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  1. Mario

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    Geralyn's taste buds have been affected, but not lost. She is frustrated while cooking, however, because she can no longer "taste, test" her food near the end of estimated cooking times.:(:mad:

    So sad!
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    This is illustrative of the hypocrisy of the Biden administration.

    White House, CDC, FDA & WHO STILL Do NOT Mandate THEIR Employees Take A COVID-19 VACCINE! - Old School™ (

    Seeing the way the Biden Administration and its “health” agencies are trying to jam the jab into our bodies, after a quick news search I found that Biden STILL won’t mandate his employees do the same thing he’s pushing PRIVATE employers to do!

    Should we be surprised? No. If Biden would sell out American citizens stranded in Afghanistan, he’ll sell YOU out too!

    But the compromised media will not report this, and thus I want to keep it front and center.

    We’re dealing with tyrannical hypocrites of the highest order.

    And knowing how potentially unsafe the vaccines are, I can’t help but wonder what other motives may be a part of Joe’s (or rather his handlers’) decision-making.

    Regarding the hypocritical “Do as I SAY, not as we DO” vaccine mandates, I checked none other than the hyper-liberal “fact check” site, Snopes, and even THEY admitted it!"

    There is more to this than we know, and all bad.

    Snopes also admitted that the WHO doesn’t require their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccination either.
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    Important video :

    From the video:

    They knew about the risk of ADE when they started the trials: E827DE4B-478C-4CDE-99C7-C3A366AC30B3.jpeg 2E3F2B3A-B7B9-4510-AE51-39A9EFDF4C90.jpeg
    Subsequent studies have confirmed that the situation with antibody counts after the jabs is quite concerning: C509208B-6989-4DF3-A59C-AEC3EFB5EFF6.jpeg
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  4. border collie

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    I’m not sure if I had covid or not but I lost my sense of taste approx 3 months ago. Hasn’t returned since. It’s a real nuisance. No other symptoms.
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  5. BrianK

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    Loss of taste has a higher correlation with positive Covid than any lab tests.
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  6. border collie

    border collie Archangels

    I got tested last week for hospital procedure, negative. I’m hopeful my taste will return, it kinda kills fasting from sweet things etc!
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    You probably had Covid then. I'm sorry your taste has been gone so long! Mine was gone for a couple weeks and it was so depressing... It really showed me how much I love food lol. I think my taste still hasn't fully returned to normal, because often things just seem to taste a bit off, or dull. But having no taste or smell at all... That's so hard.
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  8. PurpleFlower

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    Every day must feel like fasting!
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  9. border collie

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    Indeed! The ironic thing was that I used to have a saying, “Food is food!”and used to eat as if food had no taste at all, such was the extent of my fasting lol.
    If I had covid, I’m happy that’s all I have to suffer because I would be in pretty poor shape health wise to deal with any respiratory issues.
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  10. Wow so popular, 3 million views
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  11. BrianK

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    When I had Covid this spring I lost taste and smell after having the virus for about six days, but it came back in eight or ten days. But my sense of smell is still weak even now.
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  12. Whatever

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  13. dcana

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    Hi all! Has anybody seen any discussion on why there seems to be such a huge discrepancy between the many vaccinated people coming down with and even being hospitalized for covid in Israel and certain European countries and the U.S., where currently 90%+ of hospitalized patients are unvaccinated? I can’t find any information on this.
  14. BrianK

    BrianK Powers Staff Member

    What’s happening in Israel is happening elsewhere. It’s propaganda and simply not true what they’re claiming about Europe and the USA.
  15. Mark Maiocco

    Mark Maiocco Principalities

    I can tell you with certainty that many infected patients in our small regional hospital are fully vaccinated. Many have been intubated. However, the story given in public is that it’s the unvaccinated.

    there was even a claim that one of the physicians in our community who was fully vaccinated and required mechanical ventilation but improved only did so because he was vaccinated. There is absolutely no data to support such a claim yet that’s what is being spouted.
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  16. Joan J

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    I have to say, this is brilliant! I'm sending it to my Dad. He is currently visiting my sister, in the stronghold of Philly.
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  17. miker

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    I know you need to ensure patient privacy, but an you share in general tge Tx he received to make a recovery like this? Not many , including Cardinal Burke, make a recovery after ventilation. I’m still hoping tge Cardinal s fam shares his treatment.
  18. HeavenlyHosts

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    There is a 70 year old man in my parish, extremely obese, spent 12 weeks in the hospital with Covid and he’s well now. He just attended the baptism of his grandson. :)
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  19. miker

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    I saw this just now In Bloomberg

    The unvaccinated are a risk to all of us
    In this week's edition of the Covid Q&A, we look at the impact unvaccinated people are having on the pandemic. In hopes of making this very confusing time just a little less so, each week Bloomberg Prognosis is picking one question sent in by readers and putting it to experts in the field. This week's question comes to us from Robert in Northridge, California. Robert asks:

    I've heard that the longer we have unvaccinated people around, the likelier it is that a new Covid variant will develop that resists vaccines. Is this true?

    The number of unvaccinated Americans is certainly a major public health concern. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 25% of U.S. adults are still unvaccinated, and many are clustered in regions where inoculation rates are especially low. Those clusters can easily become hot spots because they give the virus so many vulnerable hosts to attack. Indeed, that’s what we’ve seen recently as cases skyrocketed in especially undervaccinated states like Louisiana and Arkansas.

    As Christopher Martin, a professor of public health at West Virginia University, explains it, these undervaccinated pockets create more opportunity for the virus to mutate.

    “Large numbers of unvaccinated people do make variants more likely,” he says.

    The virus that causes Covid-19 replicates only when inside a human host, and it does so by hijacking our cellular machinery to make more copies of itself instead of more copies of human cells. But that process is messy, and mistakes in the genetic code occur frequently as the virus copies itself. Those mistakes often result in mutations that create slightly different versions of the invading pathogen.

    “If any one of these random errors confers an advantage to that virus, such as making it more contagious like delta, that variant can quickly become the dominant one circulating in the population,” says Martin.

    Clinicians work with a Covid-19 patient at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital in Louisiana, an under-vaccinated state that’s been coping with a surge fueled by the delta variant.

    Photographer: Mario Tama/Getty Images

    Martin explains that because our world is so interconnected, variants can spread quickly. The delta version, for example, was first identified in India in late 2020 and in the U.S in early May (though it was likely here earlier). By July it was accounting for 80% of new U.S. Covid cases. Even as delta drives the current surge in the U.S., there are four other variants scientists are concerned about.

    “More are to be expected so long as the virus is circulating widely,” says Martin. And though the coronavirus does appear to be infecting vaccinated people as well in greater numbers than we expected, the unvaccinated are still far more likely to contract and spread the disease.

    “Each of us remains at risk so long as there are large numbers of unvaccinated people anywhere in the world,” Martin says.

    Thanks to all of you for writing in this week! Next Sunday, we'll be answering the best question we receive again. So if you have any, we want to hear from you. Write to us at—Kristen V. Brown

    This appears to be opposite of what I thought was the case. I thought variants were actually because vaccines are not working? I don’t get how unvaccinated would create variants ? Would they not simply get it, abs in the case of 99% survive and now help prevent spread and new variants because of natural immunity?

    I really am trying to scientifically understand
  20. Whatever

    Whatever Archangels

    Vaccine related compensation payments in Singapore:

    The Singapore government is footing the bill. The report doesn't say whether people there were given a choice to take the vaccine or whether they were given advance warning of possible adverse effects.

    Who would be liable to pay compensation in places where an employer imposed a vaccine mandate on staff? Would it be the government or the employer, or would there be any case at all since the employee had the option of seeking alternative employment? I presume that if the employer were liable it would be covered by their insurance. Or would it?

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