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    I’m linking a very respected couple that have researched Covid and ivermectin throughly.
    They are frequent guest on other highly viewed channels because of their high level of expertise.
    This is a long video, but it you're seriously looking for answers surrounding this whole issue, this is it. IMHO…..

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  4. The State now intruding in the Church's affairs.
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    This is a quote from my friend's FB page. I couldn't get the video to work . . .she has been getting hate mail because of her post. So sad . . .she is such a talented artist.
    Kathryn Rutherford
    July 15 at 9:11 AM ·
    It seems, as reported this week on the CBS World News, that a number of Johnson and Johnson Covid Vaccine patients are now developing an Auto-Immune disease called Guillain Barre Syndrome.
    Ironic that, after being paralyzed from the neck down and hospitalized shortly after taking both Pzifer Vaccines, Guillain Barre Syndrome is one of the first diseases they suspected I had.
    Three months have passed in pain, disability, and agony, and I will finally see a Neuromuscular Specialist next week. What he/she will find, determine, or be able to do to "fix" my body and my life...................remains to be seen.
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    Why in the world would she receive hate mail? What in the world is going on with people?
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    The government’s heavy hand will likely expand elsewhere.
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    Oh this is heartbreaking and so unnecessary! There are so many more that aren’t being reported. I really pity this poor lady. Some side effects will not show up right away. Regardless, these cases need to be publicized, but they won’t because it will make folks hesitate to get vaccinated. Everyone has the right to know what can and has happened. It’s a lie by omission.
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    That’s what I was wondering…? I guess folks don’t want this information out there and are trying to silence people.
    They might change their mind if they were a victim…or maybe they regret their decision and just don’t want to know these side effects. Regardless, folks need to get the word out there. Sometimes it’s the second vaccine that creates problems. Now they may want folks to get a booster or third vaccine. I read where they are considering making it a yearly shot like a flu shot.
    The awful side effects of these vaccines were not known prior to the initial distribution of these vaccines, but now we know there are horrible possible side effects and people have the right to know. If they still elect to get vaccinated then that is a informed decision, but they are not getting the full truth and we still don’t know the long term effects….and we have therapeutic medications that are not being offered for those who elect to not get vaccinated. This isn’t medicine, this is control.

  10. Yes, I am seeing also of posts and pictures of people in Telegram who developed Guillain Barre Syndrome after taking the covid vaccines...
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    This may be a huge exception in comparison to the millions who get vaccinated but still, it's hard to just ignore. The wife apparently had to have legs amputated below the knee. What a nightmare. Home | Populist Press 2021 © is posting this. :

    Fundraiser for Philip Nache by Minnesota-Wisconsin Baptist Convention : Fundraiser for Jummai Nache's Medical Expenses (

    This is the story about my wife Jummai. She is a medical assistant who worked in one of the clinics in Minneapolis MN, where she was instructed to take the covid-19 vaccine. After receiving her second Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine on February 1, 2021 she started to experience chest pain at work. Three days after the chest pains I took her to Urgent Care on February 6, 2021. After the checkup, EKG and other tests, the doctor said there was nothing wrong with her chest and every test showed she was okay. She took a covid-19 test and the next day was confirmed positive. Jummai and I were shocked when we received the result that she was covid-19 positive because she had not manifested any symptom before taking the shot. But we later accepted that perhaps, the virus and the vaccine together contributed to the adverse reaction on her body based on the report of the Infectious Disease physician that Jummai was asymptomatic. So Jummai followed the CDC guidelines but then a few days later she ended up at Fairview ER and then was transferred to U of M medical center. The next day, 2/14/21 the doctor called and told me that her heart was deteriorating, her oxygen levels and blood pressure were low and she needed to be put on a ventilator. I gave approval for them to proceed with the ventilator as needed.​

    More on them: Philip & Jummai Nache | Texas Baptists

    I think one woman died from one of the vaccines.
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    People develop this after the flu shot too. I have a friend whose sister became very ill with it and can no longer take the flu shot.
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    I offered your friend up at mass this morning. I've seen other tragic stories like this one, of injured people receiving aggression after talking about their injuries. It's a very sad situation, I really feel for these people. But I pray that the pain opens a door for Grace for people with these experiences.

    We've been through all of this before and I guess the powers know that most of the unadvised public sides with the voices of the world, not with the wounded. But your friend could find support and help about healing from local autism associations (names of doctors who will help, treatments) and in any of the dozens of books written about healing autism. I also see that there are many books about healing from GBS from people who have recovered from it.

    Has your friend reported this? Guillain-Barre is a known adverse event of other shots. Sharyll Attkisson has a list of adverse reports here and GBS is at the top. If your friend has a declared autoimmune disorder, hopefully she can get an exemption for future obligations.

    Maybe we could pray to St Thomas for help for our friends and family to believe without seeing, against the lies of the world.
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    This is horrible…This is not a isolated case. Folks have a right to know this is happening.
    Additionally, before one gets a vaccine, they are not encouraged to get a Covid test prior to their vaccine. They should.
    They might have had a very mild case of Covid without noticeable side effects and not realized that they actually already had Covid …and they would therefore have created their own natural antibodies from their infection. Without a test prior to getting vaccinated, they are possibly and needlessly putting themselves at risk for potential dangerous side effects from the experimental “ vaccine “.
    Please, get a antibody test before you even think about getting the “vaccine “.
    You may not need it at all. My only symptoms of Covid were a slight runny nose ( not even a normal cold) and a slight headache one day. If I hadn’t known about Covid, I’d never, ever suspected I had it. My Covid test was positive and now I have natural antibodies. According to the Cleveland Clinic, if you have had Covid and you now have natural antibodies, you do not need the vaccine! Why isn’t the media other than Fox News even talking about this? Something is very wrong when this information is suppressed.
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  16. Johnson&Johnson , ah yes the same company that puts cancer causing asbestos in its baby powder... until it got caught
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    The effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine in Israel at the moment is way down to 36%.

    This is a very nice , good, well meaning, evidence based Doctor, who studies Global statistics and not an Establishment drone and is starting, I sense, to ask himself many, many troubling questions.

    Basically he is hinting that vaccinations aren't really working very well anymore.

    He is , by the way, very,very pro vaccine

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    I have heard doctors say that if you get the vaccine with undiagnosed covid your immune system is hit with a double whammy and goes crazy. This may explain some extreme reactions.
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