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    Now you want to make me feel bad.

    Like I said...he’s a interesting character. And from day one...I think he’s a nice guy. Maybe, he should come clean. He is a writer...he was a news reporter I believe. So he should start over. God is the God of second, third, or 10,000 chances.

    “He really doesn’t have much going” he has GOD. Maybe it’s time for him to come clean. But as long as people try to make excuses for his misdeeds. This is what it turns into.

    I wish all the best for Charlie...but being a spokes person for God. Saying you are Gods mouth piece...puts you at a different level. The fall is much greater at those heights.

    brother al
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    I apologize if anyone is offended by my observations....but they are just that. Are they truth? They are my observations. When his prophecy went defunct I ran for the hills. I personally don't want to be associated with a false prophet. As my grandmother used to say, If you lie down with dogs, you are going to get fleas. I don't need his political banter. I have chosen to disassociate myself. Sever ties.

    I suppose my discernment of Charlie could be construed as judgemental but what the heck....I only have to answer to God.

    Definition of discernment: To JUDGE well.....hmmm
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    I didn't think you have trouble finding "Press Release" thread (use search box!), but thanks for pointing out mistake with the apology...
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    One can certainly judge the actions of another. You made a judgement to walk away that is a good judgement.

    But no one can judge a person's soul nor inner life - we cannot see the full picture only God can do that.
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    No my intent was not to make you feel bad -- you are 100% correct God is the God of the second, third & multiple chances -- He is the Hound of Heaven who seeks to win our souls over with Love.

    What better way is there but to love God in return because He has captured our souls through His Love and Mercy.

    It is an exchange of Love.

    It is the best deal in History! If we accept, embrace and live in His Love here in this short life we get to spend eternity in the Presence of His Love.
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    From Spirit Daily,

    Former Fundamentalist And Radio Host Claims Prophecies From Virgin, Angels

    By Michael H. Brown

    What do we make of Charles Johnston? This is an interesting case, and once again it takes us to the realm of discernment.

    Johnston is a salesman who hails from Belleville, Illinois. When he was in the Chicago area he hosted a radio talk show for WKRS (a station based in Waukegan) and was also active in politics (running a U.S. Senate campaign). His family was originally from Alabama -- non-Catholic fundamentalists.

    Also, Charlie Johnston says the "Triumph of the Blessed Virgin Mary" happened in 2017. There was a "sign" in the night sky to prove it. We just didn't realize it! We are living in the "Triumph" now.

    Garabandal, if you want "evidence," go to Johnston's website or search online for yourself...

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