeen's explanation. The video is about booster doses and how the immune system responds to infection/reinfection.

    Any infected person can transmit the virus. I suppose that the amount of viral load in the infected person could make a difference to how much of the virus they can transmit to others, and the experts may believe that the viral load would be lower in people with natural or acquired immunity. I don't know whether that's a factor - I'm just guessing that, if it were the case, it could be an argument in favour of vaccines and boosters.

    Hope you can make sense out of the above and that I'm not completely misrepresenting the analyses I have read or heard.

    I watched a Medcram video where a doctor who had previously doubted the need for boosters seems to have changed his mind. I don't think it would be a misrepresentation to say that the Medcram doctors are all-in on vaccines. I get the impression that they are gearing up to be all-in on boosters.

    Here's Dr. Mobeen's video:
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  15. Dr. Fauci is now on double time to have your young kids vaccinated...
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    I'm sick about this. :( I am praying for a miracle to prevent this from happening.
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    He’s evil!period!
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    I’d go to jail before I’d let them infect my child….
    Parents, please do not get your children vaccinated! It’s long term effects are unknown and teenage boys are getting heart problems. I know I’m no doctor, but if you read the evidence, you know it’s a gamble on their health. Don’t let this government pressure you…it’s your child, not theirs.
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    Must think about this...

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