Churches closed again!

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Shae, Nov 20, 2020.

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    We have had something similar.
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    The online Mass that I watched this morning was from a parish in England. Churches remain open for Mass there. The priest read a statement from their Bishop which had been issued in response to complaints about churches remaining open. Hard to believe that a British Tory government is more appreciative of people's spiritual needs than our politicians who in the not too distant past would vie with each other to show the public what devout Catholics they were.

    Here's the Westminster Bishop's statement:
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    Question..can we watch and participate in a Mass that is not live, but recorded earlier un the day? Sometimes I watch it live and other times through YouTube later. And I've been wondering if we are permitted and getting the same benefit especially spiritual communion.
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    That has crossed my mind too. I had assumed that we needed to watch the live Mass. Throughout the pandemic, there has been an arrangement here for Sunday Mass to be broadcast on the State owned TV channel. The TV crew goes to some parish and broadcasts that Mass. One Sunday morning I watched online the Mass that was to be broadcast on the TV. The TV broadcast happened some time later - maybe 30 minutes or an hour after the Mass was over. So, evidently our Bishops believe that the graces are the same from a recorded Mass.
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    We participate in every Holy Mass offered anywhere at any time as we Christians receive abundant graces from each and every Holy Mass offered. When Christs death and ressurrection is repeated at the consecration, its not just the people there present whom receive the bounteous grace
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    Yes, every Mass benefits the whole world. I think the question being asked was whether whatever the extra graces we receive from participating in a recorded Mass are equivalent to the graces we would have received had our online participation happened during the live broadcast of the same Mass.
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    Yes? Exactly. Hopefully someone knows.. maybe if there is a priest on the forum..
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    Here in DC for years we have had Sunday Mass for Shut-ins as a recorded broadcast every Sunday. When the pandemic began, we watched it every Sunday, pre-recorded. There was a copy of the Act of Spiritual Communion on the screen at Communion time.
    One Sunday, our Archbishop celebrated the recorded Mass in the Crypt Church of the National Shrine.
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    Join yourself to whatever mass you have access too. Somewhere in the world a mass is always being said. You will be in union with God somewhere in the world. My opinion anyhow....
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    Bishops’ acquiescence makes restrictions on worship possible
    By Phil Lawler ( bio - articles - email ) | Jan 12, 2021

    The US Supreme Court has issued a very clear ruling that government officials cannot impose special restrictions on religious worship under Covid-emergency rules. If churches are subject to restrictions, the same restrictions must apply to other institutions; otherwise the rules are prima facie indications of discrimination against religion, which is forbidden by the First Amendment. This ruling, the Supreme Court has also clarified, must be applied by all federal courts.

    So why did a federal court in Massachusetts reject a Catholic layman’s legal challenge to restrictions on worship? The court ruling explained: “There is no evidence, however, that the Archdiocese [of Boston] instituted its protocols only because of Governor Baker’s orders.” On the contrary: in Boston and in many other places, bishops have made a special point of saying that they are releasing special rules for their churches on their own authority, not because of the governor’s orders.

    (And it’s just a coincidence, we are asked to believe, that the bishop’s orders happen to match up neatly with the particulars of the governor’s emergency regulations.)

    A governor’s restrictions on churches can be appealed in a court of law. A bishop’s orders cannot. So when the bishop issues orders to his priests that match the governor’s restrictions, he thereby insulates the governor from legal challenge—from the sort of legal challenge for which the Supreme Court has already shown its sympathy.

    So if you believe that the emergency restrictions in place where you live constitute a violation of your right to worship freely, don’t be too quick to blame the civil authorities. The blame might lie with your bishop.

    (underlined emphasis is mine - SgC)

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    This is exactly why I advise to watch the prelates. There are some faithful and devoted prelates who want to keep the right to worship freely and who follow the Traditional Magisterium.
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    Bishop Schneider: Holy See Is Collaborating With Heresy

    Bishop Athanasius Schneider encourages faithful who do not grab Holy Communion with their hand when bishops "forbid" them to receive it [on the tongue].

    Answering to (December 14, video below - go to the link to watch the video), Schneider explained that in ancient times and during persecution the faithful received Communion very rarely, only a couple of times a year.

    He argues that it is undignified when priests wear masks during the liturgy, especially while distributing Communion, “We cannot make a kind of masquerade out of the liturgy.”

    Schneider has no doubts that the faithful may "of course" fulfil their Sunday obligation at the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). He calls the SSPX's canonical status “difficult” due to the Church's “unprecedented” crises since Vatican II.

    Bishops who spread heresies do not automatically lose their office, Schneider says. However, the faithful should write to the pope about such bishops because "the pope must intervene", "provide the purity of the Faith," and "remove a heretical bishop quickly." If the Pope doesn't intervene, then "a kind of implicit collaboration with heresy" is "evident." (However, it's a fact that for decades, the Popes only punished orthodox bishops, leaving heretical bishops unharmed.)

    Until the current crisis is over, the Catholic faith will be transmitted mostly by faithful lay Catholics, Schneider believes. Afterwards, he hopes, the Holy See will again assume its duty to protect the faithful from the wolves.

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    I’m not a video visual learner. Can you tell me which Popes for decades only punished orthodox bishops? Recently? Before Pope Francis? Which orthodox bishops? This sounds like a sweeping generalization which needs to be based in fact. I do agree that there are heretical bishops galore now. But even that statement is a sweeping generalization. I think we need to avoid that and discuss one issue and one example at a time.
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    Well in Germany for instance. I would guess the vast majority of the Bishops there are out and out heretics. A Faithful Catholic Bishop there would be very,very exceptional indeed.
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    I would suggest that any Bishop that closed his Churches and stopped the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is highly problematical.

    Very, very few Bishops did not do this.
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    That statement in brackets is a comment by gloriatv, in response to these words of Bp Schneider’s:
    You could write to gloriatv to ask who the orthodox bishops are that they refer to.
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    I like the second comment after the article.
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    To me even stopping the use of Holy Water in a Church is a very, very bad sign.

    It may seem like a small thing but to me it is a very,very bad Sign.

    Also a priest or Bishop who wears a mask during Mass is a dreadful Sign.

    To me it would be as if one of my dogs turned right round and growled at me.

    It exhibits the most profound lack of Faith.
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    Which one?


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