Coming totalitarianism

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    Why Has Victoria, Australia Become a Totalitarian Basket Case?

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    Truly, the collapse of Scottish society is at hand.

    This is my favorite version of "Scotland the Brave". Two things: in the line about standing strong against Rome, in my head I always substitute Mecca; and if you're wondering what is meant by "dire is the horseman's wheel", that's a cavalry technique where one end of the horse line holds while the rest of the line pivots around that end.

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    It's a police state!' Australia's crackdown on freedoms during COVID similar to 1960s Berlin

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    If I recall correctly, the romans left more than 800 years before this song was written; it was the English who conquered all of Scotland and forbade the Celtic language from being spoken or written. the original lyrics mentioned neither rome nor england;!

    Scotland The Brave - An Unofficial National Anthem
    The lyrics for 'Scotland the Brave' were written in 1951 by the multi-talented Cliff Hanley (he was a journalist, author, songwriter, public speaker and more). Cliff was a Glaswegian (born in Glasgow) and this piece was originally only intended to be sung at a musical performance at Glasgows' Empire Theater.
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    I'm interested in this thread, for many reasons, I've replied, to flag it for myself and others!
    Thank you Garabandal
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    The event's speakers expressed concern about lockdown measures and mask wearing was criticised.

    There were frequent loud cheers from the crowd which included a number of young families.

    Concern about a potential vaccine for Covid-19 was also expressed.

    The event was the latest in a line of protests aimed at coronavirus restrictions and government safety measures.
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    As of Saturday evening, people in 13 ward areas in Llanelli cannot leave town, or mix indoors with anyone outside their own household.
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    That's an Australian website.

    i see nothing criminal or unconstitutional about the behaviour of the Garda and I think it very wrong to tar them all with the one brush because Gemma Doherty has had some kind of unpleasant experience with a few of them or has some kind of beef against the entire force. They have always treated me courteously in any dealings I had with them including the many times I was stopped at checkpoints when the country was locked down.
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    Actually, Gemma really does have it in a bad way for the guards and she does hold onto her grudges a little too much.

    The Freemasons have been on my mind lately and Drew Harris does not seem like a someone who should be in charge of them. I wonder is he really an MI5 agent or is that a Gemma rant?
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    100 days of lockdown

    The coronavirus pandemic led to the most draconian emergency powers in the UK’s history. New police powers, the growth of the surveillance state and big tech censorship online. The erosion of democracy and loss of freedoms is unprecedented. Protecting public health doesn’t require this new authoritarian political order.
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    Tucker Carlson: Totalitarianism doesn't shock us any more

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    Covid Doesn't Panic Me, Totalitarian Responses Do ⎜The Dennis Prager Radio Show

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    Drew Harris is not a name I'm familiar with. Who is he?
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    Dr. Heiko Schöning compares Covid lock-downs to Germany in the 1930s - gets arrested London protests
    26 Sept 2020

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    People could face COVID-19 testing 'every couple of days' by next year - Prof Luke O'Neill

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