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    Prayers Terry. Are you sure you could not get a mask like one for painters at a DIY store?
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    Supposedly the Communist Party of China is considering removing President Xi.

    I sure hope this is true.
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  3. Huh?

    COVID-19 deaths worldwide as of March 24, 2020, by country

    Published by John Elflein, Mar 24, 2020
    As of March 24, 2020, the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) had spread to six continents, and approximately 16,565 people had died after contracting the respiratory virus. Around 6,077 of these deaths occurred in Italy.

    compared to:

    Annual global flu deaths higher than previously estimated


    As influenza activity has begun to pick up this winter, scientists working on global influenza surveillance increased their estimates of how many people worldwide die annually from the flu.

    A study published Dec. 13 in The Lancet estimates that 291,000 to 646,000 people die from respiratory complications related to the flu each year. Previous annual estimates ranged from 250,000 to 500,000 deaths.

    In the United States, the CDC estimates that about 12,000 to 56,000 people die from flu complications and about 140,000 to 710,000 people are hospitalized due to the flu.

    wondering too....from the beginning of this "novel" Chinese flu we were told that there were too many unknowns.....doctors didn't know what treatments would work and so the community preventions were emphasized. But, because of that were the usual treatments for the annual flu denied to patients who tested positive for COVID-19 and waited for symptoms to appear since doctors didn't know if those usual treatments might be harmful to this "new" COVID-19 thing? I mean it's just now that doctors are giving not only the Chloroquine but also other regular flu treatment and Tami-flu or Relenza, or Rapivab etc. IOW, a mixture. Could the number of deaths reported and worsened symptoms that evolved into pneumonia, esp. in the elderly and other compromised patients have been perhaps treated anyway, in this COVID-19 flu earlier, w/at least those treatments that could have effected the early symptoms, lessened them long term and prevented the later most serious symptoms?? Did more people die while not being treated as usual while the medical community waited for the vaccine yet to be developed??
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    Oh Terry stay safe. Praying. God bless Geralyn.
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    True enough, but if they're lying they're not doing a very good job of it.
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    This is extremely prescient! So scary to read paragraph highlighted above.
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    "We are the church". At least you used the small "c". Here's another group fond of the catch-all "we are Church" phrase:
    They haven't gone away. It appears now that they have fellow travellers very highly placed in the Church.

    Anyone seeking or expecting titles or special recognition for serving the Church is unsuitable for any prominent role within the Church, ministerial or not. In my experience, the women who do most to serve the Church are the least likely to demand reward, ordination or titles. They take seriously what Jesus said:

    "Be careful not to parade your uprightness in public to attract attention; otherwise you will lose all reward from your Father in heaven."
    Serving and pleasing God is their motivation. Using them to further the agenda of groups like "We are Church" is devious and disgraceful - giving old Mrs. Murphy an award or a title for her years of service while lining up little Greta Activist as her "Ministererial" replacement.

    Our priests are not ordained to minister to themselves. If excluding the faithful from Mass and the Sacraments isn't clericalism I don't know what is. Certainly not sexual abuse of the vulnerable despite how that Satanic practice has been spun.

    Not that it matters now anyway because all the pandering to Caesar came to nothing with today's announcement. "All places of worship are to restrict numbers" could mean whatever any anti-Catholic busybody wants it to mean.
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    You reckon? Scroll down the attached to "Inspiration for Spiritual Reflection":
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    Fear not, Padraig. My amazing wife is making masks from Kirby vacuum cleaner bags. Leave it to Geralyn; she said her masks will be as effective as N-95s. If she started a business she'd probably make millions.

    I live in my head, but my beautiful wife gets the job done. All those ladies who left home to try to break through the "glass ceiling" of corporate men: Geralyn doesn't need to break it- she sits on it!:LOL::ROFLMAO:

    Safe in Father's Arms!
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    May God help and protect you Mario. You and Geralyn both. I suppose wearing gloves in out of the question if you will be bringing Holy Communion to the people you visit. It might be a good idea to have a few different sets of clothes put aside for when you visit the sick and change them immediately you get home. Also, I keep disinfectant wipes in my car and wipe the steering wheel, door handle, handbrake, radio controls, and all the other knobs and levers every time I get into the car.
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    Three cheers for Geralyn. Yay!!!
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    Good precautions, Dolours. Actually, unless stipulated on the patient's door, I won't wear gloves. There are sinks in all the rooms. Even if I avoid direct contact in my visits, I'll wash my hands both before and after each visit. Thanks for everyone's concerns. And yes, at home I come in, put my clothes in the washing machine, and hop in the shower!:D

    Safe Under Our Lady's Mantle!
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  16. The reasons behind this possibly grand hoax. Above I posted one of the latest Q drops outlining all the things lining up to this sudden worldwide "lock up" and scare, using the arrival of a "pandemic". Well, here is a repeat analysis of the same, in the first part of this video.....but beginning at about the 17:30 point there begins a real timeline involved in many prior Q drops that carries to, once again, the possibility of the things that just might come down very soon that will complete in the "resurrection" of life again, in the light, for this country. Just for your discernment of course. If so....there will be a shock to the world coming....the storm and afterwards.

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    I will watch this tomorrow. Thank you
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    A friend is making surgical masks at home, because they don't have surgical masks for surgery! I'd post the picture, but will comply with John's wishes to not overload the site.
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    I realized that I posted the big picture. I will delete it. Sorry.
  20. Hmmm....more Easter timeline.....more "resurrection" for the country! But will it be "after the storm"?

    “It’s a Good Time for a Resurrection, Right?” – Dr. Oz Asked about President Trump’s Easter Goal to Reopen US Economy

    Dr. Oz was asked about President Trump’s stated goal of reopening the economy by Easter.

    Dr. Oz said Easter was a good time for a resurrection.

    David Asman: Do you think we can hit that note at Easter, that’s when we can begin to reopen businesses?

    Dr. Oz: Well, it’s a good time for a resurrection, right? I think medically we’ll have a pretty good idea. You know I used a metaphor when I asked the president about that if it didn’t work out. But I’m a surgeon. A good surgeon can know when a surgery goes well, which is what we’re doing right now in these two weeks. And can tell when the patient can go home. Which again in theory President Trump is looking at Easter. But going one step further and know when we have to readmit a patient when you have to. I think we can be mor aggressive and start to loosen up the reins on America.
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