Children attacked - ongoing danger

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    A report out of California of two children physically attacked by a drug-addled man*, in a Target store. One boy punched in the face with all the perpetrator's might. :cry:

    A "drag queen" in Austin, Texas who visited an elementary school for an entire day, who has a criminal history (felon), and who has used a doll (baby) in a baking pan as a prop in his "performances." Supposedly the school admin weren't aware until after this creep's visit.

    We know of many instances - during our summer months - of children "accidentally" left in hot cars for hours by "forgetful parents." Nearly all die, if not indeed all.

    Increasingly unfathomable. :X3:

    Praying daily for our children. :(

    *I'm concerned that violent people will "copycat" the Target attack, and we'll see a rash of similar attacks on kids in public places. Please dear Jesus, no!
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    This is what this anti-God culture produces. This is the bad fruit from the poison tree everyone has clamored for since the late 60's.
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