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    A lot of young people in hospital and ICU, Padraig

    This was predicted last year by Gert Vanden Bossche - he says that mass vaccination puts pressure on the virus and it mutates. So last year young people were safe from covid but now due to immune escape the new variants hammer young people. He predicts that soon enough we will all be in trouble as the vaccinated are now like a petri dish that will produce a super variant that will be vaccine resisitant - deadly for both vaccinated and unvaccinated.

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    No good scenario here. I pray he is wrong.
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    Prayer is the only way out.
    Psalm 91
    “It shall not come nigh thee.”
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  6. Can Dr. Gert Vanden Bossche be trusted? Saw this in his Bio last year:

    "Geert Vanden Bossche
    , DMV, PhD, independent virologist and vaccine expert, formerly employed at GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation."

    He could be an infiltrator doctor unleashed by Bill Gates to sow fear and confusion in the conservative ranks. It looks like he is targeting the young to be vaccinated. He could tell you 80% truth, but the 20% false could be really deadly...

    I could be wrong, this needs discernment...
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    Well, anytime I see the name Bill Gates, I run the other way.
  8. Yes, the guy is up to no good. Bill Gates buying acres of farmland last January 2021 is very worrying...
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    This has always crossed my mind, his videos are very much fear inducing. Also, he could do with presenting more research materials rather that what he thinks will happen.
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    No he's against the young getting vaccinated.

    He no longer works for Gavi.

    He's independent and stuck his neck out for what he believes will happen

    He could if course be wrong but this time last year he predicted the young would get sick with the virus because of viral escape from older vaccinated population.
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    I’ve just found this’ll…wasn’t even looking for it…haven’t listen to it yet either. Doing it now…

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    Tunisia is the first Government I have heard of that has fallen as a direct result of the virus.

    Catholic Prophecy indicates massive social unrest in this period. Civil unrest, Revolutions, Civil War. Anarchy.

    There are for instance very graphic descriptions of total anarchy in Britain and France and Italy, rivers off blood, cities burning etc,etc..

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    For clarity. I did not say fetal cells were used IN the vaccine Novavax. The cell lines are used at the production stage to check batch quality.

    This fact is likely also relevant in one or more of the other vaccines.

    Yes we have all become aware that cell lines are used in many other vaccines (not to mention food and cosmetic production). But the question is do we trust God and wait for an ethical moral medical solution to dealing with this new approach for what is after all a hyped up version of the common cold.

    The common cold is a corona virus. Scientists have been trying to find a vaccine for years to end the common cold without success. I think the same is true for the plandemic we are all brainwashed into believing can't be stopped unless we are vaccinated. Sooner or later this crazy nonsense will burn itself out and some new fad will grab the attention of those who want to scare us all into believing we have to comply or we are a danger to ourselves and our fellow man.

    Viva Christo Rey.
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    Very interesting publication today from University of Washington- a well credentialed place. If there assertions and modeling are correct, it is very important from a policy perspective. A bit of hope in another wise horrible day of Covid news. Did anyone else notice what appears to be a coordinated effort on part of many government agencies- federal and state to require vaccines?
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    I’m expecting they will require the jab, but thought they had to get FDA approval….and I’m sure that’s in the pipeline….
    Who gets to decide the consequences of refusing it? Gotta wonder…it’s coming.
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    Seriously? I had no idea.
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