Christ the King Novena – November 16 – 24

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    Christ the King Novena – November 16 – 24

    Jesus, You declared that Your Kingdom is upon the earth, but not of the earth; it is a spiritual, supernatural Kingdom, the Kingdom of truth. It fights with the power of conviction, and conquers by this means the hearts that by right belong to it. You Yourself are witness to this truth, and You Yourself are the Truth.

    Jesus, I believe that You are truly a King because You have come into the world to institute among people the rule of God; every person who is of the truth, who believes in God and recognizes His authority in human affairs, owes You a loyal and undivided allegiance and hears “Your voice.”

    As a Catholic I am a member of Your Kingdom, and You are my King. To You I owe loyalty, obedience, and love. Help me to carry out these most sacred duties toward You. I wish to be “of the Truth.” That is, “a child of God,” and gladly to her You voice and follow You in all things. I accept You as my King and submit to Your authority.

    Reign supremely in my heart and in my life. Your reign is heavenly peace; Your law is love. Help me to pray and work that Your Kingdom may come into every soul, every family, and every nation.

    Jesus, since I honor You as my King, I come to You with great confidence, asking You to grant this special favor, if it be Your holy Will: (mention your request).

    Lord Jesus Christ, my King, I adore You as the Son of God, and through the prayers of Your most loving Mother I beg of You, send me from out of the abundance of Your loving Heart the grace of the Holy Spirit in order that He may enlighten my ignorance, purity, and sanctify my sinful heart, and confirm me in Your holy love. This I request through the love of the Father and the Holy Spirit, through Your infinite mercy, and through the merits of all Your Saints. Amen.

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