Confession and Churches re-opening

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    Pope Francis has a broad record of protecting and promoting those who engage in same-sex abuse. His mask slipped in Chile, when he attempted to blacken the reputation of one of the accusers. Despite this debacle, he has made no obvious attempt to change course. Where is this long-awaited report on child-abuser Carrick?

    It is ironic that this Bishop Raica seems to be the former bishop of the diocese of Gaylord. God has a sense of humour.
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    The way the Holy Spirit seems to work, when we look at the history of the Church is that He builds up, Satan moves in behind him and takes over and the Holy Spirit moves on to new things. A perpetual war.

    A good example was St Francis of Assisi and the Franciscans. St Francis was barely cold in his grave when the devil moved in to wreck the original Franciscan spirt of simplicity and poverty in the order. The Holy Spirit moved on to help set up the Capuchins and even in the present day we had a reform movement with the Grey Friars.

    We had the Carmelites and then we had reform with the Discalced Carmelites.

    In monasteries there is a perpetual pattern of corruption and renewal. The Holy Spirit.

    So it shouldn't surprise us if a wonderful work of God like EWTN should come under very serious attack by Satan. How could it be any other way? But the Holy Spirit will if necessary move onwards and set up a new movement to take its place.:)

    We shouldn't be dismayed, this kind of thing has always gone on in Church History. War in the Heavenly places. Saints die; but new saints are born all the time.

    The Holy Spirit is never stymied.

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    The Holy Spirit is such a Wrecker Ball.:) Pentecost was itself the biggest wrecker ball of all. The Veil of the Temple Rent, Jerusalem shaken, fire rains down and the Old Covenant ended and the New One begun.

    Its the same with out Spiritual Lives. There can be no rebuilding without destruction; the Dark Night of the Soul being the biggest act of destruction of all.


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    You know, it is very tempting, to me at least, to lay blame upon our bishops. Certainly, we have not been blessed with a generation of Athanasius's or Fulton Sheens. I have to remind myself, encouraged by a very wise comment on another blog, that our bishops represent, despite all their faults, the hierarchical structure of The Church intended by Our Lord when He founded His Church. The Apostles themselves were not without fault. The terrible Arian Crisis was most severe within the Hierarchy, yet the recovery of The Church from this heresy did not see an abandonment of the authority of bishops. I might be entitled to provide justifiable criticism, but I must beware of falling into the trap of falling into a kind of quasi-protestantism. I need to remind myself of how the sedevacantists were trapped in this net. Most of the latter are probably ultra-traditional, ultra-orthodox and many are probably extremely good-living: but they are heretics. It is quite sobering to think that one can get so much completely right, but still throw it all away, completely. I need to beware of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. I need to criticise our very human bishops less and pray for them more.

    The same commentor made some judicious comments about a tendency on behalf of some devout Catholics to come very close to mimicing the Protestant error of Adventism. This is the belief that we are in the End Times. The calamities that The Church and the world are experiencing make it very easy to be attracted to this belief. Nevertheless, I am told by Christ Himself that He will come at an hour unknown to us. It is folly to second-guess God. I need to remember that while approved private prophesy is considered 'worthy of belief' by The Church, She does not lend it the authority of being part of the Faith. A Catholic that wholly disbelieves such prophesy might be as faithful as it is possible to be, potentially a saint. I need to be aware that certain dates and predicted events have passed by among some traditional Catholics, to their great disappointment. Worse, their faith might have been shaken. It would be a great tragedy to have one's faith shaken by something that doesn't actually form part of the Faith.

    I must remind myself that the only certain apocalyptic event that I will experience in my lifetime is the end of it, nor can I pre-determine that one day. All I can really do is prepare for that one, personal mini-apocalypse, which needs to begin from right now.
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    DeGaulle, what a wonderful post, full of Truth.
    Your last paragraph is part of the Church’s message of Advent. The second paragraph is the other half of the Advent message.
    And I totally agree with your assessment of the Church hierarchy and how it is so easy to fall into errors when looking for something with a lit candle, for we shall surely find it then. And most likely it will confound us.
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    PS. I needed to hear this today. I was praying over this very issue this morning.
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    I'm not proposing we give the bishops a free pass. Far from it. Any of them found guilty of crimes, concealing crimes or aiding and abetting crimes should be defrocked and handed over to the secular arm. They deserve most of the criticism they get. I just think we need to be careful not to cross a line that culminates in our rejecting the hierarchy per se. Our bishops could do better, a lot better, but they're the only bishops we've got and we're constrained by having to maintain apostolic succession. Then again, I could do better, a lot better.
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    There was a Father Athanasius in Mount Melleray, Waterford. Apparently he was a very good man to talk to. I have heard many stories about him from a spiritual director.
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    There are many great men and women in The Church, but few seem to get near the reins of power. Then again, that's only human nature. If Saint Pio, for example, had managed to become Pope, there would have been war. The other side of this is that the world would be nearly entirely Catholic by now. The prince of this world always seems to ensure that enough obstacles are put in place to inhibit such happenings, unfortunately.
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    I get it. Stay in the Barque. No heresy, no schisms, nothing uncanonical. I will be judged on how well I stayed in the Church God gave me, and how I was able to worship God and glorify Him and pray for His Shepherds. Blessed Mother helps me to do that.
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