China, Russia, And Covid-19

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    China, Russia, And Covid-19


    It was a bit curious, how last week China sent an aircraft carrier past disputed Taiwan while the U.S. grappled with the coronavirus. Also, reports that while the world, and particularly the U.S., was distracted, China carried out a small but prohibited nuclear test. What’s wrong with this scenario? Is there any reason for concern?

    By all odds, if we believe government and academic calculations, and if the U.S. outbreak mimics the graph lines of other countries, the spread of coronavirus will calm down in a month or two and normalcy will begin to return. It will stand as an historic “jolt,” but no “apocalypse.” The economy may remain mired in a recession. But we’ll climb out of it.

    At this point, we still don’t know which outbreak will prove to be the greatest: the Covid-19 virus pandemic (which is not to be trifled with) or the pandemic of panic — fear.

    But what if the very worst scenarios played out, and coronavirus or some other future pathogen was unleashed upon North America with the same virulence as the 1918 flu pandemic or medieval plague (which killed at least a quarter of those living in Europe and Asia), with not just one but wave after wave of epidemic over the course of several years?

    That would be an entirely new circumstance, and could lead, as could many other disasters, to the breakdown of our infrastructure and government, if enough officials died or took ill, if it became impossible to operate due to technological failure, or if the military were depleted of personnel.

    If all that occurred — and it is anything but out of the realm of possibility — one could see the plausibility of certain supposed prophecies that have been stubbornly persistent through the past several decades, prophecies that foresee Russia and/or China invading or otherwise assuming control of the United States.

    It seemed like far-out fantasy, before the coronavirus starkly demonstrated how quickly society can be disabled, if not dismantled. And — with famous men such as Prince Charles and U.K. leader Boris Johnson testing positive for SARS-coV-2 (the virus that causes Covid-19) — it is not unthinkable that a greater pandemic could take out ruling bodies and allow even for a full-scale incursion or invasion.

    [​IMG]One of those who prophesied such was James Wilbur Chauncey, a retired Georgia businessman. It was way back in 1946, says Chauncey — now in his eighties — that he “died” of bacterial spinal meningitis (Meninococcal) — his vital signs disappearing to such an extent that a doctor told the nurses to prepare his body for the morgue and cremation (to prevent spread of the highly contagious and, back then, almost always deadly germ).

    It was during a period of about two hours that Chauncey believes he was taken by Jesus and angels to various parts of eternity, where, among other things, he was shown the future of the U.S.

    It was not a pretty picture.

    “We went to the edge of paradise, like a cliff, and you could see the blue earth hanging there and when you wanted you could just zoom in on various places on earth,” claims this man who worked as a cost engineer for NASA, Disney, and the federal laboratories in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

    “I could smell smoke and heard booming noises and it was like I was seeing over the Northeast toward Europe and I could see these armies moving from Russia over Syria and continuing southwest and southeast, bypassing Israel. They conquered all of Africa and Asia except for China, then they started across the rest of Europe and across to England. The English fought very hard. After England was decimated I saw missiles lobbed from boats at New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, and Atlanta and some other place but at this point they weren’t nuclear. That was followed by a landing of troops and I looked toward the other side of America when I heard some huge blasts and I looked toward Mexico and New Mexico. There were troops coming from Mexico and South America and they were Islamic. I kept getting that Russia has a pact with the Islamic countries. Chauncey, a retired businessman and engineer, and author of Eyewitness To Heaven, told us, “What’s going on with Russia and China is pretty much right on track,” he told us years ago.

    [​IMG]Ned Dougherty, a former nightclub owner in the Hamptons, and another who had a near-death precognition (his on July 2, 1984), says he was shown the greatest threat — at least for our pondering — would supposedly come from China and a “two hundred million army” (see Revelation 9:16; [as depicted above in the London Star]). “The Lady of Light specifically told me, ‘Pray for the conversion of China,’” claimed Dougherty, for discernment. “‘The conversion of China to God is necessary for the salvation of the world.’”

    Ironic it would be if a virus out of China eventually was the “invader” that brought the U.S. down. Or at least paved the way for actual Chinese hegemony.

    It is an unlikely situation, right now. But what has occurred with the corona virus — the utter speed of breakdown — gives us pause. So does the way China is eyeing various regions around the world, especially Africa and even implanting itself in a major role in Italy, with tens of thousands of its people working there (which is why that nation has been so afflicted by Covid-19) and hundreds of Chinese companies in Africa. Maria Esperanza always said the day would come when the “yellow races rise up.”

    As was written in Fear of Fire (2013), about potential futureepidemics, “A disease like swine flu, bird influenza, hemorrhagic viruses (such as ebola), or most likely something entirely new and reconfigured would cause panic and the same kind of decimation as an instant cataclysm. The need for order—in the wake of that breakdown (which might kill leaders, destroy the communication grid, and totally disrupt the transportation of goods, particularly food and gasoline)—would be paramount.”

    With 1.4 billion people, China is not to be taken lightly, nor is Russia, which as everyone now knows, has tried to meddle with our very elections.

    Except with God, no one and no nation is secure from what seemed just months ago to be outlandish scenarios for the future.

    [resources: Fear of Fire] and Chauncey’s book, Eyewitness To Heaven]
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    According to the latest statistic I looked at today, the death toll in the world was 169,986 out of a total of 2,472,259 infected, which would give a total of 6.88% deaths out of the total infected. Frankly, this seemed to show a high mortality in a number of days, and if that percentage is kept practically constant over the next few days then does it mean that the mortality rate is higher than 6%?
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    Honestly, I’m not a numbers person. I posted this article from Spirit Daily because it suggests a possible scenario that given the nature of this viruses, and the complicated issues surrounding it, we need to be aware that our nations security is at high risk for a world conflict because of this virus. The US and other nations could be put us at risk . This could put our adversaries at a advantage to attack us while we are vulnerable. Certainly, this is only a possibility, but we should be vigilant and concerned. We’d be foolish to not be on guard....our enemies are powerful and thirsty to command world dominance.
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    I understand, but today the rate I mentioned is 6.86%, which seems to be higher than the average mortality that is usually reported, which makes me think about the real seriousness of what is happening, I always imagined that if it happens if a natural catastrophe in America like the feared earthquake in California America's enemies could take advantage and start some kind of war, but I never imagined it would be an epidemic to do that, now I think that's possible,
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    Don’t confuse mortality rates based on testing. This is hugely flawed and misleading. The mortality rate needs to be based on the best estimate of the total number that contracted covid19 vs the death number. One recent antibody test in California found the actual number of people that had it was 50 to 85 times higher than those tested. The real number estimates I have read put it around 0.1%. Similar to flu, which if quoted the same way as you mention would be 10% mortality, clearly no one has been overly concerned about flu except the compromised or elderly which realistically I believe should be same for this.

    don’t forget we don’t know how many people are dying of multiple viruses at once. 35000 in USA died of flu last season, surely many of these people near end of life catching flu or pneumonia and likely dying may also catch covid19 at the same time. They only get put in the Covid19 death list. Italy flu deaths these past 5 seasons has been high also.

    I’m not downplaying it but let’s keep it in perspective.
  6. Chiara

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    Pope Francis reportedly planing trip to China's Wuhan
    Vatican reaching out as China draws criticism over failing to prevent pandemic: Italian newspaper

    By Ching-Tse Cheng, Taiwan News, Staff Writer
    2020/04/21 12:08

    TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Italian newspaper La Verità recently revealed that Vatican City is secretly planning a trip for Pope Francis to visit the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak is believed to have originated.

    In an article titled "Vatican projects to rehabilitate Xi Jinping: the Pope's trip to Wuhan," La Verità pointed out that Pope Francis is considering visiting several cities in China to send a message of hope to the global community. It said the Pope plans to make his first stop in Wuhan and will visit other cities, such as Beijing, after that.

    The report stressed that Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican's secretary of state, is currently in charge of planning the trip, which is more than likely driven by political motivations. The author suspects that the Vatican has purposefully scheduled the visit at a time when countries worldwide are blaming China for the coronavirus pandemic, in order to win trust from the Chinese government.

    According to the report, Parolin has been trying to arrange the matter through the pro-China Italian government, and Secretary-General of the Quirinale Ugo Zampetti has been seen visiting Vatican City many times over the last few weeks.

    However, the author said Pope Francis' visit would also show that the Chinese government has been unsuccessful in its attempts to come clean about the pandemic and that it has now been forced to invite the Catholic leader to a country without religious freedom, according to CNA.
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    my thoughts as well ...
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    I noted in a previous post that doctors were instructed to cite the C virus to any related deaths in hospitals because they were being reimbursed three times as much for the C virus as opposed to other deaths. This incentive to fudge the cause of death, especially in the elderly already compromised, that may have only presented symptoms as opposed to actually having the C virus, would be a natural candidate to list it as a cause of death. They aren’t necessarily doing any autopsies to verify their cause of death, so oblivious this is reasonable rational to believe that this may be going happening on a much larger scale than we’ll ever know. Yes folks, greed is a incentive to lie.
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    I am inclined to believe that a Papal visit will not restore trust in the Chinese government. I honestly think that ship has sailed.
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    absurd if he is using the trip to promote the popularity of the Chinese government.
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    I think we will know the true mortality of the virus when it passes, but in any case it is noticeable that it manages to overload medical care and the demand for funerals in some countries that pass, in relation to the fact that it overloads the health system of countries that It could be due to the panic of people who seek care even if they are in the slightest form, but in relation to the overload of the funerary system that occurred in Italy, Spain, Ecuador and in the state of New York, I cannot find a plausible explanation.
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