Charlie Johnson false prophet?

Discussion in 'Positive Critique' started by Malachi, Dec 9, 2016.

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    I can't imagine what I'd be going through if it dawned on me that the past 50 years of my life were devoted to a deception of Old Scratch.

    I'm no fan of Charlie, but regardless of how I feel about how he acted - he needs a lot of prayer.
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    This is a comment from "Mystics of the Church" website under Glenn Dellaire's article on Charlie's "Presidential Prophecy." It sums up things quite well (I've added paragraph breaks to make it easier to read).

    I believe the poster makes a very good point that new messengers succeed these days because of the "starvation going on in the Church."

    Anonymous said...

    I think what can be learned by all this is the lack of discernment of spirits. I think it's a very good lesson given the times we live in. How many prophets have come and gone with a big team of "spiritual directors" in tow? I remember one not too long ago that I checked out due to the said spiritual director being someone with a reputation for being Mother Teresa's spiritual director or some such thing. I read approximately two messages and knew in my spirit it was bunk. Everyone apparently was living by every word this woman spoke and were sorely disappointed by the "failure" of her divinations. This is simply a repeat of the last twenty years....apparently it's always a success with the Catholic crowd because of the starvation going on in the Church so it's reused and recycled again and again. I don't know if people lose their faith over it, but it certainly makes one look silly to others and must give satan great delight.

    If you are someone who has been misled and deceived by a "prophet" then I would suggest you repent and get busy educating yourself on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and praying that these be increased in you so that WHEN IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT, YOU ARE NOT DECEIVED. You should know the signs to look for, and learn to listen to the Holy Spirit. I'm thinking most people reading these believe that when the Anti-Christ comes on the scene, they'll know and there's no way they'll be deceived. Well, guess again. If everyday men and women claiming to receive prophesies from God were able to mislead and deceive you, the Anti-Christ will be much more of an expert at deception. Take the opportunity to humble yourself. Set about learning about what God has already given you for your safety and salvation then you won't have to rely on men to tell you what God is'll have that relationship with Him yourself. Learn to listen, trust, and discern. It's our duty.

    Frankly, when I read that someone receiving messages from heaven boasts of "hits" and such and that "they" were right I would certainly think twice about placing all my trust in this person. Prophecy isn't about being "right" and "accurate" and "hits"...and having an impressive record of hits..ugh! There shouldn't be effort placed in defending oneself or the message. It all reeks of pride and levity. If someone truly is hearing from God, then the words should speak for themselves and bear the necessary fruit that God intended.

    It sounds by these posts that many put too much faith in a man. Now, given the chance that you were made to look a little foolish for that, you're going to get your pound of flesh. I wouldn't bother. It really is bordering on sin and obsession. Forgive the man, yourself and go to confession. Move on. As long as you learned something from the experience, all was not lost.

    January 11, 2017 at 9:56 PM
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    That's a relief. If only we could be sure about the people surrounding him. Watching some of the hearings today, I got a very uneasy feeling that something is not quite right. I can't explain it. I'm still of the opinion that Trump is preferable to his detractors, but there was something about the hearings that came across as a sham. And I don't mean just the Democrats.

    There's no get-out route for Charlie if Trump is inaugurated. I will feel sorry for him because if he is a scam artist he made a big mistake in putting time frames on his locutions or prophecies or whatever they're called. It's very possible that he was talking to an "angel" but the wrong kind of angel. Whatever transpires, he will need our prayers.
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    With all due respect that post seems riddled with guile. It's not the tone of caution or the need to sharpen our discernment through our prayer life, but rather "anonymous" seems to put down those who have believed in a visionary that "in appearance" has been proven false. Irregardless of wether we get it right or wrong in that regards God makes all things good for those who love him. I believe that sometimes God allows lessor evils so that a greater good may come about. There is no sin if one was deceived. Sin is a result of choosing other than God or failing to do what we must. How many Saints have been centured or there writings forbidden for a time. Were those who read them or listen to them prior then guilty of sin - only to be found out later they weren't? If the path is to God than proceed as one feels drawn or led, if the path than curves from the Godly don't follow. Discernment does not come equal to all men, because no mans path is exactly the same. There are times were God remains purposefully silent. He calls us to choose. Believing in what Charlie says wether he is proven right or wrong is not an occasion for sin as long as the person has acted in accordance with an informed conscience and is obedient to their lawful superior, wether that be the Church or for non Catholics hierarchy as established via the natural and moral law. I remind that even messages that are true must be discerned. Pope Emeritus Benedict when Cardinal wrote beautifully on this topic. In sum (my words) - even a true message is delivered through a dirty container and may be distorted. Charlie has not been centured (to my knowledge) and as such people are free to listen and believe to the extend that they stay faithful to the Church. If Charlie's prophecy does not come to fruition, for me I have still found his commentary useful and helpful and so would not discount him. Is Garabandal fake now that Joey has passed? What if Charlie's prophecy comes true, are those who didn't believe than guilty of sin for failing to discern the truthfulness of the prophecy? Of course not!
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    You might go to the Mystics of the Church website and post your question and see if the person who wrote it cares to reply. There is a diversity of thought there with no insults. Glenn Dellaire is the moderator.

    I've posted something from the MOG Signs thread (below) that talks about restlessness in running after prophecies and prophets.

    "The running after spiritual phenomena, such as alleged revelations, is condemned by St. John of the Cross as spiritual avarice. This means that pious souls who would be repulsed by crude materialistic greed think nothing of being greedy to know revelations and prophecies. An exclusive, or even a predominant attention to these matters (especially apocalyptic ones), cannot help but produce an unbalanced spirituality. Should the Church condemn some favorite alleged revelation such a person may find themselves believing more in it than in the supernatural authority of the Church. The devil will have succeeded in what he had set out to do. "- Colin B. Donovan, STL
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    Thanks and I agree with what you just posted. My fear though is that we can often approach these things with a hack saw and not a scalpel. I also fear that good men or women could be alienated or demonized because we can be too quick to judge or throw the baby out with the bathwater. Yes I do agree there is a big difference between "miracle hunting" and truly seeking. But the two can often be hard to distinguish from the outside.

    I listen and find usefulness in the words of Charlie. If he is proven false, am I then one who was near an occasion of sin or "deceived". I don't think so. I will take what is good and leave the rest and no matter what happens with Charlie, be comfortable to know God will explain it all on the other side of the veil.
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    A very interesting post from Glenn Dellaire at Mystics of the Church. Charlie has consistently claimed his messages have been "vetted" by three Opus Dei priests. He brags about one of them, whom he calls "Towering Intellect." Recently Charlie's said his priest(s) do not see his messages ahead of time; he/they read it after they are posted and then call Charlie with comments if they feel like it.

    This seems very different from a cooperative working with experts who examine a seer's messages and then give permission for them to be published:

    Glenn Dallaire said...

    A couple of people have asked me to elaborate more concerning what I know in regards to the spiritual direction that Charlie's receives, especially in what concerns his private revelations.

    As for Charlie's spiritual directors, my understanding in speaking with one of them over the past two years is that they in no way endorse or approve Charlie's private revelations. They are essentially neutral concerning them. In Charlie's case, they feel that their primary role, as I understand it, is simply to provide Charlie with private spiritual direction, as priests often and normally do for any private individual who requests it.

    They may, on occasion, discuss and make comments with Charlie concerning certain private revelations that he chooses to share with them, but they mostly just listen and acknowledge what he has to say concerning the private revelations, choosing to focus almost exclusively on ordinary spiritual guidance and direction. In short, they in no way endorse any of Charlie's private revelations. Charlie alone is responsible for what he feels is his public mission and message. This is what I have gathered in my conversations with one of Charlie's spiritual directors--I have only spoken to one of the three. And I was told that it is exclusively the Archbishop's role to discern and judge Charlie's private revelations, that it is reserved for him alone to make any public pronouncements concerning this matter, and that none of the three priests take any part in Charlie's public work or mission.

    Most importantly, it was stressed and made very clear to me that Opus Dei takes no public involvement whatsoever with Charlie's work, mission or revelations. While they are all Opus Dei priests, their role, as they see it, is solely to provide private spiritual direction to Charlie, just as they and all priests do with any other lay person. Again, this is simply what I myself have gathered, and what is presented above is solely my own perception of the facts that I am aware of.

    -Glenn Dallaire
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    Harper, Hope all is well with you and yours! I guess in reading that post from Glenn Dallaire there are two things I noticed. First it seems the Opus Dei priests are doing what they should be doing. Being a sort of gate keeper over messages would to me seem to be putting themselves out there and possibly scandalous. Do they make Charlie aware if anything is contrary to Church teaching? I don't know, but I would assume it would be in their wheel house. From my perspective, if you regularly read Charlie's site the only predications or prophecies he discusses (generally) are those few he has been discussing for some time. I believe most he doesn't discuss. The spiritual insights or commentary he speaks to I think are available to any conscientious Catholic or Christian to make. I have found nothing that makes my spirit cringe.

    My next point is perception of what Charlie has said regarding his messages being vetted. Let me make my point by a quick real life story. Today my son asked his Mother for a soda. He said he hasn't had one today. Well what he didn't say is that earlier he had the last remnants of one I was drinking. It was only a small drink. One small gulp if you will. Was he telling her the truth? From his perspective yes. And I would agree with his perception, so I didn't say anything. If you want to get technical one could argue no. But I think saying no he wasn't being honest largely misses the point from what he was trying to convene to his Mother. Point being, we can get to legalistic in our understanding of things when we should be looking more to the heart of the matter. That brings up one of my favorite sayings, so I have to drop it. "Theology without spirituality is dead." And on the reverse, "Spirituality without correct theology is a rudderless ship, lost in the sea."

    In truth we aren't going to know these matters fully tell we cross over, until then I guess we try our best. We are all in this together.

    • If Charlie is being dishonest than he will have to answer for that before God. But God can still bring good of it through the souls that love God.
    • If Charlie is being deceived than as long as he stays obedient and faithful to the Church, what is really lost. God can bring good of it through the souls that love God.
    • If Charlie is being true than we still must discern the messages in light of what God is calling us individually to do and teachings of the Church. And God can bring good of it through the souls that love God.
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    I take your comments in the spirit in which they are offered. About any good that may come from following Charlie, there is more than enough in approved devotions and sacraments to fulfill spiritual needs. I cringe at some of the nastiness I see over there, and certainly here by some of his followers. Charlie, Beckita and others there display a woeful lack of charity, and not rarely, and that makes a lie out of any claim that his "ministry" is guided by Heaven.

    (I won't address Charlie's alleged political and cultural expertise, but simply note he is very well versed in the work of top conservative commentators.)

    At any rate, since you addressed me here's another post from the Mystics website story on the Presidential Prophecy that speaks to one person's experience in that "community:"

    A Quiet Person says:
    January 14, 2017 at 7:07 am

    Regarding some of the recent discussions about Charlie, both on this one and on Glenn Daillaire’s, I think this is useful:

    Isaiah 29:24
    “And those who err in spirit will come to understanding, and those who murmur will accept instruction.”

    “Those” refers to any of God’s people. That would be any one of us and it is not like “if” one of us errors in spirit. It is more like “when” we do simply because we are imperfect people living in a fallen world.

    So the real issue is whether the person who errs in spirit does actually come to understanding. That will be the challenge for each of us as we struggle with discernment in these diabolical times.

    Now, for those of us who “murmur” . . . it is time to receive instruction. Who are we putting our trust in. Is the source of our instruction reliable or are there unhealthy attachments that we are willing to let go of?

    Charlie, I am grateful for having had the opportunity to be part of your site for the past 2 years. I am especially gratified that you found enough value to publish some of my stories. The process of writing out my thoughts really helped clarify my thinking on a number of issues and I greatly appreciate that too. I have leaned heavily on the prayer support and have actually felt priviledged to share others burdens by supporting them with prayer and an occasional comment. I have learned s lot. Maybe most importantly I have formed a deep friendship with someone through this site and that in and of itsel makes the 2 years I have spent here more than worthwhile.

    But. . .

    I am sorry to have to agree with many of the commentators who are publishing elsewhere. I have received a few really unnecessarily snarky comments from you, going back to when we had a different point of view regarding the meaning of the mark of the beast. There were a few others as well. One was a thinly veiled accusation of diverting your site to non-essential topics. Those comments hurt! I too have seen the favoritism shown to some commentators while others are put down, and disrespectfully so.

    And the idea of communities springing up after your talks around the country, at least in my neck of the woods is a total illusion. Again, I can only speak of my immediate area but the past month was a real eye-opener for me. Our furnace broke and we have been without since. We are ok though. Once I sealed everything up and got a second space heater we have been doing fine. BUT, there was a time when it was -10, before that 2nd space heater when it wasn’t so fine . What became very clear to me is that the TNRS community is an illusion. I am glad I know that now. I am going to confession later today and will leave it at that.

    I have learned a lot over the two years I have been here, about world events, spiritual things, and my own self. But regarding the issues people are madly speculating on now up until 1/20, I have learned more from Glenn Daillaire’s respectful, patient, measured responses than anyone.


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    6 days.
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    6 days till CJ tells us... this 'I tell you true''... was actually a lesson of humility for him?
    But any other 'I tell you true ' is of course accurate?
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    IMG_0519.GIF Anyone know of any other "prophets" out there right now? I'm looking for a new guru.
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    I have felt for awhile that there was something "off" with all of this. Some here have mentioned the many sound things found in Church approved sources that preclude going anywhere else, and I concur. We are safest within the judgement of the the Church. The Archbishop's warning should have been the end of the whole matter with TNRS but it is not and that is because people are so so hungry for the mystical and supernatural and so fearful of what is "coming on the earth." A website is so nebulous. It could be anyone telling anything, amassing data on the people who contribute. It's the wild west out there. And Jesus warned us 2000 years ago not to go running after Him "out there" in the desert or in the town. It's just so easy to be deceived--by charlatans or those under the influence of evil spirits but thinking they have had heavenly messages. And it is very dangerous to rely on one's own discernment. Even exorcists are careful about that (Fr. Ripperger speaks of this quite eloquently) That's why we have the Church to protect us and I am grateful for it.
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    Yes. I think we must depend on the Church. I think one of the things that concerned me about me Charlies Blog the, 'Next Right Step', was that in viewing the comments people had bought into the deal so deeply.So then if things did not turn out right a lot of folks would get very , very badly hurt.

    I don't think its just a matter of exercising constant vigilance and discernment about mystical or paranormal matters its about everything in life. In buisness, in personal relations, in politics in all aspects of our life. This may sound a bit cynical but we live in fallen world and we have to remain constantly on our guard. Jesus I think was alluding to this when He warned that we should be, 'As innocent as doves but subtle as the serpent'. We need not only a once only discernment but a constant process of discernment a constant checking and rechecking. We should write no one and nothing a pure blank cheque but heaven and God. The Church too of course ; though we must be careful what we mean by, 'The Church'.

    One good example of this for is Medugorje. I believe in it 100%, personally, but I check and recheck and am constantly vigilant.

    Church approved like Akita and Fatima are much easier but even there vigilance is required for different people have different takes ; as for instance the Third Secret of Fatima.

    Since we must exercise vigilance in our daily life I am perplexed that , when it comes to mystical phenomena otherwise very savyy wise people are prepared to go all out and give their hearts and souls. There is such a huge need for certainty in an age of uncertainty.

    As to Charlie. It is alright to say he is a nice person, he is. But it has to be said he has done huge , huge harm here in many ways. More worryingly he does not seem to be conscious of this or to show any signs of altering his behaviour in the future, such as by going away for good.
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    I think actually he may have been on the right track a lot of the way but went off the rails along the way. But I suppose it doesn't matter now I don't feel like doing some kind of autopsy on the poor guy. So long as he goes away.

    But there is no sign at all of this happening, I am afraid. We have seen this all before , with poor Fr Corapi, for instance.
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    Well said, Padraig. Right on the money.
  19. Harper

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    Charlie posted his position if the inauguration takes place as planned on Friday. Personally, I think he'll disappear for a short time but make it back, because he is not one to stop sharing his thoughts and his followers will demand it.

    BTW: Beckita, Charlie's second in command, is not new to the world of visionaries. She was a follower of the discredited Gianna Sullivan, whose Emmitsburg rulings were found to be "not supernatural." A letter Beckita wrote in favor of that seer is posted on MOG, here:

    At any rate, from Charlie's website:

    Mauro says:
    January 15, 2017 at 2:09 pm
    A few months ago you said that if Donald Trump was inaugurated you would declare yourself unreliable and leave the scene. Does that mean this blog be taken down and no longer maintained? What about the community that has been built up here over the past few years? How will we stay in touch?

    charliej373 says:
    January 15, 2017 at 2:38 pm
    The website will continue, though without the prophetic element. Beckita Hesse would act as its managing editor, publishing pieces that support the main theme of acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope. This community, itself, has become a sign of hope to many – and I would not dismantle it. But I will neither write for it nor clear comments. The archives would be left untouched, so that all can look back to them, either to ponder or to mock. The one proviso as far as writing is that I have said I would then spend time working on the fictional stories which are actually meditations on each mystery of the Rosary. I would submit those as I finish them for Beckita’s consideration for publication.
  20. From this it would appear that Charlie's priest advisors are basically treating him like any other who would come to them for personal spiritual guidance. In fact there may be others as well who come to same priests privately who might also claim that they feel they are being told or inspired by heaven to act in specific ways, etc., but who go no further than that and do not go public with their own "enlightenments". It would seem then that his priests are not considering themselves as part of or consultants about his "prophecies/messages" in particular to the extent that readers of Charlie's columns might have been led to consider them to be in his case. It would seem that they know they aren't the ones with examination authority over anything of a private revelation concern with him. That of course is always up to the Bishop of the diocese within which Charlie lives.

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