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Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by Dolours, Dec 19, 2020.

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    I pray he holds fast. It will be a great act of courage.
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    Well, parishes near us are all booked for Christmas eve and Christmas day there are some available spots but they require you to book in advance, and they specifically require full names of all parishioners attending and check in which is something they have never required in the past.

    I'll be at home with my family. We will pray.
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    Thanks be to God and the Dominicans, I have been to the first Mass of Christmas. It was beautiful. Any part that could be sung was sung, mostly in Latin. And after Mass a lady in the congregation sang O Holy Night near the crib. She had a beautiful voice. You all were included in my intentions, with a special mention for those of you who will be restricted to Mass online or on the TV this Christmas.
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    Thank you, Dolours. I met a Chaplain there now heading for the Cardiac IntensiveCare unit. Please say a prayer for the poor person whoever it is. Please.
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    Thank you, Dolours and God bless you and your family. Padraig, saying prayers.
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    Love Dolours. I'm so happy for you. Thank you for remembering us.
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    That's sad. I have offered a few prayers for that poor person.
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    So we were blessed enough to be able to go to Mass yesterday morning with advanced reservations and they even allowed us to sit with my children and grandchdren, which apparently they can't do unless you are of the same household! But I must say that I was so disappointed in those who didn't show up for their reserved seats. We did have snow Christmas Eve about 15 cm. but those seats could have been filled by many others who would have wanted to come to Mass. I prayed and offered the Eucharist for all people who would have wanted to attend Mass but could not because of the lockdown. Its now province wide here and who knows now when the Churches will reopen. Last time it was from March to July. May God have mercy on us.
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    I feel your sadness.
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