Charlie Johnson false prophet?

Discussion in 'Positive Critique' started by Malachi, Dec 9, 2016.

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    Our Lady is obviously a fairly high-grade prophet. Nevertheless, even her miracle, as I pointed out in a previous post, was not entirely unconditional, as the possibility of the Second Coming occurring before it could not have been ruled out and Our Lady could not have prior knowledge of this ultimate event.

    The Fatima miracle perhaps represents a different category of prophesy than that which Charlie offered. In common with most private prophets, Charlie was predicting a consequence of human behaviour, behaviour which obviously might alter and therefore influence the likelihood of its consequence. This applies to the Chastisements which feature in so many approved private prophesies. These events are not inevitable but may be averted by sufficient prayer and repentance. The Fatima miracle, on the other hand, was an event independent of human behaviour and really took the form of a sign rather than being a consequence of anything.

    The notion of unconditionality is one to be careful of, as one could easily fall into the trap of Determinism (not to mention the kind of practical pitfalls outlined by Harper).
  2. What specifically were the actual "visions"? I mean did he see a nation in ruin after an earthquake or flooding or volcanoes exploding or massive mob violence? Is a "prediction" of a break down of the Constitutionally followed handing over of power a "vision" or just a possibility derived from simply observing the political division that has evolved into violence? What was allowed under Obama was fodder for all kinds of logical projections since, until Trump, there has been no one fearless enough to outright challenge such depraved use of power. And no one has been preaching that God could still intervene because most have only been preaching that we deserve some kind of grave punishment. Well, once again God surprises our little thought processes characterizing just what He's bound to do next and gives us another chance. Charlie had nothing to do with this....and served more to encourage people to expect the worst....and there was no room for questioning such a rather determined and dismal scenario. Sometimes a folksy delivery of prognostications is more digestible and comfy to the average person than the tried and true "Woe be to thee....IF"!
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    Oh...I don't know...maybe because Holy Angels can't LIE. EVER. Charlie claimed his "angel" said "obama will not finish his full term". Obama finished.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb. I still think there is a possibility that Charlie's messages being true. I'm even going to go further, I still think LTTW may indeed be true. [WARNING - I could be right or I could be wrong - frankly I just don't know. My opinion is just that an opinion - or if you will a perspective.]

    First Charlie, my biggest concern is that there are those people who have been hurt by the fail of the Presidential Prophecy. However, I kind of think that that prophecy as well as the other prophecies Charlie has given are conditional. With the exception of the Late Fall 2017 Rescue. Charlie said that he was told that he would make a blunder at some point. Maybe the Presidential Prophecy was the blunder? Maybe Not? Ask Jonah if his prophecy was conditional or not. Jonah was displeased and so were some of us that it didn't happen like we expected. Think of it like this. Year of Mercy, God gives America a choice. We chose. God gives us another chance but the work still has to be done. Don't think linear, but try from heaven's perspective. Think, the path we were on gets changed. But what about Charlie's other Prophecies, ISIS being defeated, China becoming an aggressor, Russia becoming our ally etc. Do I think they are fundamental to Charlie's message prior to the Rescue? Absolutely. Strange though if you compare those prophecies to how Donald Trump has spoken you can see them much more of a reality, maybe just not in the way we expected.

    And I quote" We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world – but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first. We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example for everyone to follow. We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones [my words - Russia] – and unite the civilized world against Radical Islamic Terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth." Also remember that the President is not a big fan of how China does business with the United States, nor is North Korea going silent with the election of the new US president.

    Am I 100% about Charlie, no. Do I feel for all those who feel betrayed or felt like they had lost time or money given Charlie's prophecy. Yes I do, 100%. But for me it's not about Charlie, Charlie, Charlie. It's about what is God doing right now.
    Several months ago I was day dreaming. My mind wandered, but sometimes an image comes so clearly it makes me pause and contemplate further. Some, a few, stick with me and have been ideas that I ponder much further. One of those was I saw a fire ball coming straight for us on earth. Then I saw our Lady stand in front of it and it hit her dead on in the hip. She took the brunt of the fireball and it exploded saving us from destruction, though a few pieces likely did fall to earth.

    Am I sure the Rescue is to come in late fall 2017. No. But I am hopeful. Am I stocking up on food, supplies etc. No. I have a reasonable supply for my income, but I know I really don't know what exactly is going to happen and my thoughts on all this are constantly being formed or molded. Have I at times gone overboard or gotten carried away. Yes. I really feel for those that have felt like they have lost with Charlie. All I can really say is - right or wrong about Charlie, God is not done with you. It is just one of those things we know as Christians but sometimes need to be reminded of because God cares for each and every one of his children most intimately and personally.

    Secondly, what I liked about LTTW was the way the role of Mary with us fallen man was explained. I saw some beautiful truth or what I believed is very possible truth concerning her role and us her children. I never agreed when Charlie wrote off LTTW so quick. But I didn't have to agree with him. There are many visionary's, locutions that I have easily written off because I saw an irreconcilable flaw, or error in them. I have not seen that with Charlie or LTTW. LTTW to me is less about the locutionist and more about the grace that Mary won to be able to communicate to the World what she has and I believe still will. I think Graces are conditional based on the frame work of God's spiritual laws. But, Mary has been specifically tasked with leading us through this time and I think she gathers all those prayers and sacrifices and in a most perfect way presents them to the Lord and wins for us so many Graces and Blessings. We can never thank her enough. Only be present and available to her.

    I have found in my own life personal prophecy I believe the Lord has given to me for myself. Has it unfolded like I expected or in the time frame I expected. No. But I have found God faithful and him using my disappointments to work on me, like spiritual pride, patience, etc.

    I have never actively stated that what Charlie says in his prophecies is 100% going to happen, because I just don't know. There is not enough verifiable information that Charlie gives on these prophecies or past prophecies that lead us to that conclusion. We have to wait and see. I guess I am not done waiting. If 2018 comes around and no fruit, will I walk away. Yes, most likely. But for now I wait. Patiently and living a normal life like I would have if Charlie never came forward. His blog has only been an aid to encourage me to do what I should be doing in the first place regarding my interior life.

    So be skeptical? Maybe not skeptical, but rather discerning. If Charlie is a road block, than avoid him. If he stays faithful to the Church, than for those who listen to what he says he could be useful and helpful. Let God sort out whether he is true or not. If he is not than let us pray that the evidence is clear and concise. But we should be careful because it is not always about being right on whether we have figured it out, but rather what have we learned. Remember, the Lord is constantly sifting. We may think we have figured it out and are right and feel justified only to find out later that we have been found wanting. Sometimes the best place for us to spend a little bit of time is in the Garden. That is were true knowledge is birthed.

    Unhealthy belief in an alleged sear whether they be true or not is not good. If Charlie has been struggling with ego, than that is between him and God. Not all true seers are Saints and not all true Saints are seers.

    I will be rational and at peace about Charlie. I will listen, if he speaks again. If he diverts from the Church or engages in practices that I find harmful to the faithful in general I will definitely put him aside. But what I won't do is attack him, knowing I know not. And I won't use him as an excuse for not doing what I should be doing anyway in my Spiritual Life. If he tells me to send him $1000 dollars or to stock pile a bunch of food, I will turn away. But than again I don't think I remember him really ever writing about doing that. His message has always been about the simple next step towards God, let God provide. You see the hard part about Charlie's mission is that he (according to what I have interpreted from his blog) was tasked with encouraging the faithful and that entailed him trying to convey some difficult spiritual insights/lessons [think Job and the whirlwind]. You see some of those things he was trying to convey I also had felt the Lord trying to teach me even before I came across Charlie. That is why I couldn't write him off then and can't now. But in writing about those lessons are often difficult to convey. Most of the good I have learned in the spiritual life was usually preceded by suffering of some kind. Some things can't be understood on the level they should without suffering first. It is just what I have found to be true.

    Lastly, in regards to Charlie. I have never personally known him, talked to him or had communication outside a few comments on his blog. I have no skin in the game in this regards to be defending him. Maybe I am holding on to tight and wanting the rescue to be true?

    But I am American and like in America every person is entitled to a defense, so too Charlie is entitled to have someone speak up for him. And I have seen a few have. I am not ready to rule on Charlie until the evidence is without a reasonable doubt. Though the Presidential Prophecy failure argument is compelling evidence to convict, it is not enough; the arguments that I have seen so far aren't enough to judge the truthfulness of the prophecy in whole. Let's see if his diocese makes any statements. I would trust their judgment much more than bloggers as we are (myself included).

    I remember what a priest once told me after he bought a family traveling through town, who asked for his help, a tank of gas. I said to him, "How do you know they weren't using you to get a free tank of gas." His response, "If to error, it is better to error on the side of Charity." If someone feels that it is there responsibility or call to warn the faithful about Charlie, than do so, but please do it with Charity, considering the dignity of both the audience and Charlie. Like Charlie or not he is still a child of God and has every right to have is dignity upheld and protected by his Christian brothers and sisters.

    I have said my peace.
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    Joe 77 banned for having a revolving IP address.

    Any guesses who he might be?:D
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    Oh well, off to morning mass, what a joy, what a great joy, what a way to start the day!!

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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I agree with your statement little me; but just to make an observation. I watched the inauguration of the new president, and was struck by the lack of black and brown faces on the screen shots of those in the crowd attending.

    It occurred to me, somehow Mr Obama had sown seeds of racial tension in America that took brave men like Martin Luther King to lead people out of, by giving them a self value and pride in themselves. All men are equal in the sight of God.

    What would our opinion be if at Mr Obamas inauguration and subsequent gatherings there was a noticeable absence of white faces. 'What if.'

    My conclusion is that people of the white tribes in general are ready to work for equal opportunity; but how long will it take for people of the black and brown tribes to arrive at this stage of development.

    We need to continue to pray for a peaceful transition, and hope Mr Trump will put in place more job opportunity and better local school facilities in areas where poverty and despair are creating a two class system in America. The haves and the have nots. And what about parents who are caught up in this situation, while desperate to bring their children up right, in these areas where crime, drugs and violence seems to rule. These poor parents don't want their children led astray. And I am certain there are black brown and white families in these situations.

    I hope Mr Trump can help these people; because Obama let them down badly.

    As for Charlie, 'The show aint over till the fat lady sings.' So who knows what is on the horizon.
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    The fat lady has sung, left the building, gone home and put her feet up!!

    If I were Charlie I would get out of the public domain and live a relatively private life.

    He made a specific prophecy and was clearly wrong. Not just a little bit wrong. 100% wrong. You cannot be any more wrong than he was!!

    Obama finished his term in office. Trump has become President. Fact!

    Even if Trump were assassinated today, God forbid, then Charlie's prophecy was still 100% wrong, period!
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    He was wrong
    He was wrong not just on this but on a whole host of other predictions as has been noted ad nauseam.

    Last normal christmas-interpreted away with some mental gymnastics.

    Pope Francis's big error. Pick any one of this past 4 years to be fair.

    And on and on and on.

    Let's face it Charlies now skewed analysis was predicated of the collapse of the gloabal economy and the resultant social political upheaval that wod have followed. If this then more than likely that. Not this oops the game is up. Ba da bing ba da boom
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    Charlie's last post is up.

    Ave Maria, Stella Maris!
    Posted on January 21, 2017 by charliej373

    By Charlie Johnston

    By my own standard, I was wrong about the peaceful transfer of power in the U.S. yesterday. My favorite note came from a friend who said, “You got close on it, but this isn’t horseshoes.” That encapsulated my own thoughts quite nicely. I rarely speak of specific events. Having done so, it was my duty to get it right.

    Some have demanded an explanation from me. I was wrong. I could be a crackpot, but that seems unlikely, given that I so accurately described the sudden cultural and spiritual degeneration of our society. I was deceived on this – and God allowed the deception to persist without correction. I have been deceived before – and counted on my angel to correct me on those occasions. This time the deception was allowed to persist, either to chasten me or for other reasons yet unknown.

    I ask my friends to avoid trying to find scenarios in which I was somehow right on this. I have never been a fan of the sort of verbal and logical gymnastics that would transmogrify a horse chestnut into a chestnut horse. I have never been shy about rebuking those who twist my words to suit their own partisan agenda. God forbid I should now twist my own plain words for an equally partisan purpose! This was a horse chestnut.

    That I was wrong on this does not mean that my work has had no value.The ordinary way that I constantly emphasize has brought peace to a lot of people who were paralyzed by fear or anger. It has brought many people together to support each other in a time when Christian faith has been under siege. That is what is good and I pray you will hold onto it.

    Some have worried that by withdrawing from the public scene, I am abandoning them. I could not, in honor, have done other than I have done here these last few years. I promised God that, if the things I had been shown all my life became visible on the horizon, I would speak in His name to give comfort to His people – and so I did. But I also promised that I would take full responsibility for the things I said and did. That promise obligates me, in honor, to withdraw from the public scene. I had said that the failure of a peaceful transition would be a sign to you that I had told you true about the Rescue. Now you have to rely less on my word and more on the fidelity of God throughout the ages, the God who has rescued His people countless times and who has always been near at hand to those who call on Him in humility and trust. For whatever sting there is for me, that is not a bad result.

    Donald Trump was sworn in peacefully as President of the United States yesterday. If that is the beginning of our climb out of the abyss back to a Godly culture that respects life and liberty, that is a very good thing, indeed. Pray that it is, for if the storm can be stilled by more ordinary means, that would be a great blessing. If it is just a pause before the next great assault on life and liberty by anti-God progressives, that will be clear soon enough. I have not been released from service, just from public service. I will be watchful as I retire into prayer and direction. I would not return to the public square because of ordinary convulsions, even were they intense. I would not return except for something as compelling as a coup.

    I will clear comments through this weekend. Then on Monday, Beckita will take over as managing editor of this site, putting up what she will and clearing the comments. I promised Focus TV that I would do an interview with them after the inauguration, whatever the outcome. I will fulfill that obligation on Monday and that will be my last public appearance. I will no longer make decisions concerning this site.

    I was heartened in the comments yesterday to see just how many people have internalized the fundamental message here – to take the ordinary way of trusting God with each step in the present moment. I once described my job as a sort of Sherpa guiding people through perilous territory. Now there is an army of sherpas committed to solidarity with their fellows without anger or fear, whatever may come. That, too, is a pretty good result.

    I have endeavored to be God’s good servant. I will continue to do so in obedient submission to Holy Mother Church. But now, chastened, like Job, I put my hand over my mouth.

    I have long signed letters and notes with the salutation, “Ave Maria, Stella Maris!” (Hail Mary, Star of the Sea). That salutation spoke to me long ago, for in troubled waters, Mary is our sure guide to the safe harbor which is Her Holy Son. Hence the title for this final column.

    Mark Twain told the story of a man who, having been run out of town on a rail, was asked how he felt about it. “Well,” he replied, “if it weren’t for the honor of the thing, I would have preferred to walk.” I feel a certain kinship with that fellow today.

    Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around you. That is the sure and ordinary path to kinship with God, to peace and to joy, whatever happens.

    Ave Maria, Stella Maris!
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    Charlie despite his humiliation still remains for me a likable chap. His core messaage is solid but again I stress he has done perhaps irreparable harm to many souls who trusted his " I have told you true.." mantra.

    Again in this last post he harps on about having g accurately described our current malaise but come on folks much more keen minds have done that long before Charlie entered the scene. Immediately I'm thinking of names like Fr. Malachi martin, Peter kreeft and many many others. Not to mention the trajectory of our present madness being chartered by greats like Tolkien, Lewis, and Chesterton. Come on Charlie it's getting tiresome.
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    I have told you true is simply not true. Like you say, pick any of this pope's last 4 years, full of tragic mistakes creating a impotent figurehead in a recklessly divided church. The "servant of servants" not responding to the dubia says it all. We are in the midst of the great apostasy.
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    Charlie just got it wrong. His Catholicism seems a lot more orthodox than Pope Francis. It is not obvious that there was any malice on Charlie's part. However, it seems increasingly likely we have a wicked man as Pope.

    The above link indicates that our Pope seems full on with the Soros narrative. His grasp of history is pathetic. He describes the Nazis 'protect(ing) themselves with "walls and barbed wire so that others cannot take away their identity" ', whereas the reality was the direct opposite, with Hitler bursting through others' national defenses and obliterating the national identities of other countries. And the subtext is the ridiculous extreme leftist smear of equating Trump with Hitler. The Pope doesn't show much evidence, with statements like this, that he is not a fool or worse...
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    Well I can't find Harper's posts since I had her on ignore so I'll quote this one.

    I had told you Harper that I'd be the first one here to call Charlie false if Trump was inaugurated on Jan 20 and sorry for my delay but I have not been on the forum in a while, but thanks for the reminder

    Charlie was clearly wrong and false on this. It's sad as it doesn't change my thoughts that we are still in for a tribulation but now causes me to not have a firm belief in Charlie's true mission which was to proclaim the rescue by Our Lady which was to come in late 2017. Now I fear that those of you who feel the tribulation will be much longer (years) may be right. But I still fully trust God and accept His will, come what may.

    But to the point of this you were right, Harper and I was wrong. My sincere apology to you and may God bless and keep you
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    For all we know, the tribulation may be of centuries duration. God has plenty of time to let modernism's challenge to Him play out. Our Lord did offer us the possibility that there might not be any extant Christians upon His return. Hopefully, we can prevent this, with His help.
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  16. Harper

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    Thank you, Fatima Pilgrim.
  17. Fatima

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    FP, can you or anyone else on MOG tell us specifically what the "rescue by Our Lady that comes in 2017" is? I have not heard if Charlie has clearly defined what it means or not. Being vague on this leaves wide open its fulfillment. It could be another "last Christmas" spin after it did not come to be.
  18. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    FP, can you or anyone else on MOG tell us specifically what the "rescue by Our Lady that comes in 2017" is? I have not heard if Charlie has clearly defined what it means or not. Being vague on this leaves wide open its fulfillment. It could be another "last Christmas" spin after it did not come to be.
  19. Malachi

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    World chaos: Koreans yanks ruskies Chinese all the moslems etc then Mary comes right at the last and sorts it all out.

    A bit facetious but there you are :)
  20. DeGaulle

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    Wishful thinking? Perhaps we must rescue ourselves from the mess we ourselves have created? For example, we in Europe all blame our liberal leaders for foisting us with immigrants, but it is our own fault for not having enough children. If we don't wake up very quickly indeed, we in former Christendom will have made ourselves extinct anyway. One can hardly expect the masses from Africa and the Middle East to ignore an empty continent.

    Perhaps our aborting, contracepting, career-before-family way of life will be its own chastisement?
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