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    Gallagher's October 29 message warned of terrible things happening in "the Americas" because people did not support Christina Gallagher's "House of Prayer" in Ohio:

    "Woe unto the people of the Americas: there were none of you who desired to help in My Mother’s Houses that were given for your protection. You were too busy living lives of the world and in sin. Many of those who did come, came only to partake of its goods, to steal – with no thought or interest to live My call and that of My Mother.

    (Jesus then referred in stark terms to the wrongdoing against His Mother’s House in Ohio ….) … and there were only four people who worked in my Mother’s Houses in the Americas who were genuine.

    The world will endure unbearable suffering because of its lack of response.
    People, if only you had listened and responded, it would be so very different.

    He who had an authority over this Mission used his voice and pen to bring its fruitfulness for souls to an end. Woe unto him who is united in the darkness of such evil..."

    What terrible thing happened within one week?
    (If you are referring to the US election outcome, Gallagher would be "right" either way, since upset and potential violence was in the cards whoever won.)
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    Death by chocolate would be more like it for me this Christmas. Sigh.
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    Christ often criticized the religious leaders of His days, calling them blind guides and pointing out how great sinners would go to heaven before them. Now the Jewish priests had true God-given authority. These things do not by themselves prove that Jesus was a false prophet.
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    This is the rear view of a property once occupied by Christina Gallagher and some of her family which is situated in the most exclusive and expensive area of Dublin. The press were constantly on the doorstep taking photo's of her comings and goings and commenting on the luxurious surroundings that she enjoyed along with accounts of court cases brought by concerned children of elderly people who had donated substantial sums to the erection and maintenance of her 'houses of prayer' when she suddenly 'disappeared' from the property. She initiated several libel cases against various Irish press outlets but none succeeded and there were clearly no 'out of court' settlements as the press interest and stories did not cease until her
    departure from this property for an unknown destination.

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    A picture is worth a thousand words.
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    There are lots of Irish press stories available through Google about CG and her luxurious properties, lavish lifestyle and court cases by those claiming 'refunds' of donations on their own or parents' behalf. There used to be many, many more but this is now 'old news' since she went to ground about 10 years ago when it became clear that living openly in such style was causing concern and doubts among her 'faithful' and it ceased.

    I am no fan of the secular press but they would obviously be unwise to repeatedly accuse someone, over several years, of something if they haven't got pretty solid facts to rely on otherwise they invite successful and ruinous libel cases. CG hasn't successfully sued any of the several Irish papers for loudly and repeatedly expressing curiosity at how she was able to afford such a lifestyle and where the funds were coming from.
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    The above house pictured where CG stayed in for awhile, did not belong to her. None of the Houses of prayer belong to her. Be careful of what you read in the tabloids.
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    I'm not Irish, so I can't tell what is a reputable source and what is not. An Irish newspaper, the Mayo News, reported in August 2008:

    THE CONTROVERSIAL visionary Christina Gallagher and the House of Prayer she operates in Achill has reportedly paid out nearly €250,000 in out-of-court settlements to its former followers.

    Earlier this year, it emerged that Christina Gallagher, who has no formal income, was living in a €4 million mansion in Malahide in Dublin, has a €1 million house in her name in Newport and two years ago bought her daughter a house worth €1 million in Ballina. The emergence of her lavish lifestyle annoyed former followers who donated thousands of euro to the House of Prayer, and some decided to take legal action to reclaim their money.

    One of her former followers, Mike McCrory, told The Mayo News at the time of the revelations that more and more of her followers had become disillusioned with her following the stories of her wealth.

    Also, there was a book published on Gallagher's story, "Immaculate Deception: The Shocking True Story Behind Christina Gallagher's House of Prayer," by Jim Gallagher, published in January 2009, which allegedly details a wealthy lifestyle.
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    The ownership of the multi-million euro house in Malahide was never a secret (legally it could not be). Ownership was in the name of a close associate of CG's in the US. As it happened he became disillusioned with CG while he was still the nominated owner. It was sold shortly after this split occurred and the beneficiary of the substantial funds arising from the sale is apparently something of a mystery. It is known that she moved to a similarly spacious and luxurious property in the UK (not far from where I live) though the Irish press got wind of this and she is no longer there.
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    Don't believe everything you read on Google. It's also "fake news" many times. I'm sorry, but I know too many people who have met Christina and do not believe her to be a fake. One was a very close nun friend of mine from Ireland who knew her personally and another was one who opened the House of Prayer in Florida. I myself have had a mystical experience when I first came into the Catholic Church which was incredibly confirmed by Christina's first book. Most true prophets have been and are now very persecuted - in fact, I would worry more about the ones who are not persecuted. Just my thoughts, and you are certainly free to disagree.

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