Coronavirus :- Connecting The Dots Part 3

Discussion in 'Video Blogs' started by mejtom, Jul 24, 2020.

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    Very informative video

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    The latest in virus madness from around the world.

    In Moscow the Government have permitted the reopening of cinemas but they are only allowed to show happy uplifting films.

    In Canada the Dept of Health informed people that it is OK for stranger to have sex, but they must wear masks and not look at each other while doing so.

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    Dr. Kelly Victory discusses if self-imposed prevention measures can mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic

  8. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Thought this man has a very Catholic perspective on the corona virus.

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  9. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    A video posted in Spirit Daily today. It is half an hour long, and wondering what others may think about or discern with regard to the seer shown.

    I had come across videos from this group before, and did not pay any attention to them. Don't know anything about them. But August seems to be a very important month according to the contents of the video. For your discernment.

  10. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    I just watched this video then watched one of the question and answer vids below. I was surprised to hear the elderly "nun" say right up front that their group was not Catholic, nor were they affiliated with any organized religion. I say I was "surprised" because they looked like they were really devout Catholics! Appearances can be deceiving!! We gotta be careful!
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  11. Yes, I had seen other videos of this group some months ago.....just as lost now with this one as perviously!! So a "Celestial Church" is coming down for all to try to enter in; so no purified Church/mystical body of Christ already in existence as from when Christ formed it but another "packaged" one is arriving from above, all set w/ its own purity?; "sacraments" are mentioned but didn't grasp just how they come about; now August is bringing about the "great spiritual synthesis" of all that has come before; and it would appear that "she" is ending those apparitions which will at the same time "end her task with the world before her son returns";

    On another recent video the "visionaries" hold a general question and answer session apparently from the questions that have come to their website. They are asked why these visions from the Blessed Mother did not come within the core of the Catholic Church and the chubbier one of the four, female, said that our Lady said that in these times she was coming to visionaries outside of the Church so that they could bring others to believe in Them who were far away and/or left because they no longer trusted in the Church. I thought to myself then....then why mimic that very Body in their traditional "habits" which I would assume would look like a sign of the Catholic Church and keep such types away from these people as well. What would make their explanation of things seem any more worthy of belief as they adopt the statues, titles like "Sacred Hearts", sort of a generalized way of speaking about sacraments.....where would they even originate if this group is outside of the Church? And they refer to this "mother" as the mother of the divine conception of the holy trinity. When asked about what they think about all of the other La Sallette, Medj, etc. the younger female of the 4 answered that they believe in all of those not only due to personal opinion but because the virgin has mentioned them and even asked them to visit such places to receive the graces necessary for their own vocations! Separate but equal! And same one answered a question about why they wear habits....that when our lady founded their order she requested that they also wear a habit.....which should represent a "more profound vow of selfless service"! Apparently their works for humanity has the backing of the United Nations through a special commission or something called the International Humanitarian Federation! In 2018 their "partnership" w/ UN expanded to include Unicef! UN then as kind of another "mother" or perhaps even "father" for this group!!

    More questions and answers here:

    Well, I suppose if you strike out on your own you have to have funding so what better organization than the expansive type funding of the UN?? Makes you think about just how the mimicking of the True Church will begin in the world/how it will be that proposes that long prophesied warning about the "character" of the AC which is to be "humanitarian" and "environmentalist" and one who has the backing of the recognized and accepted "humanitarian" organizations of the world....but w/ no particular God but each brings his/her own version of belief, not to be spoken of or evangelized but rather downplayed for the sake of the acceptance of all....each belief accepted as just as good a means to the ultimate goal of humanity as the other. So this humanitarian "mother" brings broad "concepts" of former traditional religious teachings to this group but with the emphasis on building peace and welfare of nations, etc. So my personal conclusion of what has been expressed by this group, and would be obviously appealing since it is anything but legalistic, is ....... UH OH!!
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    earth.....I ditto the UH OH!!!
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    Yes. So careful. Surprised spirit daily posted it.
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    This gives me the creeps quite honestly.
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  15. Mario

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    This should be immediately rejected for a most obvious reason. It is marvelously choreographed. A sweet message with soothing lighting, breaks in the "heavenly" message so that translations can take place, and no mention of the Cross. :barefoot::sick:

    I wouldn't give it a second thought. In fact, I'd flee from it as fast as your legs can carry you. Even the 'press conference' video with the "question/answer" format is perfectly staged with no hitches and no audience! Yeesh! :sick:(n)

    It is too smooth, unlike authentic apparitions that always carry a human element with lots of pushback from the devil.

    I won't give it another moment of my time.:censored:

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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  16. Mary's child

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    I agree I was concerned with the setting, ambiance music and mostly with the older woman standing in the back. Before the "message" started it didn't sit well for me, but couldn't put my finger on it.
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  17. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    Appears to me like the makings of a deceptively clever "copy" of the real thing. Could this group be a precursor of a"new"religion?One which "appears" to be Christlike but isnt?? Hmmm?
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  18. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Oh, thank you for mentioning they are not affiliated to any Church, Catholic or other. They even have Rosary beads. Guess it takes all sorts.

    I hope posting the video will not cause anyone to be led into some sort of cult or sect. I would not have posted the video, but it was on Spirit Daily and I wondered if anyone knew anything about them.
  19. ellen

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    No...Thank You for bringing this group to the light of scrutiny otherwise I,for one, never would have been aware of its existence.
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  20. Joan J

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    Super creepy! We have been told even devout Catholics) will be deceived.
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