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  1. Rain

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    Concerning future tribulations, when Mary speaks of the evils of communism to come, some speculate she only means of the spiritual variety. I never quite bought into this theory. And the more I see where the United States is headed, the more I think she's speaking of it in a literal way, as in tyrannical government systems.

    In spite of continuing to see the Virgin, [during the first night of screams] we saw a great multitude of people who were suffering intensely and screaming in terror. The Blessed Virgin explained to us that this great tribulation, which was not even the Chastisement, would come because a time would arrive when the Church would appear to be on the point of perishing. It would pass through a terrible trial. We asked the Virgin what this great trial was called and she told us it was "communism."


    According to Garabandal, communism will again be a force to be reckoned with in one final attempt at world domination. On September 29, 1978, Father Francis Benac, S.J., interviewed Mari Loli at her home in Massachusetts. Here are some of the questions and answers pertinent to our subject.

    FATHER BENAC: Did the Blessed Virgin speak of communism?

    MARI LOLI: Our Lady spoke several times about communism. I don't remember how many times, but she said that a time would come when it would seem that communism had mastered or engulfed the whole world. I think it was then that she told us that priests would have difficulty saying Mass, and talking about God and divine things.

    FR. BENAC: Did Our Lady ever speak of people being put to death?

    LOLI: What Our Lady said was that priests would have to go into hiding but I didn't see whether they were being killed or not. She didn't exactly say they would be killed, but I'm sure they would be martyred.

    FR. BENAC: Your mother told me that one night you were upstairs with your father and that you cried and cried for one hour. Afterwards your father said to her: "I have just seen the most touching sight. Loli was crying the whole time while saying, 'Oh, it's going to be like that? People are going to suffer like that? Oh, make me suffer!'" Do you remember what you said at the time?

    LOLI: It was all related to communism and what is going to happen in the Church and to the people because all these things are to have repercussions amongst the people. When the Church suffers confusion, the people are going to suffer too. Some priests who are communists will create such confusion that people will not know right from wrong. [THE CALL OF GARABANDAL, Apr-Jun 1984.]
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    This depiction of communist priests might actually tie together the two ideas of spiritual communism and tyrannical government systems. The reason that unbridled socialism is now able to rear its ugly head is that the USA is spiritually dying. A vibrantly lived Christianity can rebuff the temptation of self-centered materialism reinforced by a nanny state. But we have taken our eyes off of Christ and have swallowed- hook, line, and sinker- the falsehoods of our communist priests in their varied disguises. A couch potato will sell his rights for comfort and thus opens the door to tyranny.

    The Cross teaches the priceless value of each person and challenges us to get off our rumps in order to love and defend. Freedom, Truth, and Charity walk hand-in-hand. Self-sacrifice born of love is hard work. It requires grace. Once the critical mass of insipid bodies has been reached, however, communism enters stage left. Any challengers (i.e. the Church) will be ruthlessly attacked.

    So I think both types of communism are necessary to succeed. Unfortunately, the overt, in-your-face type might be very close!

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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    It seems really incredible, but more and more it seems to be true.

    One of the reasons why folks abandoned belief in Garabandal was because of the Fall of Communism.

    There is a part in the Book of Revelation which speaks of a Dragon which received a blow which appeared to kill it and yet the Dragon revived.
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    I first heard of Garabandal in 1978 when travelling to Knock shrine. I got the film and showed it to all my neighbours and everybody was waiting for the warning. Here we are 31 years later still waiting. I remember that Our Lady told the visionaries that very few would believe in the visions by the time of the warning. At the time of the visions there was a lot of worry about a 3rd world war because of the Cuban crisis but Our Lady said there would not be another world war before the events had come to pass. So I still wait but I feel we are now very near the events.

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    I agree that the waiting is difficult. Especially today, where our world seems to be bursting at the seams... Here in the US, a communist or socialist state seems to be coming closer and closer. Very strange.

    Anyhow, when I start to worry about the waiting, I remind myself that we Catholics have been waiting for Christ to return for nearly 2,000 years. Waiting is part of our Catholic DNA, so to speak. And waiting is hard.

    So, like the wise virgins, we must wait and be prepared. How much longer we wait, well, only God knows that...
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  6. Rain

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    I had the impression (still do) that some of those who speak of spiritual communism, speak of it like it's spiritual communism only, and dismiss outright political communism. I was doing the opposite. So, Mario, you've convinced me it's not either/or, but both kinds of communism. Now that you've helped me to reason this out further, I suspect spiritual communism must exist for the political kind to survive and thrive. The two feed off of each other.

    Padraig, up until Obama was elected, for me it seemed impossible that socialism would come to American so incredibly fast. It's scary how so many people are accepting it without blinking an eye. However, many aren't. There have been some really angry town hall meetings here, and the media is trying to demonize those who speak out against it, especially in the Healthcare "reform" arena. It reminds me of the protests from the 1960's, only scarier, and more powerful. This time it's not college students with few practical life experiences or stoned hippies protesting "the man". It's law-abiding citizens, business owners, housewives, doctors, middle-aged workers and retirees--those who actually have some sense and who normally go about their lives not looking for trouble.

    It gives me some hope that something will block this mad path Obama has plotted out for us. But, there are so many weak-minded (there, I said it) people out there, who can't think for themselves, buying everything he says, everything his party says, and everything the powerful media producers and their silly actors tell them.

    Maryrose, I know some folks who have been waiting for the you-know-what to hit the fan for a long time now. Back in the 1960's ( I think) my grandmother covered all the windows with black paper because she thought the three days of darkness was on it's way. The more people say, "It's coming, it's coming!" and then it doesn't, God help me, the more complacent I become. But there are times, like right now with what's happening here in the USA with the push toward socialism, that I can't help to notice the writing on the wall. I can't read the words, but darn it, I just KNOW they say something BAD!
  7. garabandal

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    Is Communism just a political ideology with an economic dimension?

    Marx called religion the 'opium of the people' that needed
    to be eradicated, so there was a religious/spiritual dimension to his
    philosophy. In other words an athiestic ideology too that puts man in the
    centre and removes God. Lenin & Stalin attempted to eradicate religion
    from the State. So there is a spiritual communism which is an athiestic political
    world-view [secularism].

    Given that most western democracies have the same athiestic political world
    view [pro-abortion/pro-euthanasia/anti-marriage/pro-homosexual/culture of death]
    then surely this is spiritual communism. The undermining of the 2000 year
    old Judeo-Christian tradition has accelerated at an alarming rate particularly in
    the last ten years. Let's be frank here - the vast majority of politicians are
    spiritual communists - few abide by Catholic/Christian teachings when making
    political decisions - there are few 'saints' in politics prepared to stand against
    the secular tide.

    You may have gathered that I don't rate politicians very highly - they are at the
    cutting thrust of creating a new world order which promotes the culture of death.
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  8. maryrose

    maryrose Powers

    I think the communist threath is both spiritual and political. The visionaries at Garabandal said that it would be very difficult to get mass when these things happened. Its still possible to get mass everyday of the week and in every western country so the communism Our Lady spoke about must be a political force that supresses the church.

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  9. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    I am enjoying this thread as I like healthy debate and speculation AND I respect everyone's
    opinion on this forum. So I hope you don't mind if I keep the debate going!!

    There are very few Communist countries left in the world or at least those
    that practise Marxism.

    I believe in the Garabandal messages however, I cannot see the return of Marxist
    communism as this is a dicredited political system. I don't rule it out entirely but
    I see this as unlikely.

    What I am trying to get across is that our politicians have a secular/athiestic mindset
    a form of spiritual communism so they have introduced what John Paul II described
    as a culture of death. Also we are warned by the last two Popes of a growing dictatorship
    of relativism
    . In other words secularism and athiestic materialism will ultimately lead to
    political dictatorship. We are on the slippery slope to secular dictatorship masqueraded as
    equality legislation and human rights legislation. Abortion has become so engrained in
    western civilization that it is now perceived as a 'right', so is euthanasia in some countries,
    also 'homosexual marriage', 'gay adoption', etc. So as these 'so called rights' become enshrined in law then
    the legislators will begin to 're-educate the masses' that these rights are fundamental to
    modern civilization. Those opposed to these 'rights' at the moment get cautioned or reprimanded
    by the law. There are many examples of pro-lifers getting cautioned and Christians teaching against
    homosexualtiy being visited by the police [or the thought police as I call them]'. In the not too distant
    future then it is possible that Christians will face imprisonement for opposing abortion, homosexuality
    and so on. We are on the slippery slope to full-scale persecution and perhaps the Catholic Church will
    face the full brunt of persecution because they are so clear on their teachings [and may even
    be suppressed and go underground as in Ireland in 17th century]. Homosexual groups
    already want the Catholic church to lose its 'charity status' because of its teachings and Catholic adoption
    agencies have also had to close because they oppose homosexual adoption. At the moment the persecution
    is low key and not newsworthy but who knows in a few years?

    There is no doubt a persecution of Christians is coming. Ron Conte thinks it will be through a Muslim
    invasion. Or it may come through secular governments who become dicatorships - the European
    Union could become one massive dictatorship!! And this form of dictatorship is equivalent to communism.

    I am only expressing my opinions and do believe communism of a kind will return but not Marxist/socialism.

    I suppose from the heavenly perspective our Blessed Mother does not look at the political realities
    but the spiritual realities. Western civilization has become so secularised and athiestic that the Red Dragon
    [Satan] appears to be the Prince of modern civilization.

    God Bless
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  10. padraig

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    I suppose , in a way the name does not matter , if they are evil and persecute folks....

    I agree that Satan, the Prince of this world is in the saddle...
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  11. Rain

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    Of course they won't call it Marxism, socialism, or communism as that would be a public relations disaster. They'll find some positive-sounding name to call it, such as Freedomism, Compassionism, Equalitarianism or The Advancement of Human Rights . . . but if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck--it's a duck.
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  12. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    I agree wholeheartedly!!

    If one analyses Communism as practised under Russia and the East European
    states from a spiritual perspective there are a number of distinctive characteristics.

    They were athiestic [the first in the history of civilzation]
    They were materialistic [putting man's needs first and denying the soul]
    They were secular [no Judaeo/Christian principles].

    Look all around Europe [and America is going this way too under Obama] and the
    spirit of athiestic materialism and secularism dicatates all political decisions and political
    life. Europe has abandoned its Christian heritage and is on the road to dictatorship.

    Let us stay awake!
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  13. Seán

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    I'm not going to input on the above posts, but I believe three particular points to be almost certain regarding the near future:

    1. The Warning of Garabandal will happen very soon. It must happen in the reign of Pope Benedict.

    2.The Miracle will happen very soon. Joey Lomangino, who will regain his sight then, is 79 years of age at present.

    3.The secrets of Medjugorje will come to pass very soon. Our Lady has said that after the signs, there would not be much time left for conversion, before the sufferings begin.
  14. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    I agree that the warning at least will happen under Pope Benedict.

    I still think a key event for Medjugorje will be the publication of a book on our Lady's life.
    In the late 1980's Our Lady dictated her life to the visionary Vicka. The work is apparently contained in
    two hand written notebooks, and will be published when Our Lady tells Vicka that it is time.

    Perhaps if/when the book is published this will indicate that time will be short with regard to the
    Medjugoje events/secrets?
  15. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

  16. Booklady

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    Maryrose recounted this on August 11, 2009, who would have foretold then, that in less than 11 years, our Churches would be closed and Masses would be hard to find.

    Here's your sign, from Garabandal.
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  17. Booklady

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    Social Justice...
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  18. Mario

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    Very telling, Booklady. Using American baseball parlance, Maryrose hit it out of the ballpark back in 2009!:cool:(y)

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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  20. AidanK

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    Communism is a tool of masonic zionism to gain control of others
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