Charlie Johnson false prophet?

Discussion in 'Positive Critique' started by Malachi, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. padraig

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    If Charlie had lived up to his orginal promise to go away, I would be very inclinded to just leave it at that. But he has already promised a come back at the first chance he gets.

    Soooooooooo.. if Charlie is still in the ring ....don't be surprised if other will stay there too.

    I know Charlie reads these posts. So it's time to hang up the Stetson and the six guns Charlie and hit the old rocking chair. :) Be a man of your word, pull down the curtains on all this.
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  2. Little Me's Big Brother

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    Beating a dead horse1.gif
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  3. FreshEggs

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    Folks, I'm glad it's all over. Like a lot of you, I'm wondering just where this deception came from...whether it's Old Scratch (as I thought all along), delusions or deliberate deception (to be fair, the least likely).

    Keep our new President and Charlie in your prayers.
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  4. MMM

    MMM Archangels

    In the game of prophecy, Charlie you've just been Trumped!!
  5. DeGaulle

    DeGaulle Powers

    Well, that's that then. God bless Charlie.
  6. Andy3

    Andy3 Powers

    Like many prophecies and "prophets" that come about these days, there is always one good thing that comes from their ultimate end. We are still here. We have more time to pray, prepare, help others convert, release more souls from purgatory and something awful did not happen. Praise be to the Lord!
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  7. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    In the Old Testament a prophet was either correct or they were stoned (with rocks) :)
    I hope nobody will still listen to Charlie.
    He was either tricked by the devil or he made it all up.
    Either way if you still follow him you are not listening to anything from Heaven.
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  8. Jackie

    Jackie Archangels

    The Cross for the prophet. Remember what Our Lord said to Lec of the Philippines. Lec received his messages right after Mass, in Church.

    September 1, 2007
    7:05 AM
    From the Lord Jesus
    By Lec

    This morning after the 6:00 am mass, I stayed behind
    in the church in front of the Blessed Sacrament and
    went on to complete my usual devotional prayers said
    every morning. After saying all my prayers, as I am
    wont to do everyday, I listened. I asked first God the
    Father if He wants me to write anything from Him and
    He said, None this time Son. Then I asked the Lord
    Jesus. The first and last time I heard from Him was
    way back in 1984. This year though, it has been the
    Father whom I have been hearing. He started giving
    me messages in full only this year although for the
    last 10 years starting 1997 after completion of the
    prayers to God the Father from the Visionary Barbara
    Rose Centilli, the Father as He promised in the
    message , began His personal manifestation thru the
    spoken word but only in cryptic terms, meaning no
    complete sentences.

    Since the reception from Jesus is the first this year
    and for assurance that it’s not the enemy of the soul
    that speaks, I recited the exorcism prayer through
    St. Michael, the Archangel, then the prayers through
    St. Benedict, another exorcism prayer saying, IN

    Beforehand, I have already recited the Apostle’s
    Creed, the Lord’s Prayer and An Act of Contrition.
    Then I invoked the covering of the Most Precious Blood

    By the way,I have already received communion that
    hour and since I believe that the Lord in the spirit
    is still with us within 15 minutes after reception of
    the Holy Host, I endeavored to hear from Him but
    making sure it’s really Him.

    Then finally I spoke to the Lord saying, LORD JESUS

    Then in the stillness of my heart , I began hearing

    I will not address you as Son for that is how my
    Father calls you but let me refer to you instead as

    Brother, I know you can’t ever forget the first time
    in your life when you heard me spoke to you and that
    was many years ago yet that first occasion has left
    quite a remarkable imprint in your heart that since
    then through this very day has been serving to
    nourish the faith that was born in your heart through
    that short encounter with Me. Yes Brother, it was
    unmistakably Me whom you heard.

    Just a matter of importance I wish to impart through
    you,, kindly take note. Brother, many people have
    been excitedly expecting my Soon return to transform
    life on earth into a glorious Paradise as I say that
    truly it is the Father’s plan as revealed through the
    Prophets. But why there seems to be a delay in the
    actualization of the Father’s plan for humanity, so
    many are wondering? Brother, let not your heart worry
    a bit about the future near and far for the Father
    has included in His plan the just provisions for
    those whose hearts were given to do His will
    manifested in His written word as well as on what is
    naturally imparted in people’s hearts. >> His actions are
    dependent on people’s reactions to His call, hence
    because of His abounding mercy and compassion, as He
    is the full essence of Love, timelines in the
    unfolding of what is prophetically written do tend to
    change. It is pathetic when prophesied events given
    through consecrated souls do not happen as thus
    declared and the messengers vilified for doing what
    their heart s feel as our injunction, namely, to let
    people know in advance so that they can prepare. I
    grieve for these messengers when they suffer out of
    obedience to their calling.

    Please tell people not to be so hard on God’s
    messengers if the events, especially the dire events
    do not happen as thus stated, for as I have told you
    earlier, God the Father’s heart is easily moved by
    even the faint calls for mercy. He is not in a hurry
    to render judgment.
    << Certainly, He derives no pleasure
    in that. But what is a little delay compared to
    eternity, maybe just like a grain of sand on the
    seashore or a drop of rain in a raging thunderstorm.

    I hope people will understand why there is a delay in
    the fulfillment of prophetic events especially for
    those presaging the coming of the new Heaven and
    earth. But remember also that the glorious era is to
    be preceded by the days of woe and that is an
    essential consideration why there is a delay. As
    Prophesied, a great multitude will perish during
    those times and will find themselves before us to
    render an accounting of how they lived their lives.
    The Father’s heart knows very well how many are
    prepared for their judgment and how many are not,
    how many will enter into the Father’s House and how
    many will not make it. I wish not to burden your
    heart anymore on this matter but simply share what
    you have to help people in their journey . You will
    not be asked to do beyond what your time, resources
    and availability can contribute to heaven’s efforts
    at giving enlightenment to those whose hearts will
    open to the possibility of making it to my Father’s

    Since no one on earth can exactly predict when I come,
    it is incumbent on people to simply shift their
    focus on preparing their soul for eventual entry into
    eternity by taking each day that comes as the day of
    my coming, hence, no surprise will ever grip their
    hearts in an adverse manner. You know how it is to be
    prepared for much has been given on this since eons

    Prepare, tell them,, not only because of my
    prophesied coming could unexpectedly happen and catch
    people unaware, but there is no denying the fact that
    a person’s eventual meeting me in death could precede
    even earlier what is written, hence, the scripture
    could be death or my coming.

    Your Brother

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  9. Richard67

    Richard67 Powers

    There were only three sources for Charlie's "revelations":

    1. Supernatural

    2. Preternatural

    3. Natural

    We now know number 1 was not the source, as God does not lie.
  10. bflocatholic

    bflocatholic Powers

    So, President Trump was sworn in around noon. It appears that Charlie Johnston's predictions regarding this day have come to naught. What to do?

    I, for one, went to noon Mass, then I came back to work to do my best to be a witness to those whom I work with and meet this day. Later, I will go home and try to be a good husband and father. Tomorrow, I will do the same.

    You could say that my response to President Trump's inauguration is to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope to those around me. Trust. Do. Love.

    Folks, that is still sound advice.
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  11. Bella

    Bella Guest

    I think we have a wrong understanding of what is meant by Prophecy. I understand it to mean words from God that connect the hearer into a deeper relationship of love with the God who loves them infinitely. When someone who claims to have the gift of prophesying just gives lists of dates and information, I take a step back and stop listening. A real prophet does what the Psalmist says, they "pull the gold" out from individuals to show them how much God loves them. If the prophet isn't drawing people into a deeper relationship of love with God, then there is something not right.

    And St Paul also makes it clear that we can only ever prophesy in part ( to avoid the idolatory of any one person).

    It makes no difference what Charlie Johnston said or didn't say. God's plan will be fulfilled anyway.

    On a slightly different note, I watched the inauguration ceremony and it was certainly different from previous handovers. I was really impressed at the peacefulness of the handover, despite the polar opposite world views of Obama and Trump. I think the best thing we can all do now is join the prayers of all the religious leaders who prayed and ask for God to bless this administration.
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  12. CrewDog

    CrewDog Guest

    I do not take Charlie’s “Failure” in predicting the Election/20 Jan outcome as a bad SIGN but as a very hopeful SIGN!! A SIGN that should come as no surprise to any here! We have been shown/told since Old Testament times that God hears the Prayers of The Faithful and He may change what should have been but for those prayers. Is that not the same message in most, if not all, of the Marian Apparitions? I’m taking this as a SIGN that we have a bit more time to pray and prepare for the rest of 2017. A year that is CHOCK FULL OF ominous SIGNS that have NOT winked-out due to Trump’s Presidency! Sooo ... I thank Charlie for his TNRS Site and it’s message of Hope & Deliverance!

  13. little me

    little me Archangels

    Aaaaaand...right on cue.
  14. CathyG

    CathyG Archangels

    Did anyone else notice that there was nary a muslim in sight at the inaugural? (and there was definitely no readings from the Koran.)
  15. Martina

    Martina Pray Hope and don't worry: Padre Pio

    Yes and I was delighted to see him address the radical Islamic problem something his predecessor never truly did.
  16. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    Crewdog, in Catholic tradition there are 2 kinds of prophecy. One is conditional and the other is not. The prophets make clear at the time they make the prophecy if it is conditional. I do not follow Charlie and am not familiar with his messages but it is my understanding that this was not a conditional prophecy. If it was then people would not be making such a big deal out of this.
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  17. Frodo

    Frodo Archangels

  18. Mac

    Mac "To Jesus, through Mary"

    Ahh the good old days.:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:.
    The Jews knew how to take the next right step and acknowledge God.

    I must say though, if any crisis strikes in the next few years, I will have a supply of food. Mostly because of CJ.
    Then I will be grateful and owe him a prayer.
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  19. Aviso

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  20. Booklady

    Booklady Powers

    Well, all I can say is, what a cautionary tale all of this has been. In the last 24 months, I've allowed myself to be scared by people I don't know, who claim to speak to Our Lady, Our Lord, and Angels, others who foster scientific hypotheses; and others who have died and came back. This is my fault for not only being gullible, but because I was tempted to know what God knows. I sinned and fell. :cry:

    I thank God for His infinite mercy that we had a peaceful transition in our government.
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