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    According to our lovely priest he has a way to place the host on the tongue without touching anything but the host. But he left it to the congregation to receive in the hand. He did say "please please use hand sanitizer before and after Holy Communion."
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    I've had to do that many times this winter having been sick on and off with the flu and its aftermath. The Lord does give us graces--not as intense I suppose--but still we do receive great grace with spiritual communion I think.
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    A few priests here are also adept at this, including the TLM priest.

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    Checked Facebook
    There is a Latin Mass Society in Singapore that offers TLM during the week
    Check it out!
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    Prayers for those with the virus. Healthcare workers too! Terrible photos up on the Daily Mail website.
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    Gotta say to everyone out there if you come down with this get help. It is a very nasty flu. And at least for more susceptible people--i.e. chronic conditions or older--it can be very bad.
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    Under the circumstance I don't think it would do any harm to receive on the hand. Jesus is Just, but He is kind too. At least I always found Him so.:)
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    With respect I Disagree. ..and for several reasons.

    The Communist Govt of China has no reason for over playing its hand on this. On the contrary they have good reasons to downplay it. Yet they closed down Wutan a city bigger than London as a precaution; other cites too. This was never in their interests unless things are very serious. In fact such a collosal undertaking of such a type has never been know in human history before.
    it is mind blowing. Like a SF film.

    In fact American Government sources have actually accused the Chinese of down playing what is happening there.

    Another thing if you take it from the figures that mortality figures rise 50% every 24 hours and extrapolate that over say a month you will have deaths in the thousands. Try this out yourself.

    Yesterday it was 17. This morning 24. Saturday 36. Sunday 49. Keep doing that to the end of the month adding on 50% deaths each day and see what you get in two weeks time, it will surprise you.

    The Chinese Govt suggest around 900 people infected and that is crazy. As of yesterday informed opinion gives a figure of 8,000.

    The last night I worked in the my own hospital we had our first suspected virus victim , a young gentleman from China, Chinese. Without Health Care Number. This thing has gone right round the planet like a rocket.

    It is a genie out of the bottle.

    There was a good post on this from a very devout, holy Chinese priest in Northern China.,-the-pride-of-the-rich-and-prayer-49114.html
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    To give you an idea how extrapolation of statistics works in epidemiology ; view the following.

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    I think we cannot trust the Chinese to tell the truth. Sad but true. When working at the food pantry this week one of the other volunteers said they had just come back from Africa and had been detained at the airport to be checked for Ebola. :confused:
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    Pope Francis trusts the Chinese Government as did his top deal maker, the paedophile, Mr McCarrick. If the mass child abuser, Mr McCarrick and his patron, the Holy Father, trusted the Chinese Government to appoint our Catholic Bishops well things must be fine.:):)

    they must be telling the truth about the Virus too.

    Why would God punish the Chinese with a deadly plague for persecuting Christians when Pope Francis has done a deal with them?

    If God has done such a thing he has made a gross error of judgement and needs to check in with Mr McCarrick or his side kick Pope Francis (who of course don't tell lies either)

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  12. I appreciate your perspective, but just as Sg has posted, the first thing that gets attenuated is the reception of Holy Communion and with every virus outbreak we need to keep things in perspective.
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    The Bishop who wanted to stop Holy Communion on the tongue is a hot button pusher. The,' I've got to be seen doing something kind'. So he pressed this button, a kind of virtue signalling thing. He follows his own agenda which is not friendly to Traditional Catholic practice, I suspect.

    However , nevertheless, the threat from the virus is very, very grave, I believe.

    Look at what the Communists in China are actually doing, not what they are saying. They are closing down entire cities . Huge, huge cities.

    They are not doing this for nothing. They are deeply, deeply, deeply , deeply afraid..and if they are afraid so should we be.

    By the way ; try buying surgical masks on Amazon and see how many stores are sold out.

    I would advise those reading this to buy a box. They don't cost much at this time. If you never need them, you never need them. Throw them away, but you have this brief window to get them.

    They will help.

    The Genie is well out of the bottle as far as containing this thing is concerned as regards a Gobal Pandemic.

    As far as Government honest advise is concerned..well they watch the Stock forget about them.

    they will find a vaccine..but until then..

    step up cleaning your hands , clean , clean, clean and invest in a box of masks or two.

    I'm not in a panic, but be sensible

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    I am with Padraig in this one -- hopefully they can contain it but has the potential to be a pandemic -- these come in regular cycles --

    My grandfather was raised by his grandmother and his aunt - when he came back from serving in the First World War aged 19 both were dead from the impact of the Spanish Flu pandemic
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    Here are the stats of the impact of the Spanish flu in the north of Ireland - normal flu mortality rate is I think 0.1%
    There were 23,000 deaths from Spanish flu in Ireland in the space of nine months!

    Mortality for the Coronavirus is reportedly 2% that would be 20 per thousand!!
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    I take back what I said
    I realize that the corona virus is spreading like wildfire and we need to be very cautious. I wore a mask today when I went to the doctor to get allergy shots, and there were others doing the same.
    I also know that the Spanish Flu took many lives
    I’m sorry about your ancestors, garabandal
    Sts. Jacinta and Francisco were among those who died from that flu, also
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    You have a point. I just read that as well, recently.
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    You are quite right. Do not panic, but this is serious.
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    They did similar things during the Sars outbreak and made sure that it was not reported and was suppressed for the good of the social construct. Par for the course in a communist nation.
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