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    "Father/Mother God" might be the tip of the iceberg, but when you hear that BS you know all you're going to get is perversion, heresy and sacrilege.
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    That is indeed just a lens flare Quis ut Deus.
    But, it’s an interesting photo - if, (and its still a huge if), if ATLAS does brighten to the upper limits of current models, it may actually look like that in May
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    Subject: Covid-19 Deaths in Germany Far Below Rates in Other Countries

    (take out the hype and look at these real numbers)

    Highlights…. Link below.

    By Sunday (yesterday), Germany had 23,921 confirmed cases and 92 deaths from the new pathogen, according to figures collected by Johns Hopkins University, putting the mortality rate from Covid-19 at nearly 0.4%, well below estimates elsewhere.

    By contrast, only about 64,000 people had been tested in Britain by March 18, according to authorities. More than 3,000 tested positive and 144 had died (0. 48%), according to the Johns Hopkins University data.

    It is difficult to gauge mortality since large numbers of infections likely go uncounted in official statistics, especially when people have mild or no symptoms. Roughly 80% of people who fall sick with the new coronavirus are thought to be in that category.

    My comment……these are official numbers not made up or headlines…….now take the confirmed number and multiply it by 5 to get the total rough number for all that have covid-19 including those not getting tested.

    Germany, total estimated with COVID-19 119,605. Total deaths 92, death rate .08% (less than flu)

    Britain, total estimated with COVID-19 320,000. Total deaths 144, death rate .096% (still less than flu)
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    Someone please tell Boris it's fake news.

    He's just locked down the entire country.

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    I know .... I think such phenomena can be "atmospherically" explained and yet acting through the material world to make a statement can certainly catch the attention!
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    More prayers, Lumena. I've given us all to St. Joseph, tasked with loving and protecting the most precious Child given to mankind. He will see to our care.
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    Praying, Little Voice; May Our Lady wrap you in Mantle of Maternal love and intercession!

    Safe in Our Lady's Arms!
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  9. btw just a heads up.. I tried to send you a pm earlier looks like you have set your profile not to allow conversations with forum members..if this is not the case let me know and I will look into it...

    God Bless John.
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    Thank you John.
    Fixed, I think. I’ve absolutely no idea how that happened.
    Feel free to try pm’ing again.
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    Thanks be to God on high!
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    Misinformation alert!

    That is not how you work out the death rate!!

    You cannot work out a final case fatality rate based on ACTIVE cases (currently infected cases).

    The case fataility rate is worked out when you have all the cases with an OUTCOME! Outcome means 'recovered' or 'died'.

    So you take the total number who have died and divide by the total numbers who recovered & multiply by 100.
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    Do you find the hawthorn drink gives you a lot of relief?

    I noticed last weekend that the hawthorn leaves are starting to grow here in Ireland, but are a while from being big enough to pick. I do fully believe the hawthorn is a cure as prophesied, I am just surprised its for COVID-19. Looks like we have arrived at that time. God Bless you LittleVoice. Keep fighting.
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    We're in the same boat here in Upstate New York!

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    God is good!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    praise the Lord!
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    Regarding this comet: It, like many others, are green because:

    "When a comet gets warm enough, it creates an extended, gas-rich cloud known as a coma around its nucleus. If the coma contains carbon-nitrogen and carbon-carbon bonds, the Sun's ultraviolet light will excite the electrons inside it, causing them to emit a green glow when they drop down in energy."

    That's from, but is my usual go-to.
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    I am puzzled but grateful that the death rate is low in these countries. But then Italy is far worse. You keep hammering home these stats, MMM. But I'm not sure what your point is. In fact, I find myself irritated by your claims because you never reach a clear-cut conclusion.:unsure:

    Are you saying that the lower death rate is proof that this whole issue must be a scam to produce terror and eventually collapse the international economy?

    Are you saying perhaps that this is a test run for an eventual takeover by the Elites?

    In your mind what would be the purpose of such exaggerated hype? Personally, I'm grieving over the tragic situation, especially in Italy.:cry:

    Safe Under Mary's Mantle!
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    Praying. :unsure:

    What a loving mother you are!
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    How do you make the tea?
    Do you just pick the leaves and then boil them?
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    Me too. :(:cry:

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