Christianity's Astonishing, Incredible (!!!) Success Story in Africa!!!

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    Xavier "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph."

    At the beginning of the last century, in 1900, there were scarcely 10 million Christians in Africa. Many good missionaries may have thought Africa would never come to Jesus Christ. But it is not all doom-and-gloom, there is Good News! Jesus Christ Our King is Triumphing in Africa! There are now 685 MILLION Christians in Africa (!!!) more than in any other Continent. Roughly half of those Christians are Catholic Christians, and perhaps about 5-10% of Catholics in Africa are Traditional Catholics. Cardinal Sarah, a doctrinal and liturgical traditionalist, is from the African Church. So is Cardinal Arinze, a friend of Tradition. The African Bishops are generally very conservative on morals also. Archbishop Lefebvre, French Catholic Missionary to Africa - who had a great heart of the African people, God rest his soul - must be smiling down from Heaven at all this! Let us Christians rejoice in this Good News, and let us pray that even Material Prosperity may also shine upon the African Church which, after all, is a good thing, provided one is seeking the Kingdom first.

    God is doing amazing, great, unheard of, unthinkable things in the Universal Church in our times. May the Precious Blood of Jesus save the precious African people. In Our Lord Jesus' Name. Amen. Thoughts?

    Pentecostal Christian Evangelist Daniel Kolenda, who has called for a "Decade of Double Harvest" in 2021-2030, when he plans to reach 150 million souls for Jesus Christ (CFAN, the organization founded by Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke, whom Daniel Kolenda succeeded to, has already reached about 80 million souls for Jesus, most of them in Africa, in about 30-40 years), says that these are not days of doom-and-gloom as some think. These are some of the GREATEST DAYS in the SALVATION HISTORY of the Church.

    Reinhard Bonnke had a Vision of the Precious Blood of Jesus saying "Africa shall be saved" at a time when almost everyone thought Africa could never be saved. But later on life, after his great Evangelistic Success, he no longer said "Africa SHALL be Saved", but rather "Africa IS BEING Saved." This great and holy man of God, may God rest his soul, reposed recently. He has been called "A Giant and General in the Army of God" and "The Billy Graham of the African Church". He was a German Evangelist. May God raise up Great Evangelists like him in all Christendom, including Catholic Christendom.

    Many of these conversions are also surely due to the Precious Blood Devotion Our Lord Jesus taught Barnabas Nwoye in Africa, and which He said was one of the Most Powerful Devotions He had ever given to His Church. God has a Great Heart for All People! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Here is the Devotion, and then the incredible statistics down below:

    Prepare to be amazed! God Bless Africa!

    Wikipedia: "Christianity is now one of the two most widely practiced religions in Africa.[42] There has been tremendous growth in the number of Christians in Africa - coupled by a relative decline in adherence to traditional African religions. Only nine million Christians were in Africa in 1900, but by the year 2000, there were an estimated 380 million Christians ...

    According to a 2018 study by the Gordon–Conwell Theological Seminary, more Christians live in Africa than any other continent, with 631 million Christians.[7] The study also states that Latin America has the second-highest number of Christians at 601 million Christians, while Europe has the third-highest with 571 million Christians.[8]

    According to updated data for 2021, there are now nearly 685 million Christians in Africa, with 760 million expected by 2025.[9] This surpasses earlier estimates of 630 million to 700 million for 2025: "By 2025, that number is expected to nearly double, to somewhere between 630 and 700 million believers."
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  2. Deo Gratias...
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    It seems Our Lord’s words are coming to pass.

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    In my diocese, we have become a destination for priests from Africa to give them pastoral experience. I love the faith and passion of these priests!
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    Me too. Eve
    Me too.. Everyone i have had the privilege to meet is joyful and spirit filled.
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    Yes. Three in my parish in the past year. :)
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