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    when the Spanish flu occurred in 1918 there was a first epidemic in February that was a milder form of the disease, in August the disease returned in a much more deadly way. I believe that the greatest danger would be mutations of the virus and what potential it could reach in a few months.
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    There is some interesting information coming out about this virus. The source which cited the most direct connections to information was InfoWars. PLEASE do not let this deter you from just examining the patenting of the virus, the British institute that filed the application, and the organizations that funded the research. All of this is worth looking into as a pandemic exercise was just conducted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. All of these sources can be verified independently of this article. You can decide for yourselves if this bears any truth or is balderdash.
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    I will look into this. The thing is, viruses mutate and spread, and we don't know what to expect. But I do believe that there is a plot behind much of what is going on in the world.
    I will read your link later this evening. DJM. Thanks. And thanks Luan. We can't rule out the chastising hand of God in this, either.
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    Only 10% of the population gets the flu each year, so if you only get a bad one every 10 years or so , you are average and not necessarily being the bearer of a strong immune system.

    To avoid the flu you must
    1)avoid people
    2)and/or things that they touch.

    Shaking hands in church is huge, especially when most of us will eat/put our hands to our face soon after that in church.
    --I wave and bow, I dont shake hands.
    -- I shake hands during actual social introductions, not in church.

    Be careful when touching what other people have touched: doorknobs (especially for busy places)
    i.e. dont touch your face soon after that.

    In stores or fast food joints, where many people line up to order etc.
    -- dont put your hands on the counter, oh yes they clean the counter with a same damp rag they use all day,
    mostly that swirls around whatever is on there. Meanwhile throughout the day hundreds have stood there
    and have touched or sneezed on the counter.

    Avoid free samples at Starbucks, right where everyone orders, and right where everyone sneezes: no go!
    ( the samples used to be uncovered, but most places cover them now)

    When someone sneezes in public, avoid walking through the lingering spray cloud.

    There are lots of little things you can do to reduce your chance of getting a serious flu.
    Especially in these times where the flu can become something 'super'.
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    Wow, this stinks.
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    Thanks for checking, HH.
    This is indeed the only licit TLM group in Singapore (I'm not counting the SSPX), and yes, there are some weeknight masses (varies between 1-3x a week), but there is definitely not a daily TLM available. The weeknight masses are held in a tiny chapel that can seat about 15-18 people. If there are more attending, there will be a spill-over to the outside, where it is quite difficult to follow the proceedings.
    No pews, but chairs. We kneel on the floor.

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    I just can't go back to receiving in my hand.
    It's a personal conviction.

    Also, in the past, didn't most people not receive Holy Communion at mass?
    Partly due to not having gone for confession first?
    Also, for not having fasted overnight?

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    I agree with you, Padraig.
    This new coronavirus is not to be taken lightly.
    I expect the number of cases to really explode.
    The fact that people can, and do, end up being critically ill and dying of it, means that no one should take it lightly.

    Singapore experienced SARS and we lost doctors as well, despite the best care.

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    Same sentiments here.

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    Well, do the best you can under the circumstances, Sg. Our prayers are with you. Keep us posted. God willing, this won't last long, but then again, it might. You might be able to make it to an extra Mass or two each week, perhaps where the TLM worshippers can receive on the tongue. I'm like you, there's no way I would receive in the hand.
    You can find a good copy of the Act of Spiritual Communion and use that. We all need to pray for one another now so that we do not fall ill with this coronavirus.
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    What kinda makes me supicious is the Chinese Govt closing down a huge city like this. It makes me wonder; 'Do they know something we don't?'....and of course we are dealing with people who are Satanic. Their Father is the Father of Lies.
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    Scientists Predict Wuhan's Outbreak Will Get Much Worse
    New estimates of how far the virus could spread suggest an explosion of cases will hit the Chinese city and more infected individuals will show up abroad.
    Megan Molteni01.24.2020 07:29 PM
    Photograph: Kevin Frayer/Getty Images
    As more data on the new coronavirus circulating in China emerges, it’s becoming clear that whatever the country is experiencing now—dozens of deaths, hundreds of people hospitalized, cities of millions quarantined—is just the tip of the outbreak.

    On Friday, a team of researchers based in the UK and US reported in a preliminary paper that the number of confirmed cases at the outbreak’s epicenter in Wuhan reflects only 5 percent of people who are actually infected. That would mean that for Tuesday, the last day they included in their analysis, the real number of cases is not 440, as has been reported, but is more like 12,000. The paper, which has not yet undergone peer review, appeared on the Medrxiv preprint server. Already, since Tuesday, the number of diagnosed coronavirus patients in Wuhan has shot up to 729.

    Using case data scraped from official reports, a team led by Jonathan Read at Lancaster University plotted a temporal map of the coronavirus’s spread, starting on January 1, when local authorities closed the meat-and-animal market where the virus is believed to have crossed into humans from an unknown source. They worked under the assumption that any spread following the first of the year could only be between humans.

    The models they constructed predict a dire start to February: further outbreaks in other Chinese cities, more infections exported abroad, and an explosion of cases in Wuhan. “In 14 days’ time, our model predicts the number of infected people in Wuhan to be greater than 190,000,” the authors write.

    “I can buy it,” says Brandon Brown, an epidemiologist at UC Riverside who was not involved in the study. Especially given that people can carry the virus without showing symptoms, according to another study, published Friday by a team of Chinese researchers in The Lancet. In a first look at clinical data from the initial 41 patients admitted to hospitals in Wuhan, the scientists reported that 2019-nCoV, as the virus is currently called, causes a range of symptoms, including pneumonia, fever, and cough, and can strike even healthy people, not just older individuals with underlying health issues. They believe the virus’s incubation period to be between three and six days.

    Taken together, the studies suggest large numbers of people could be walking around for days with no symptoms, spreading the virus to anyone who comes in close contact. Add to that a rapidly fatiguing health care workforce, the lack of a World Health Organization emergency declaration, and Lunar New Year travel, and the Lancaster group’s numbers seem plausible, says Brown. “Right now there is plenty of uncertainty on what will happen, but models may be our best method to predict how the epidemic will progress in the near future.”

    One big uncertainty: how infectious is 2019-nCoV, really? Read’s models estimate that the number of people one victim can infect—known as the virus’s reproduction number—is between 3.6 and 4.0. SARS, by comparison, was between a 2 and a 5, and measles, the most contagious disease known to humans, is a whopping 12 to 18. The higher the number, the less wiggle room public health officials have to break the chain of new transmissions before an outbreak gets out of control. Anything above 1 is bad from a containment perspective.

    Other recent estimates for 2019-nCoV are more conservative than Read’s, however. Yesterday, Harvard researchers Maimuna Majumder and Kenneth Mandl reported a preliminary assessment of the virus’s transmissibility as ranging from 2.0 to 3.3. WHO officials said on Thursday the best estimate they’ve seen is somewhere between 1.4 and 2.5.

    All of which means that containing this thing is starting to look a lot more difficult than it did a few weeks ago. On Thursday, the WHO also reported for the first time that the coronavirus has undergone at least four generations of spread. That means that one person caught it from someone else, who caught it from yet another human, who was infected by a fourth individual, who contracted it from a nonhuman source. The announcement contradicts earlier reports that transmission was limited to family members and health care workers who’d been in close contact, and supports the notion that the virus is already circulating much more widely than confirmed cases indicate.

    Read and his coauthors acknowledge that at this point all predictions are shaky, given the limited information available. But with an outbreak that’s moving as fast as this one, models like theirs are often the best tools available for public health officials to decide how to combat what’s coming next.

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    My thoughts, too.

    For the persecution of Catholics and other Christians.

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    Bill and Melinda Gates are probably involved in this outbreak up to the eyeballs. I believe the info contained in this link can be verified in other ways.
    The Gates Foundation donated to the group who patented the virus. The group is working on a vaccine. I don’t feel comfortable with this.
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    I just listened to a you tube on the virus by two people who have lived in China for many years and are married to Chinese women who are both doctors. These two men are in the medical field as well. The name of the blogger is Serpentza and he has a whole series of videos on China and Chinese culture. He is from South Africa originally. He says Chinese markets and unsanitary food prep ( really disgusting details) and the fact that Chinese never wash their hands etc cause the spread of these viruses. And then the government doesnt tell the real statistics because they dont want to look bad. Very informative video. He had friends in the medical field in China who at great risk to themselves have been keeping him informed. If you can find him on you tube it's a good insight I think.
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    Someone mentioned Australia. It is not the end of the first month of the year and they have been hit with huge bush fires, mega flooding, giant hailstones and now plague. They must be reeling.
    I see too an Earthquake in Turkey.

    The Churches will be filling up again.

    For a while anyway....

    Thank God for prayer and the Sacraments. Such a anchor. I usually try to get to confession every week but because of work only got yesterday to the Sacrament for the first time in a month.

    So happy !! I was thanking God with joy last night when I was shown an image of a little baby in a white Baptismal Gown. :):)

    So sweet.

    Prayers for Turkey and China.

    Turkey has of course been secretly sending arms to Boko Harem Islamic Militants in Africa were they have been mass murdering Christians...

    ..and in China they have been knocking down Churches like nine pins.

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    The farm I live on, my fathers is almost completely surrounded by white thorn trees, most of which he planted. They are in great shape and provide an almost impenetrable barrier. So fear not, there will be no shortage and free to all MOG members. I wonder do the leaves freeze?
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    Thanks Indy. That is good to know.
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