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Discussion in 'The mystical and Paranormal' started by Frank Markus, May 2, 2019.

  1. Frank Markus

    Frank Markus Archangels

    Dearest forum members, full of wisdom and zeal,

    May I ask for a few minutes of your time in order to help me and others discern:

    How is the Colombia messengers Enoch viewed on this forum? Is he credible? Do we know anything about him? Have any of his prophecies been fulfilled? Are his teachings rooted in scripture and the magisterium? What is your gut feeling?

    I came across Enoch from Colombia for the first time tonight. My initial intuition is positive, in particular because Enoch was pointed out to me by a friend I trust.

    That said, I take a very conservative stance on prophecy and scrutinise before I follow anything. I have not started discerning Enoch from Colombia and instead, cheeky, I thought I'd pick your brain. Please forgive me.

    May God bless you,

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  2. mb6752

    mb6752 Fiat Voluntas Tua

    I just read a few of the messages and what catches my eye is when a seer says God is waiting to see if man will repent.

    Jesus saw all the sins of man, past present and future in the garden of Gethsemane. This is our Faith. The Trinity knows everything, because they have perfect knowledge and The Trinity is Eternal. Eternal means no time clock, in The Trinity all souls have been born, lived and judged.

    So I turn away when I read God is waiting to see.
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  3. sparrow

    sparrow Exitus ~ Reditus

    I was impressed by the very 'Catholic' info on the site. Couldn't find any reference to who Enoch is or any background although I did not do an exhaustive search.
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  4. SteveD

    SteveD Archangels

  5. My gut feeling is that these messages are not supernatural. They may be the messenger's own thoughts that he may think are supernatural. That is my opinion.
    Have a nice day!
  6. Dolours

    Dolours Powers

    I don't like that website, and I don't believe that Enoch is receiving messages from God.

    In one supposed message, Jesus is quoted as warning against buying a new technology which is aimed at controlling and subjugating humanity. According to "Jesus":

    "The Big Brother's technology is not of this world, it is technology of the underworld, of the fallen angels you call aliens; what they seek with it is to control and enslave humanity."
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  7. Agnes rose

    Agnes rose Archangels

    I am not a fan of that site. I have gone on it before. It didnt sit right for me.
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  8. a soul

    a soul Guest

    I believe in the messages given to Enoch, but I was given the grace of a supernatural sign to believe when I was discerning.

    Also, to address the response that Jesus knows all things because He Is God. Actually, there are things that Jesus does not know. Only the Eternal Father knows the date of the Warning and the Second Coming, among other events of the End Times. I addressed this in a commentary on my blog. When Jesus subjected Himself to the human condition as Philippians indicates, He humbled Himself, even in His human intellect before God the Father and not knowing the outcome of certain events of the Divine Plan and salvation of mankind. That's how He grew in wisdom as a child, as the Bible indicates, and grew in the virtues, being our human example for all things.

    Also, to address the fact that God is waiting to see if mankind repents. This is correct.

    The Great Chastisement of Garabandal is conditional and God Is waiting for mankind to repent. Only the Eternal Father knows whether mankind will repent enough to avert the Chastisement, but Jesus does not know, and He Is God as well. Jesus, in His human condition, is still fulfilling the act of salvation for all mankind and this will continue until the Final Coming when the Divine Plan will finally be concluded in All-Glory. Alas, people do not know how free will and prophecy works, there is so much confusion caused by satan these days. I have addressed these issues as well in commentaries on my blog.

    People need to remember that Love Is Superior to Wisdom in the Eyes of God. Jesus showed us this when He became a Man and subjected His All-Knowing Wisdom to the Father. The Cross was a Triumph of Love, not Wisdom and the intellect. That is why satan did not understand the significance of the Cross until Jesus was lifted upon it. Only then, did satan understand his folly in driving the temple leaders and Romans to crucify Our Lord, and he tried to tempt Jesus from coming down from the Cross before He died. The Resurrection is an Act of Love, which satan in his great intellect could not understand before Jesus was crucified.

    Anyways, the messages to Enoch are true, but I'll leave everyone to their own discernment. God bless!

    (Note, my blog is in my signature. I believe in messengers that are both approved and several that not supported by their local bishops.).
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  9. Frank Markus

    Frank Markus Archangels

    Thank you, I have a feeling that we are coming close as a forum and we know each other. We can discuss with respect and understanding. I will discern.
  10. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    Is Enoch actually the supposed seers name? Or is that some sort of literary affectation?

    I am not a big fan of supposed "seers" who take on names like this. The great seers of the past went by their real names. Bernadette Soubirous, Catherine Laboure, etc. They didn't call themselves "Heaven's little servant" or some such.
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  11. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    If that is one of the messages I would definitely toss them out.
  12. Agnes rose

    Agnes rose Archangels

    I searched and could find no info on him.
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  13. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I think it's always good in discerning messages like this, especially with the internet putting forward so many to take into consideration that probably around 99% of them are false.

    St John of the Cross, A Doctor of the Church and probably the Churches preeminent theologian on the subject is very , very guarded on the subject.

    That is not to say such things could not be true, but as a starting point I think we can take that that they are very unlikely to be true.

    In the first place these messages are anonymous. A very bad sign. There is an old saying, 'Put you money where your mouth is' This supposed seer is not putting his money where his mouth is. He risks nothing by putting forth such messages. No loss of reputation, No criticism. Nothing. He is not putting his money where his mouth is.

    Along with this because he is anoymous we have no way of exercising discernment for himself as a person to answer such questions as:

    Is he a Catholic in good standing?

    Has he a spiritual director?

    Is he leading a good moral life?

    Has he a history of mental pathology?

    Is there a history of drug abuse?

    ..and so on...

    We just don't know. How can we check if he is anonymous?

    As to the messages. Well they bore really. They are a kind of combination of general Catholic Prophesy in a nutshell. Very little or no real spiritual content a..big , big warning sign in itself.

    Also very Fox Newsy..designed to get attention.

    I would chuck these.

    If the guy posting this happens to read this, read also Scripture about False Prophets and their fate.

    Repent and go to confession as soon as your little feet can carry you Never ever do anything like this again.

    Si el tipo que publica esto pasa a leer esto, lea también las Escrituras sobre los falsos profetas y su destino.

    Arrepiéntete y vete a la confesión tan pronto como tus pequeños pies puedan cargarte. Nunca vuelvas a hacer algo así.

    Ezequiel 13: 9

    La reprensión de los falsos profetas
    ... 8 Por lo tanto, esto es lo que el Señor DIOS dice: "Porque has pronunciado palabras vanas y has visto visiones falsas, estoy contra ti", declara el Señor DIOS. 9Mi mano estará contra los profetas que ven visiones falsas y hablan adivinaciones mentirosas. No pertenecerán al consejo de Mi pueblo ni se registrarán en el registro de la casa de Israel, ni entrarán en la tierra de Israel. Entonces sabrás que yo soy el Señor DIOS. 10Porque han extraviado a Mi pueblo, diciendo: "Paz", cuando no hay paz, y blanqueando cualquier pared endeble que se construye ..

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  14. padraig

    padraig New Member

    Sign . These people are a pain. There are millions of them like fleas now on the internet. Swarms and swarms of them; everywhere.

    But if you recall that from the outset in Discernment that the vast majority of them are false , it is a good starting place.

    The late Fr Groeshel had a lot of wisdom on the subject, the US Bishops used to line up to get his discernment:

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  15. Frank Markus

    Frank Markus Archangels

    You are amazing, thank you so very much all of you. I hope opening this thread hast helped the whole forum to discern. I am very grateful.
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  16. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    All excellent points. I agree most people claiming to be visionaries are either frauds, diabolically deceived, or honestly confusing their own thoughts with messages. These messages should go in the burn bin in my opinion.
  17. Xavier

    Xavier "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph."

    I am quite open to Enoch's messages, having read a few of them on this excellent blog:

    When teaching is repeated that is quite lofty and sublime, when hope and encouragement permeates the messages, when solid traditional Church doctrines or spirituality is inculcated in them, I tend to be quite positive on the whole. Just my opinion. Others may disagree. The Lord often gives the gifts of prophecy and other supernatural gifts even to those we think He may not give it to, especially in times when it is necessary to call many people back from walking on a wrong path contrary to God and His Church's Timeless Teaching. The below teaching is solid.

    "March 04, 2019
    Appeal of Jesus of Mercy to His faithful people.
    Message to Enoch.

    I am your happiness, I am your treasure

    “Children of Mine, my Peace be with you and the Light and Wisdom of my Holy Spirit, accompany you always.

    To serve Me is the greatest treasure that every mortal must seek; life, my children, is surrender, love and service, and above all, obedience and trust in God. The greatest happiness is in giving and serving, with love and giving to your brethren. The material does not give happiness, happiness is spiritual, it is a grace of God that only comes to you, when you are united to Him and serve Him through your brethren. Happiness is Love and Service; it fears God, fulfills His Precepts; love and serve your brother and you will find the treasure of Wisdom and Happiness.

    My children, the begin of Wisdom is the fear of God; to fear God is to fulfill His Precepts and to do His Will. The life of man is a constant search for Wisdom and Happiness; many think that money and material things give these graces to them and their whole life is dedicated to achieving this goal, without being able to reach it; many are caught by surprise by old age and sickness, while looking for this treasure and all they have accumulated in their life they see it gone for an unforeseen calamity or a prolonged illness. I have seen many kings under the sun, sad and in bitterness, even though they owned many riches; I have also seen the poor who has little to eat and to live with, but he is with God and trusts in Him; he shares the little he has with his brother and in spite of his poverty, I have seen him cheerful and smiling.

    What contrasts there are in life, there are those who have everything and live in sadness, they do not enjoy what they have; there are others lacking of everything, but they trust in God and serve Him and are cheerful. Happiness is not given by material wealth, happiness is found in the fear of God, in the love and service to your brethren; happiness is to do God’s Will. I am your happiness, I am your treasure, the one who finds me, will find the Joy of Eternal Life. Your treasure that I am, is inside you, to find Me you must love and serve, and above all fulfill my Precepts and do my Will. Love, service to your brothers and fear of God are the keys that open the door of Happiness and of Wisdom.

    My children, life is service, it is dedication, without receiving anything in return; what you receive in this world for your service will be your pay; more for what you do to your brother most in need, without receiving anything in return, that will be the best pay; for in eternity you will be rewarded with the payment of the Eternal Life. I served all with love, but especially the most in need ones, because your pay you will receive it from God, tomorrow when you arrive in eternity. God will give you in this world happiness and joy, for every soul in need and poor that you will care for. Strive therefore, my children, to love, to serve and to fear God, so that tomorrow you may receive your treasure in eternity. Do not forget that I am inside you, look for Me, I am Infinite Mercy, I am Love, I am your greatest treasure.

    Your treasure, Jesus of the Infinite Mercy

    Let my messages be known my children, in all the ends of the Earth.”
  18. padraig

    padraig New Member

    I suspect that messages put out over the internet should be anchored to a source . I mean as in a particular visions or visions that are happening in the real world, so to speak.

    So if , say , when St Bernadette saw Our Lady at Lourdes and there had been an internet it would have been fine for her to relay the messages and reports events online. In that case it would be anchored in the real world.

    But say St Bernadette had not seen Our Lady and was only relaying thoughts from her own prayer as messages; then I think it would be problematical as then there would be a divorce from real events. This would be made even more problematical if St Bernadette did this anonymously. Then that would be a double problem.

    I think to get messages, or to think you get messages from God in prayer and them to rush to post them on the internet..well.. it's not a wise thing to do.

    Btter not.
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  19. AED

    AED Powers

    We have to be extremely careful of messages in general.
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  20. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    I’m extremely careful of anybody who knows what Jesus knows or is supposed to have known.
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