Consecration of Russia

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    What do you expect Martina ? Luther was already welcomed in Rome, what else ? Married Priests ? Woman Priests ? for sure this is their wishes but no more time, the Year 2017 is their last year, if I was not sure, I will not insist.
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    Wrong, Nothing related to Garabandal is quoted in your comments, please let me know where you got these détails, thank you.
    October 19, 1982

    Q. Do you remember what the Blessed Mother said about the communist tribulation that is to precede the Warning?

    A. It would look like the communists would have taken over the whole world and it would be very hard to practise the religion, for priests to say Mass or for people to open the doors of the churches.

    Q. Is that what you meant when you said that it would seem as though the Church had disappeared?
    A. Yes.

    Q. It would be because of the persecution and not because the people would stop practising their religion?
    A. Yes, but I guess a lot of people will stop. Whoever practises it will have to go into hiding.

    Q. Will this only be in Europe or do you think it will be here in the United States as well?
    A. I don't know because for me at that time, Europe was the whole world. I just assumed it was that way. The Blessed Mother didn't specify in what place. To me it looked like it was everywhere.
    Q. You said that it would be very difficult for priests to say Mass. Was this something that the Blessed Mother told you or was it something that you thought yourself because of the communist tribulation?
    A. From what I remember, it was something she said.

    Q. And the Virgin said that it would seem as though the Church had disappeared?
    A. Yes.

    April 16, 1983

    Q. In the 1979 interview (above), you said in describing the communist tribulation that "it was like an invasion. " Did you see scenes of this invasion?
    A. Sometimes I confuse an invasion with a persecution.

    Q. You have also said that when things were at their very worst then the Warning will happen. How do you know this? Did the Virgin tell you or did you see it in a vision?
    A. The Virgin said that the Warning would come when conditions were at their worst. It wouldn't be just the persecution either because many people will no longer be practising their religion.
    The Pope will go to Russia

    Albrecht Weber’s book contains this statement attributed to Conchita:

    “The pope will go to Russia, to Moscow. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, hostilities will break out in different parts of Europe.”

    [The source for this information was also requested. Mr. Weber responded: "Conchita said this in a long conversation at her house on November 14,1965."]

    To sum it up
    A worldwide communist takeover led by Russia will appear to have succeeded and in the midst of this frightful aggression will be a harrowing persecution of the Church. Priests will have to go into hiding, the churches boarded up and it will become very difficult for the faithful to practice their religion. It will seem as though the Church had disappeared. The duration of this persecution is not known but it will take an act of God, the Warning, to stop it.
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    Who are you ? please remind me what are your links with Garabandal ? thank you.
  7. Just quoting the same sources that anyone can find. Some mentioned by Glen as well. These have been well known and available to all for some time...esp. Albrecht Weber's well received book. I listed the link to both sections of quotes from the interviews given there.
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    I can get behind the idea of something happening in or around 2029. There are so many things yet to happen that simply can't all happen this year.

    2029 gets closer to 2000 years from Jesus' death and resurrection too and this was the real time of salvation. Jesus mentioned 2000 years to Luisa Piccarreta saying...

    (1) "My beloved daughter, I want you to know the order of my Providence. In every 2000 year period I have renewed the world. In the first period I renewed it with the flood. In the second 2000 years I renewed it with my coming to the earth and manifesting my humanity from which, as so many channels of light, my divinity shone. And in this third period of 2000 years, those who are good and the saints themselves have lived the fruits of my humanity, but have enjoyed my divinity scarcely at all. Now we are at the end of the third period and there will be a third renovation. This is why there is general confusion. It is due to the preparation for the third renovation." (January, 1919)
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    Albrech was my Friend, who is Glen ? thank you.
  10. Interesting too in interview with Ned Dougherty how he describes what he was shown during his own near death experiences (which caused his conversion) as the earth's transformation from current times to 2034. He didn't see beyond that but that the current era's dimension is being gradually in "send forth your Spirit and we shall be 'recreated' and Thou shalt 'renew' the face of the earth"!:

    J: And this transition period would speed up events and move us into what you call the "illumination of the soul,"

    N[ed]: Yes. The transition period was 1998 to 2002, and indeed, you can see the events taking place in that time period culminating in the World Trade Center attack. Now, the only other date that is very specific to my experience is the year 2034. All of the other events that I was shown would take place before and up to and including the year 2034. I was not shown events that would take place any farther in the future than the year 2034.

    J: And presumably, the year 2034 will begin the prophesied one thousand years of peace? Or what will happen after 2034, after all these catastrophes?

    N: I saw that all of these events would take place during this transitional period and would lead to the world of peace and love among humanity. It would involve us evolving interiorly and spiritually. It would involve the piercing of the veil between the spiritual reality and the human reality becoming more visible to us. It would result, certainly, in geographical changes to the Earth, geopolitical changes, much turmoil and disruption. But all of these events are leading humanity in the direction of what God planned for us here on Earth: a period of peace, love and understanding among humanity.

    J: After your NDE, you saw the world in terms of energy-- the beauty of the world--and, I think, in one of your visions, you saw that the world would look different from how it is now.

    N: Yes, more like heaven on earth.
    [somewhat like what Fr. Innuzzi has described in his books about the New Era]
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  11. Glenn of "Garabandal News" here on this Forum.
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    Well, this Glenn has Nothing to do with Garabandal, according to what I am aware, simple as that, when Joe Lomingino went to God, I contacted myself his Family and this is what they told me, I am sorry but this is it, thank you.
  13. You are on the right track. It will coincide with the date of Resurrection. Our Lady already said in Venezuela that the renewed church will arise between 2030-2035.

    The difficulty is knowing the year of his death because there are some mistakes in our calendar. It is possible that he was born in the year 5 or 4 B.C... Jesus went to the cross sometime between the years 27 and 34
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    I only rely on Church approved prophecy for any statements I make Terry. That is not to say I discount unapproved prophecy, I just don't place it on the same level. That being said, points 1-3 that you listed are similar to what we find in approved prophecy though the term "communism" isn't used. "Errors of Russia" or similar terminology are more commonly used. It seems to me that the errors of Russia have pretty much spread around the world by now. Those being atheistic humanism, secularism, abortion, state run education systems, socialism, moral relativism, marginalization of religion, etc. The ironic thing is that Russia seems to be just about the only country that has "recovered" from these ills, at least to some degree.
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  15. I don't have a clue as to what point you are attempting to make but your approach is even more confusing. "This Glenn" is well known and respected on the forum for his continuing factual info partially due at least to his own continuing close friendship with Conchita and as I recollect also had a friendship with Joey Lomangino. And of course people should continue to read Glenn's additional information in order to actually learn more about a place they freely may have a devotion to. I'm all for that....esp. when it helps to spread the most fundamental purpose for such important interventions by Heaven itself. That's the best way to serve. I don't think any one person has sole rights to private revelation or to attempt to make others believe such.
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    Just a little reminder guys don't forget a Rosary especially for this cause. Every little helps it's all one step closer. Thank you.
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    This exchange did make me smile.
    ETA you kept cool.
    Aviso, I would like to recommend Glenn's daily posts, if you've missed them.
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    So sorry Delours. .I really didn't read that correctly.
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    I've often wondered whether those things you've mentioned (which are all true to varying degrees in today's western society) are what is meant by the various prophecies. i.e. Is this modern day communism?

    Personally I don't think so (yet), but the next couple of years will be pretty interesting.
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