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    Gosh I had completely forgotten this thread and my post. I'm getting a swelled head, could I call myself a prophet???!:cool::mad::whistle:
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    Communism may eventually become very confusing, if not too mixed up, it begins to resemble some aspects of capitalism.

    Ray Novosel, writing from Australia in 2004, states: “Zionist world leaders, men in influential positions with the various Masonic organizations everywhere, have worked “hand in glove” for a universal world revolution, which will bring in the One World Church and a One World Government.”

    1 John 4:4 
    4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.
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    I am glad you posted this. I have believed that Zionists have been working on this one world scenario for generations. It has been largely discounted by Wikipedia.
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    I agree Mary. The loss of authentic faith will lead people directly in the direction of full blown communism. This intended , plotted destruction of the church, and hence faith itself, is the catalyst for the wide spread atheistic communist takeover.

    This is why we never abandon our faith...regardless of what clerics or those in the Vatican do. They are not our faith...our faith comes from GOD....! Never submit to anything less.
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    I feel like sharing something that I realized about communism and capitalism a few years ago. I hope that this won't depress anyone, but I'm sharing it because it made me look at our way of life in a totally different light and detach from things of this world.

    In listening to a scientific interview years ago, I learned that Stalin had created a region in the USSR where residents lived a capitalist lifestyle. This region functioned like Silicon Valley with a lot of very bright and competent people who worked hard and were encouraged to use all their creativity. They were paid well, could travel and enjoyed the materialistic trappings of the west. For decades they were were not subject to the rules of communism that applied in the rest of the nation. The best and brightest minds were somehow invited to live in this area where they were given carte blanche to pursue any and all research that they desired. They enjoyed privileges not given to others in the USSR at the time.

    This detail was only a small part of the interview, but it explained how the USSR had progressed further ahead in scientific research. In the west, research depended on bankers who only funded something if they saw a way to make money from it. But in the USSR, research progressed wildly because no restrictions, unlimited money and total freedom for researchers who went much farther in all kinds of areas that were not explored in the west at the time (as an aside, I remember wondering if the "errors of Russia" could have come out of that time, because they were heavily into genetics, occult research and exploring other forms of energy for weapons etc).

    The reason I bring this up is because I understood right then that capitalism can be used by whomever is in charge get the maximum creative production from workers using flattery (rewards, honors and recognition for work, accomplishments, etc) and compensation (money, material goods). The so-called capitalism of the west has only really been about putting us all to work for the elites. That's why our society has been structured the way it is, because there is (was) work to be done and the elite have been funding it and guiding its "progress" using financial and capitalistic incentives to keep the sheeple motivated. All of our so-called progress through material comforts, gadgets of all kind, leisure, sports, cinema industry etc has never been about improving our lives, but more about advancing their plans for our world, which we could have resisted had we not lost our faith.

    I don't know who truly invented capitalism, but it seems that it was setup to extract production from people that you could not get through slavery - by using their own desire and ambitions to work and achieve. Isn't there a quote by Gorbachev or other communist where he allegedly said that they would infiltrate the west using our own system?

    I found this BBC report about a region in the USSR that enjoyed freedom and at one point someone says "the reason for this freedom was their work for the military industrial complex". It made me think of Microsoft, Google, Amazon, FB and all the other high tech companies that have all been shown to be involved with the military industrial complex.
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    Much of Americas unbridled support of capitalism was IMO bred in large part from nationalism and of course Americas collective Achilles heel; self interest at any price. The propaganda programs of the cold war era certainly helped this along. My mother's generation certainly felt it and mine did as well but hers was tempered somewhat by unity of cause in idealistic young people. At some point however one must look at what has become of us, and in doing so particularly at how our titans of industry and commerce conduct their affairs and consider that they have never played by the same rules those of us in the far broader swath of humanity. We in the larger and infinitely more powerful group have in large part adopted the same ethos and abandoned the struggle of embracing our common cause in christian values and unity. Many of us act like crabs in a bucket.

    The best slave is one who thinks he is free. -Johann Van Goethe
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    You summed this right up nicely, Don. In plain language.
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    Marxism 'permeates all the ideologies' in our current society

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