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    Yes. It's something that occurred to me when I was at Mass in the Augustinian church. They don't usually make use of the altar rails there but they had a lot more people than usual for a weekday Mass because they administer the Sacrament of the Sick during Mass on the first Friday of the month. They had extra priests from the priory to help out and people spread out along by the altar rails to receive both Sacraments.

    Parish priests wouldn't have extra priests to help out. Most parishes only have two or three priests to cover all the Sunday Masses so it wouldn't be feasible to have two of them at every Mass. EMHC's could help out but folk with a preference for altar rails and receiving on the tongue while kneeling tend to prefer receiving from a priest or deacon. I would prefer the return to altar rails and I have no objection to receiving from an EMHC.

    The way our parish church is laid out, I doubt it would be possible to bring back altar rails. I suppose they could put a few kneelers at the top of each aisle but to accommodate that I reckon they would have to remove a row or two of pews all around the altar. One of the reasons I gravitate towards the old churches in the city is that our church has rows of pews on three sides of the altar, making it almost impossible to avoid distractions during Mass. Crying babies or fidgety toddlers don't bother me, but seeing rows of faces is distracting.

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