Charlie Gard has passed away

Discussion in 'In Memoriam' started by HeavenlyHosts, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. HeavenlyHosts

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    Little Charlie Gard passed away on July 28, 2017, in hospice care. I am overcome.:cry:
  2. Fatima

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    So sad, but it is just a forerunner to what we will see routinely in our own lives very very soon, where government will mandate who lives and who dies and who gets what. Prepare the best we can through prayer while we can, cause it is going to be the fate of many I am afraid.
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  3. Carol55

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    Thank you for posting this, what a beautiful little baby Charlie is. I don't want to speak of him in the past tense, hearing this news is heart breaking. I pray for strength for his parents and for any parent who has lost a child. Watching Charlie's story over the past few months, we have witnessed the anguish of his parents. I truly pray that they can support each other through this difficult time. May God bless Charlie Gard and his family and hold them in the palm of his hand.:cry:
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  5. Praetorian

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    What a beautiful little boy. :(
    He only lived a short time, but his life made a huge impact on many.
    I think I read somewhere that he was baptized before he died.
    I hope that is the case.
    May Our Lord and Our Lady take care of little Charlie.
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  6. HeavenlyHosts

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    Yes it posted on this forum, Praetorian
    That he was baptized
    Heart wrenching but you are right that people loved him
    He had a mission
    I think of Our Lord as He faced the implacable mob and was given over to death
    I guess we won't know if Charlie could have been helped sooner in the progression of his disease
    We might have to wait until the Lord makes all things known
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  7. Richard67

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    Charlie was murdered. Hopefully the judge who had him murdered is someday brought to justice.
  8. CrewDog

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    Little Charlie's short life was not in vain. I, like millions of others, prayed that The Lord would show a Great Sign of Healing thru Charlie but the WorldWide concern and the "outing" of godless socialized "Health Care" was there for all to see ..... and a powerful message too.
    God Bless Charlie's parents, family and friends!
    I'd like to think that Charlie is now part of that 10th Heavenly Choir composed of the aborted children .....and all children who have died before their time.

  9. Bella

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    Godless socialised healthcare ? That couldn't be more wrong. The nurses and doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital were heroic. What is Godless is that fake American doctor who came over to try and get approval for his treatment ( which hasn't even been clinically tested on mice yet). He gave everyone false hope. He hadn't even examined baby Charlie or read his notes, when he made his false claims of being able to help. Are you aware that the United States has the fifth highest infant mortality rate in the world ?

    Many of my family and friends work for the "Godless" healthcare system you seem to be mouthing off about, Crewdog. They are without question heroic i the lengths they go to to save and preserve life. I think you should shut your mouth until you have acquainted yourself with some facts. Also, as far as I know Charlie was not aborted. I believe it would have been his first birthday next week. In other words, he had already been born.
  10. CrewDog

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    I'm "stickin' by my guns", Bella so let's agree to disagree. ;)


    PS: Ya might want to watch something besides BBC :)
  11. Bella

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    presumably you have reported your knowledge of this murder to the police. *rolls eyes.
  12. Bella

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    sticking by what guns, dear Crewdog ? that you think Charlie Gard was aborted ? that he was killed at the hands of "Godless" Nurses and doctors (amazing that you can read the souls of all 1.3 million employees in the hospitals in the UK - that's quite a gift) ? I'm unclear what guns you are sticking to. Your facts are wrong, however.

    I can agree with you though that we all hoped and prayed for a miracle through that little baby.I'm not ruling that out yet.. I am hoping he is interceding for us.

    Please be careful when attacking good Catholic doctors and nurses who are upset as you are about the case. Throwing mud at them just because you don't agree with a fair and free healthcare system (unlike yours which I understand only cares for the rich) is not really a sensible argument, shweedie.
  13. Bella

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    I rarely watch the BBC thankyou. I'm not really sure what choice of news outlet I watch has to do with my assertion that the NHS is not "Godless" as you claim. Guess I won't really get an answer.
  14. Bella

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  15. Katfalls

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    Well in the heat of the moment and emotional distress we tend to point fingers and blame someone because our hopes for a happy ending did not happen. We can talk statistics and health plans, ethics and morality until we are blue in the face. Humanity throughout the eons has not changed and it doesn't look promising that it will. We can only place ourselves in front of the Tabernacle and pray for forgiveness, and individually try to be a better person. The duty of a parent is to set a good example for your children . . .to volunteer to help those in need and try to live the beatitudes. Yes we fail, but pick ourselves up and try again. But with life is hope, and with hope comes faith, patience and love. My heart goes out to the parents of that little baby and with God's grace they will meet him again someday. Now is the time for healing of the wound.
  16. sponsa Christi

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    my prayers are with all of you.
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  17. Mario

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    I think Crewdog was speaking more of the direction in which the healthcare system as a whole is headed, not the wonderful individuals who serve directly those in hospital beds. After all, my youngest daughter is a registered nurse serving in a hospital. It is the "expertise" of the higher-ups, the inordinate influence of insurance companies, and the curse of euthanasia, that have pushed in a direction that squashes parental rights, rights which the Church has specifically and strongly defended since the reign of Pope Pius XI going forward.

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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