Christopher's Wedding.

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    "JPII told the seminarians that day that the servant should not be applauded in the masters house"
    But surely that does mean then that you don't applaud the priest, or anybody else, in Church?

    Btw in case people don't know we are not talking about anything once off here, every mass, wedding or funeral the priest does we get a song of his from the altar and huge applause etc. I think inevitably a concert style atmosphere developes in turn and priests feel the need to be like MCs and crack jokes at just the right points etc and I think anyway that a prayerful and reverent atmosphere - as I was saying above - goes out the window?
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    Yes and like I'm not trying to knock people but I think there is an overall point here about the way the Irish Church has gone and the question of attracting people back to mass etc:

    I think, and I know I'm being a little optimistic here, but I actually think that the reason why the Irish stuck to the Catholic Church over the years was because they could actually sense something spiritual in it, it's like your soul, very gently and almost imperceptibly, is attracted to a true mass and the body can feel it ever so slightly.

    But for that affect to take root a quiet and respectful and contemplative atmosphere is needed I think, partly for people to have the space to feel this effect, and partly maybe because in this reverential and respectful attitude towards God the saints and angels can come out in force at these masses and increase the effect?

    In the opposite type of mass, especially in renovated churches where the old relics and statues of the saints and Mary have been discarded (luckily not true of this Church), you wonder if they are really there in force and you find that you are distracted anyway from this atmosphere by that type of modern music?

    In contrast then to the above mass I would give this one as an example of what I mean, which was a wedding in the traditional/extraordinary rite in Cobh in Cork:
    That mass is no big deal but you feel a sense of humbleness and respectfulness coming from the couple, the priest, and the whole congregation which is curiously attractive and makes you fell a little like I described above?

    Anyway, for what it's worth, I think for these reasons that the Fr Trendy and koombaya-isation of the Irish Church is not going to bring people back to the masses at all in the long run, unfortunately I think it will go quite the opposite way.
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    :eek::DWeill I agree up to a point.

    But the Mass is a very.very big deal
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    I knew you were going to say that, true enough!

    Well himself was on the Late Late Show anyway and the video has now had some 11 million hits and counting...
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    I suspect it is better to be unknown and to live in obscurity like the Holy Family and that this is true for everyone but especially priests and Religious.

    I always thought it must be so strange and trying for Padre Pio to overlook the monastery as San Giovanni Rotundo and see peddlars hawking pictures and statues of himself whilst he was still alive. But since he was always carrying the Cross it did him no harm.

    Others however it does do harm too, look at the huge list of suicides down the years in Hollywood for instance.


    ...and that poor singing nun Jeannine Deckers, who killed herself in bad circumstances, rest in peace.

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    I am conscious that Christopher is a son of a forum member and I want to congratulate them on this beautiful catholic wedding. The priest sang a song he had composed for the couple at the end of the Mass and it caused a moment of spontaneous joy. I have experienced these moments at the end of marriage ceremonies in church when the happy couple are filled with joy and it communicates to everyone present. It is usually triggered by a song or music and it is all good. God is not a killjoy and this priest is not given to singing unexpectedly at the end of every Mass he celebrates.
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    "... he is well known throughout the parish for his songs at wedding's, funerals, and while performing mass on Sunday if the mood strikes."
    ( )

    Anyway he can certainly sing but I feel that performers of anything like that in the long run often wait for and are buoyed up by the applause and I just think that's the wrong atmosphere at a mass.

    You know rumour has it in the Diocese of Meath that when the bishop came out against modern music at funerals there a while ago that it was because he had just attended a funeral in that parish!
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    :DBishops can be moody.
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    Like the rest of us.;)
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    I think he sung the song at the end of the nuptial Mass. He has a great voice which he sees as a gift to be used in service of others and has released albums for charity.

    The video has gone viral so there is something attracting people to it.
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    Be true to your heart, Solaire!

    Safe in the Flames of the Sacred Heart!
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    :) No one need ever worry about me singing anyway, the Church would burn down. I am quite dreadful. My one claim to fame is singing the Salve Regina at evening in the monastery, God help them they must have been desperate. :ROFLMAO:

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    Wednesday, April 23, 2014
    Bornacatholic at 4:28 AM

    The Singing Priest Strikes Again

    Just when you thought it was safe to go back to Mass in Ireland, Fr. Ray Kelly, without warning, and certainly without being invited to do so, strikes again: (listen to the first15 secs then fast forward to the 3:50 mark to see the clowns clapping).

    We at the Society of Saint Christopher Standing would never stand for this crummy crooning by this or any other Cleric and as Founder and Chairman of SSCS, I am sure that were the elderly clowns shown clapping at Mass to have caused such a similar ruckus when they were young that their Da's would have taken a Shillelagh to their kidneys (What has happened to Christians and their sense of the sacred?) and as for the nearly world-wide approval of this He-must-decrease-I-must-increase-look-at-me-ism, well, all of it is to be denounced and confronted.
    So, let's get right to it. We denounce it and we now confront it:
    If it is ok for this crooning cleric to bust-out with a song during the Sacrament of Marriage, who then could complain if the crooning cleric began belting-out this during a penitent's Sacrament of Confession ? Or who then could complain if this cleric burst into song upon arriving at a hospital emergency room having been beckoned by a Father who called him to administer the Sacrament of Extreme Unction to his young daughter who had just been forced to drink Ipecac following an overdose of prescription medication ?
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  15. Geez, no one better call me uncharitable after that scathing about twisted underwear!!
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    :)I thought it sound. Nothing uncharitable. No nickers twisted.... View attachment 1894
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    Singing Priest Father Ray Kelly Offered Record Deals With Sony And Universal
    Singing Priest Record Label Universal Singing Priest Record Deal Father Ray Kelly Singing Priest Ray Kelly Irish Singing Priest Singing Priest Sony

    Father Ray Kelly shot to Internet stardom when a video of him singing a personalized version of Leonard Cohen's 'Halleluljah' at a wedding went viral. 34 million views later, he may be on his way to pop stardom too, as he's been approached by two major music labels for a record deal.

    The Irish Times reported that Kelly has been offered two separate record deals with Sony and Universal, and is currently negotiating with both labels.

    “It looks like it is going to happen (the record deal). Ninety per cent of people don’t get a break and now, at this stage of my life, it is happening for me. Dreams do come true," he said, according to the Times.

    Though the video was of Chris and Leah O'Kane's wedding ceremony, Kelly turned out to be the breakout star of their special day. Unfortunately, the clip was pulled from YouTube after Sony filed a copyright claim on the use of Leonard Cohen's music.

    "I knew I could sing – and that I had a voice – but I never thought I'd be in this league. As a young lad I always dreamed about hitting the big time. But not many people get there," he told the Irish Independent.

    Will Kelly's quick rise to fame leave his parishioners in the lurch?

    "I'd like to launch an international career – but I still want to be a priest,'' he said to the Independent.
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    So the seminarians always praised God in this way but the Pope just happened to be there on this occasion?
    Glad to hear it, if I heard right??
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    Fr Kelly said..."I'd like to launch an international career – but I still want to be a priest,'' he said to the Independent.

    Fr kelly still 'WANTS' to be a priest. Thats refreshing, I didnt realise there was an option.

    I suppose many Catholics think this priest singing and recording Rock songs is a great way to Evangelise? after the Sister Cristine shambles.
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    I just tried to watch the video and Sony has had it removed due to a copy write issue.

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