China's AI goals

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    Guess their one child only policy wasn't enough.

    China’s Dystopian AI Development Incorporates Population Control

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    China’s Dystopian AI Development Incorporates Population Control

    Anyone who thinks that AI learns by itself and is ethically neutral has bought the Technocrat lie. AI is just a computer algorithm programmed by humans to do what humans want it to do. Biases cannot be excluded. China’s AI seeks to reduce global population and is being exported to other countries.

    As a Technocracy, China is bent on perfecting the “science of social engineering” so that all of society can be monitored and controlled to suit Technocrat goals. One big goal is to reduce global population in order to consume less resources. ⁃ TN Editor

    Since its conception, people have worried that an artificial intelligence would turn against humanity and threaten our lives. While this may be a result to be feared several years in the future, right now the more pressing danger is AI used to oppress millions of people and facilitate the threat of a controlling regime.

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