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    There is suddenly a very clear 'prophetic consensus' as you say. Very insightful - and it very much startled me. There is a sudden snapping together. And as others have already noted, the personalities and styles of those of us who have been carrying messages are dramatically different - yet with the same message.
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    I was encouraged by your video. I think when viewing you for the first time, I needed to set aside my expectations on what makes for a good presentation; such subjective analysis often interferes with my hearing the message of the herald:rolleyes:. My favorite part was your reference to the Letter of James which exhorts us to be doers and not mere hearers of God's Word. This morning at Holy Mass Fr. Jerome encouraged us not to simply know the Gospel, but to live it. Sounds like God is ramming home that word for me. Thanks! It reminds me of something from the first Letter of Peter:

    3: 16 ...and keep a good conscience so that in the thing in which you are slandered, those who revile your good behavior in Christ will be put to shame.
  3. Charlie Johnston

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    I think I responded to this, but maybe not. I am going to take a page from Jesus' book. In Matthew 11, John the Baptist asked Him if He was the one or should they look for another. Instead of responding to him directly, Jesus told the messengers to "...go and tell John what you see and hear..."

    Something HAS happened globally and IS happening globally. Everywhere, Christians are oppressed - absolute genocidally in many Islamic countries and the softer oppression of criminalizing preaching the authentic Gospel in the western world. When Jesus said this He had not yet been crucified, which was a pre-requisite to the full bursting forth of the kingdom, but even so, the Kingdom had begun to shine through into the world. So we are now. The world's passion is not complete - and it is necessary for the fullness of our reclamation. But the scourging is well under way.

    On a side note...delighted to hear of your experience with Mother Cabrini Shrine. That is where I usually go to Mass when I am at home in Colorado. In fact, I am one of the lectors there.
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    FYI :
    May 2, 2014 . I spoke to Conchita today about Vassula Ryden. Since they were pictured together many years ago, I asked if they were friends, she said “ NO”. They had been introduced at a friends house ( Gladys Dominguez ) and the person with Vassula asked for a picture together. Conchita not knowing who she was ,graciously agreed. That was the only time they met, and they did not talk.
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    A non-Catholic British author in a 2014 writing agrees with a priest's view of Islam stated over a hundred years ago.

    The writing at rorate-caeli is short, a page.
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    Just watched the three videos as reminded to us by Fatima on another thread. Thought provoking stuff. God love you Charlie for undertaking that mammoth trek and then relaying your experiences.
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    it is wonderful to actually see you on a video....I will watch them slowly. I have been watching them here and there...we all have our gifts. I would rather do public speaking then writing. I speak a great deal on the recovery circuit in front of hundreds of people. It's my story though. No notes. Just off the cuff. I have a set amount of time, I put my watch on the podium and I just go. But never without asking God to be my voice and it just rolls. This is something new for me. On the other hand, my HS video station asked me to introduce candidates for class council as the Class Advisor...I was SO self conscious. Reading from a teleprompter and out of my element...I kept saying to people....I hate myself! But I have no problem in a live setting....don't know why that is!

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