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    Truly ironic but true
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    Jason, I’m glad you pointed out “Vitamin D3 a day. “ D3 is sometimes confused with D2. There is a difference.

    Thank you again for all of the information you’re providing. Any therapies available to help those not getting vaxed is invaluable.
  3. garabandal

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    It is also possible that the vaccines stimulate dormant diseases to re-activate in the body.
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  4. Yes, even shingles is repeatedly said by different doctors...
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  5. Beth B

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    FDA approves Pfizer's vaccine today.

    Praying this doesn’t emboldened the push for vaccination mandates!
  6. Denise P

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    After taking the vaccine my friend got shingles in one of her ears and lost 50% of her hearing in that ear. Her doctor told her it may well have been a side effect from the vaccine.
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  7. Nuremberg Trials 2.0
  8. Beth B

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    I just found this on …this channel has a lot of information that they are trying to get out on Covid, ivermectin, and the vaccine. You might want to check his channel out. It looks very credible.
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    Just saw this….

    This is big :) "If an employer requires its employees to be vaccinated, adverse reactions to the vaccines are considered “work-related” by OSHA. Employers who require COVID-19 vaccines must notify OSHA within 24 hours of an employee’s inpatient hospitalization (or within eight hours of an employee’s death) resulting from an adverse reaction."

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  10. Jo M

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    Sadly I think this is what they've been waiting for. :(
    My son in law works at the hospital, and he told me yesterday he heard talk about insurance companies refusing to pay ICU bills for patients who refused the vaccine. :eek:
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  11. Beth B

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    Awww no….I figured this might happen. Guess I’d better have my soul Lilly white and my will in order.
    We need legal guidance on this….cause I believe he is right.
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    They say the same about the virus. Early treatment seems to be essential. Unfortunately, authorities have put all their eggs into the vaccine basket and aren't interested in any kind of treatment until a person requires hospital care.

    We need to be careful about recommending any kind of medical treatment on the internet. What each of us finds effective may not be good for someone else. It may be harmful. For example, the advice across the board on practically every website recommends vitamin D3. I know someone who suffers from sarcoidosis. His doctor has warned him against taking Vitamin D. Does that mean that everyone with sarcoidosis should avoid Vitamin D? I don't know. The advice could be specific to him, but another person with the same condition could do himself harm if he takes the vitamin without first checking with his doctor.
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  13. Joan J

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    Ast I heard, it will be delayed as they release it in India etc. I heard 4th qtr.
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    Out and about today Beth.. Still a lil chesty. But well on the mend.
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    Yes. You are right. They announced a delay. Now hoping for 4th Q. I also heard FDA will not grant them a EUA saying since there are already vaccine (mRNAs) on marker this one is not needed. Ugh
  17. PurpleFlower

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    I figured this would happen. They REALLY want us to take those mrna shots
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  18. Beth B

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    Oh, that’s great! Praise God because you sure had a bad case…!
  19. Beth B

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    You’re right, everyone needs to consult their doctor. However, it’s a shame that they are not providing advise other than to just get vexed…. Not all, but most aren’t offering the therapies. We’re pretty much on our own.
  20. Beth B

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