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    Now that we've been talking about gathering natural our Mother guides us:

    WARNING: Coronavirus Pandemic Could Lead To a Massive Global Medicine Shortage

    China not only poses an imminent national security threat to the United States militarily and economically, but America relies on the coronavirus plagued communist regime to manufacture nearly all pharmaceutical drugs and medicines, warns award-winning author Rosemary Gibson.

    The Chicoms supply nearly all United States medicine – including penicillin, vitamin C, and virtually every other generic prescription and over-the-counter product,” Gibson, author of China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine, explained on Steven K. Bannon’s War Room Pandemic.

    “Nobody knows about how dependent we are on the basic components to make our medicine. This is mostly about generics, which are 90 percent of our medicines. We had to find a cheaper way to make them and so it was outsourced to China,” she said. “This is global – there is a global chokehold on the chemicals, the precursors to make the key ingredients in our medicines.”

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    Perhaps the current fear of traveling or participating in larger groups of people due to the still unknown facts of this spreading Virus could be the event that would prevent Fr. Michel's own plans to travel at this time. And the understanding at this point is that this could continue through 2020.
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    I don't want to firghten people, but the more I read about this virus the more concerned I get. It is certainly a very huge chastisement which none of us can hope to avoid one way or another.

    If anyone comes across a message from Our Lady concerning this I would be most interested to read it.
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    How wonderful!
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    Well, Padraig, this is not specific by name but this latest translated message of our Lady (title being and approved: "Queen and Mother of the End Times") to Luz de Maria seems to speak to the current time:


    JANUARY 28, 2020

    Great pestilences, plagues generated by unknown viruses are advancing upon humanity: use the oil of the Good Samaritan (2) as protection faced with a case of a highly contagious disease where you live – the quantity of the head of a pin on the earlobes will suffice. If the number of those infected increases, you should put it on both sides of your neck and on the wrists of both hands.

    .....and this earlier message from St. Michael the Archangel and perhaps this type of atmosphere that is happening now was what Fr. Michel was told was coming prior to the event and why he planned not to travel in the new year:



    When you hear of a strongly contagious respiratory illness, do not expose yourselves in crowds, or in places where you have to share several hours with your brothers and sisters, for example in airplanes and collective means of transport. Wait patiently for the said disease to abate.

    .....and this one:


    Laboratories in the hands of the elites continue to spread flogging for My children; disease continues.
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    Yes, the two scary facts about this virus are (1) contagious individuals are asymptomatic for 3 weeks before symptoms kick in, and the avg. number of persons infected by each sufferer is 4-6, which are pandemic levels.

    I can see why a Bishop would hesitate, because the issue isn't about receiving from a common cup, but being in a confined area with contagious persons. I would probably be one to go to Mass, but then I remember that the plague wiped out one third of Europe's population and that included a lot of holy people. It is also in a parent's genes to be protective of their children.

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    Wow!! Must study up.
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    Much to pray about.

    I don't think people these days have the inner stamina of our fore Parents. I think we are more childish really. The people who bore the Second and First World Wars with patience are not the same people who live today.

    But there will be a huge turning back to Faith and away from childish nonsense. People will sober up if you like and sober up very,very quickly.

    So there's a lot of good stuff coming too. People will pay a lot more attention to the things that really count. The inner Spiritual Matters. They will understand how short life is and how fragile. we are only passing through this place...only Pilgrims enroute from here to there.
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  9. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I have been wanting to make this post for a few days since the topic of coronavirus came up, and hesitated; but here goes.

    I worked for many years on nightshifts. I was always very puzzled because I never seemed to get the coughs and colds most if not all those around me suffered in the season when these things occur. It was only after leaving this type of work, and to be honest after retirement when I had time to explore the internet that I came across articles that claimed if we regularly eat 'pro biotic yogurt' it provides us protection from Virus. It then occurred to me that must have been why I never caught the colds and so on that went the rounds of those I worked with. I used to eat a pro biotic yogurt every day more or less, so there might be something in the theory.

    My point in sharing this piece of information is, it might be helpful to others and having a pro biotic yogurt has to be within the reach of most people and could prove helpful in resisting coronavirus, since it appears to be a virus. I know we have to wait for the experts to come up with a solution, so Julia's simple remedy is better than giving way to fear or panic. What have we got to lose. Nothing ventured nothing gained. And still trust in God.

    Part of me wanted to start a new thread called Coronavirus Cure to get the information to more people on the forum, but I don't want to make a big sensation, just a suggestion; trying to be helpful in at least looking for a positive approach. Only God knows what the long view is and, people like me are at the top of the risk list with chronic disease, medically supressed immune system and age against us.

    Confession made. Job done.
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  10. Indy

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    I had never heard of Oil of the Good Samaritan.

    Here is an interesting site about this: lmaritan/

    It looks difficult to make. Have people here heard of this. I wonder can it be purchased anywhere?
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    I bought thieves oil from Amazon. I make my own cleaning sprays and have a small stock of essential oils which I add to the sprays sometimes just to hide the smell of vinegar and some for their properties
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  14. soldier of christ

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    i always make sure to include a beeswax candle
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    Well here is one alleged messenger of God who seems to have spoken to the Coronavirus 7 years ago. Even identifying the AIDS virus within it.


    The rapid spread of the deadly CORONAVIRUS from China and the terrifying devastation by swarms of LOCUSTS across East Africa are alerting many people to yet more of the messages given years ago by Jesus and Our Blessed Mother to Christina Gallagher for the world.

    In the message of July 16, 2002 (see The Cross Uncovered p.260) Our Blessed Lady warned, "Diseases will fall upon many; plagues will devour many."

    Again, on January 26, 2013 (see The Cross Uncovered p.343) Jesus said, “The world will endure many diseases and plagues- diseases that will be man-made.” As far back as February 22, 2005 (see The Cross Uncovered p.278) Our Lady made Christina aware that there will be an epidemic throughout the world with a germ which is bred through AIDS. Many innocent people will catch it and die. There will be a virus-type plague which will kill many people through- out the world.”

    From the first moment the Coronavirus was announced, Christina Gallagher was aware that this is the virus Our Lady spoke of. Medical scientists and analysts have now discovered a link between The Coronavirus and Aids.

    In His message given in October 2012 (see The Cross Uncovered p.333) Jesus said, “My people, hear and respond as I have called you, for even worse turmoil is on its way. The locusts will come and devour you while you are spiritually asleep.”

    On March 29, 2009 (see The Cross Uncovered p.309) Our Blessed Lady had said, “Locusts such as have never been seen before will form a plague; it will seem as if they themselves have an evil intent, almost as if they have an awareness that they are to wreak destruction…"

    Nearly ten million people in the affected region of East Africa already face dire food shortages owing to floods and drought. A humanitarian crisis now looms there in the face of unprecedented numbers of voracious locusts. Not only have the countries of Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya been infested but South Sudan and Uganda are facing similar invasion.
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    The Best Vaccine For Any Plague


    The purpose of this document is to illustrate, once again, that applying the fundamental teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ, with Faith and Trust in God, and confidence on His, and our, Mother, the Ever Virgin and Blessed Mary, all is possible for God. We have taken the following examples of the life of Don Bosco (St. John Bosco) (1) to illustrate what we believe and live and wish upon all our sisters and brothers.

    God is the true Master of Creation and even satan must serve Him, thus, man's whole objective should be to "have God". That is the Ultimate Vaccine against temporal and spiritual plagues.


    As the reader - some of which may be giggling already at our "innocence" and perhaps even at our "provincialism" - reviews what we expose here with great certainty, keep in mind that miguel de Portugal (2) was first, and continues to be a scientist. His post graduate research work was on liquid rocket propellants; that his professional career always was at the cutting edge of technology trying to achieve the technically "impossible", and succeeding - even when he ignored God for over 40 years!

    Keep in mind that he can demonstrate mathematically, through Infinite Series, why and how, to give us an opportunity to Eternal Life by paying for our sins, Jesus had to die and descend into hell to then rise again. Furthermore, while the alleged Theologians dither about the reality of God, miguel has experienced the supernatural reality which allows him to know, not believe, but know that Mary's body could have been virginal during and after the birth of Jesus.

    No, this is not lack of humility from the part of m de P since what is described above is only possible because the Grace of God and not by any merit or attribute or ability of miguel's. If some of you think of the above as Science Fiction - We have news for you: Science Fiction pales in simplicity, and outright provincialism, before the all encompassing and truly awesome reality of God.


    Following you will find the only "formula" for the viable vaccine that will make possible your journey through the plagues that humanity is living through now and which, as you should know by now, are multiplying and increasing every day.

    The Plague of 1854 (3)

    Since May 1854, Don Bosco had announced to his boys that the cholera plague would reach Turin and that it would cause tremendous damage amongst the population. Then he said to them:

    "Do not be alarmed and remain at peace; if you do what I tell you to do, you will be free from such scourge. First of all is to live in the Grace of God; in addition, wear around your neck a medal of María Santísima (Holy Mary), which I will bless and give to each one of you. In addition you should pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Gloria with the Oremus of St. Louis de Montfort (4) plus the invocation: Ab omni malo líbera nos, Domine."

    When the first cases appeared in Turin, the authorities asked for the assistance of the clergy, which made themselves immediately available to assist those stricken with cholera. The Municipality gave a striking example of piety ordering the celebration of a Religious Act in the Sanctuary of María Santísima de la Consolación (Holy Mary of the Consolation) for the morning of August 3. This Act was well attended by city officials plus an immense multitude of the Faithful. [Keep in mind that at this time Italy was in the grip of a most vitriolic anticlerical phase.]

    Mary did not leave those prayers and invocations unattended because the terrible disease, against all odds, did little damage in Turin as compared to the rest of Italy and other European cities. Nonetheless, there were fifty to sixty new cases per day. The worse hit area was that of Valdocco - being the poorest and less hygienic. Close to Don Bosco's Oratory there were several families which were not only affected, but were annihilated completely.

    On Saturday August 5th, Feast of Our Lady of Snows, Don Bosco gathered the full time residents of his Oratory (many of them had been poor orphans before Don Bosco, on behalf of Divine Providence, took them in) and told them that the plague had made its appearance but to remain calm, at peace and spiritually tranquil, as well as with great trust in María Santísima (Holy Mary) plus a good confession and communion. He assured them that if they remained free of sin, none of them would be harmed by the plague, however, if they did not remain in a State of Grace, he could not guarantee their safety.

    Such words had a profound effect on those boys who lost no time in having a good confession, partaking of communion and behaving so well that, any better, could not have been hoped for.

    There were very few people who would, even being paid handsomely, assist those who had contracted the cholera. Then, Don Bosco, moved to compassion by such situation, gathered his boys and, after explaining to them the situation, expressed his wish that some of them would accompany him, his mother, Mamá (Mother) Margarita, and Don Alasonatti in such acts of corporal and spiritual mercy. All listened to him attentively and immediately fourteen volunteered to be included in such group, a group which quickly grew to fifty. Don Bosco shed tears of joy faced with such act of detached generosity of those boys who only had themselves to give.

    He repeated then: "Remain in the Grace of God, pray to the Virgin and I assure you that no student from this Oratory will be touched by the plague."

    When word got out that Don Bosco's boys had consecrated themselves to such merciful enterprise, the requests for their assistance multiplied in such manner that they were not able to keep a regular schedule. Day and night, just as Don Bosco, they labored for the victims of the plague. Many times they could not even go to the Oratory to get some nourishment so they had something to eat at the house where the plague victims laid between life and death. They did not let anyone die without the Sacraments, and many were rescued from the hands of evil. Those boys acted as professional and holy nurses.

    After the plague subsided - it could be said that no one from Don Bosco's Oratory was touched by the cholera.

    The Plague of 1884 (3)

    On July 2nd, just as the first news about the new cholera plague spread in Italy, people were informed that the plague would again strike Italy and that it would be worse that it could be imagined. It became a fact that cholera caused great damages in Busca, Spezzia and in Naples. In the meantime - Don Bosco, by word of mouth and via his Bulletins kept reminding all of the infallible preventive measures:

    + Partake of Holy Communion with the appropriate spiritual dispositions.
    + Repeat with devotion the invocation: "Mary, Help of Christians, pay for us."
    + Carry around the neck a medal of Mary, Help of Christians and cooperate in any act of charity and of the Faith in Her honor.

    "With this antidote", wrote the Marquesa Carmela Gargallo as she encouraged others to acts of charity and mercy towards the victims of the plague, "go and serve at the hospices and no harm will come to you."

    Hundred of thousands of medals were requested in Italy and from abroad. No one who practiced Don Bosco's preventive measures died from the plague. CONCLUSION

    There is nothing magic about the details of the above proposed "formula". The medal of Mary, Help of Christians can be replaced by the Miraculous Medal - keep in mind: There is only one Mary. You may acquire these at your local religious store (and have it blessed by a holy priest) or write to the Association of the Miraculous Medal center in Perryville, Missouri, USA (5). A Blessed Carmelite Scapular will serve the same purpose.

    The prayers may be replaced with the Holy Rosary but we encourage the frequent use of the invocations quoted above or similar such as: "Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to Thee." As Mary stated in the approved Manifestations of Akita (6) : "Without attaching too much attention to the form, be faithful and fervent in prayer to console the Master."

    But above all - ask God to increase your faith, level of abandonment to His Will and confidence on the fact that He will answer your every prayer in the way that is perfect for you - even though you may not understand it then.
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    Coronavirus, locusts, civil unrest in many countries. It’s almost like the storm is building.

    Does anyone else think these are just a start though and not main events? that the main events when they break will be much more dire and widespread? I don’t know what all is coming but my feeling is that it’s not just 1 thing but much more and bigger things to come. Things like large scale economic collapse, literal civil wars amongst the factions currently at odds with each other, large geophysical events, all building to a crescendo “when things are at their worst”?
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  19. padraig

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    Yes. I was just thinking this this morning. It is a harbinger.

    But I didn't like to write about it. I would feel like I was kicking people when they are down.

    But it is the simple truth.

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    Better to speak the truth now. And part of the truth is good news, that this is what must happen to turn the world back to God. I’m sure none of the apostles thought it was a win when God let His Son be crucified, but it was. We just need to Trust and do our part to help people, especially those who have turned away from God. They are the ones who will be especially flipped out and fearful. But we can help calm them and turn them back to God by showing them this is our just punishment for what we have wrought but there’s light at the end of the tunnel, the era of peace for those who get through it
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