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    I hope all is well with you.

    Ill be praying hard for you tonight when I am walking the dog round the Castle and at Mass in the morning.

    God bless. :D
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    I appreciate your prayers. I have improved concerning the last surgery of the C-spine and the neck brace is off. The pain has decreased to acceptable levels but I feel I will take it to the grave; it is just a little cross to have. February 17th I find out if they will be able to stent the two blocked arteries or if I will undergo open heart surgery. I think they will stent the main artery and just block the lateral branch, which is 70 percent blocked, from the main artery. I do have two stents already, so I know the procedure well. This will be the fifth heart cat so they have a room with my name on it, lol.

    I do not post or paint much now due to problems with my arms and hands. I do log in daily and read most of the post and post when I can.

    I appreciate your forum and the ability to share and read post from true Catholics and those that have committed themselves to our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mother. This morning, during the Rosary, I dropped off for a brief sleep and I recall seeing an image of our Lord, different then anything I seen in a picture or painting. His hair was a lighter brown, shoulder length, very thin, and blowing in the wind; I take from this image that He was praying or talking to His Father on a mountain. His eyes had a greenish brown, yellow tint - not common for Jewish man - the eyes or hair color. I would never have thought to paint Him that way. I did not remember hearing what He said, but it was serious from the expression of His eyes and face.

    I do wonder if St. Agnes had anything to do with it all. I was extremely touched by the EWTN daily Mass homily I had watch earlier concerning this beautiful young lady - only 12 and the strength and wisdom of an adult Christian. I read a brief history of her last night after the Liturgy of the Hours and also this morning as this is her memorial day in the liturgy. She is the only child that has an official part of the Mass liturgy, Eucharistic Prayer I.

    God's Blessings,

  3. Rain

    Rain Powers

    Cecil: Both your heart and your spine? You poor thing! The suffering must be constant and intense. You're in my prayers.
  4. CRW

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    Daily medication, prayer, and acceptance of these small crosses lessen the pain considerably. I have some problems driving, hard to turn around to back up so normally I take my wife as my guide. I have to steel plates screw to the C 4, 5, 6, and 7 disc to fused them together so it is a bit stiff. A good heat pad now and then is a blessing.

    Thank you for the prayers and to be honest the pain is not intense.

    God's Blessings,

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    When I hear of people bearing the cross, Cecil my spiritual ears always prick up a bit. For when I see people carrying a cross it gives me the same feeling as someone gets when they are entering a Church, a feeling of 'Oh God is here' You're cross does not sound so small to me.

    I'm remembring many, many years ago when my grandmother was ill. She was a very,very good holy old lady with a very great love for the rosary. She lived on her own and had known very great suffering and poverty, but I never heard her complain , not once. Her husband had been a bigamist and run off leaving her with several children to bring up on her own, in times when no one kew were the next bite of food to come from. So bad were things that she frequently had just no food to feed her children.

    My father told me that when he was a child she used to send him to the local priests to beg money for food. But sometimes they had no money themselves and so desperate was she that she sent him several miles into the country to Hollywood to ask for money off the local PP who was said to be very holy. He had nothing to eat all day and after the long walk out he spent a little of the only to but a bar of chocolate because he was really starving. He recalled the great shame when he got home telling my grandmother he had spent some, which was so very, very much needed for real food.

    She was on her own when she was ill and I spent a couple of days nursing her .sleeping on her little sofa. She was dying at that time and I recall how her rosary beads seemed glued to her hands. A woman of the greatest strength and courage, never, ever a complaint. A real Catholic lady who loved Our Lady. My eyes fill with tears as I look back, I wish I could have been a better, kinder person to her, but I was so young and bitter.....
    But as she bore her cross I witnessed a real greatness about her. Her cross and her many . many crosses had led her truly to the feet of Mary and Jesus.

    No path leads us quicker of more safely to the feet of Christ than the Cross. Mary points to the rosary which itself points to the great book of the Cross. Prayer teaches us to love the Cross and embrace it.

    But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block, and unto the Greeks foolishness (1 Cor. 1:23).

    I sometimes thought looking at that old lady that we might have had to amputate her hand to get the rosary beads away!!!

    Anyhow I admire so much the very Christian, Catholic way you carry your cross , Cecil ,a true supernatural sign of grace. Your dream reminds me of the words of the
    The Acts:

    Acts 2:17
    'In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on everyone. Your sons and your daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.

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    Your story holds true for my Mother and Father, both so poor that could not afford to see the sunshine. I can relate to your grandmother on my mothers side but never saw my Dad's mother. She died when he was 13 and he had no shoes to go to the funeral. His father left him the night of the funeral and he had to raise two smaller brothers. I guess in a way, WWII saved his life. He actually was at Pearl Harbor during the attack (Army) and spent the remainder of the war in the south pacific. My mother stories are so sad I just don't write about them; however, she and her family were Catholic, the greatest gift in life.

    Back to my dream I think our Lord was crying - the pain he feels for each child aborted. There is so much He Haw over our new president; however, I see government sponsored death. One of his first executive orders was to remove the ban on funding abortions overseas. He preaches trust, peace, and then authorizes the killing of their babies - like spraying insecticide from an airplane to kill flies. Yesterday in the USA, during the National Walk against abortion, thousands walked to protest Roe vs.. Wade in Washington DC. Obama only sent a statement, refusing to meet the thousands gathered saying; "While this is a sensitive issue, no matter what our views, we are united in our determination to prevent unintended pregnancies, reduce the need for abortion, and support women and families in the choice they make." Unintended pregnancies reduced to a wart, a germ, bowel movement, or any thing except the Child our God named before it was in the womb.

    Padraig I do think you for your prayers. I do need them as we all do, but not to reduce my crosses. They are my friends now, part of my daily life and I rarely request relief during my own prayers. I do wish that I was stronger, refusing the medication that blocks the pain and keeps me going. I often struggle with the thought that it would or could be considered suicide if I did not take my heart medication, as surely I would soon depart this life. My spiritual director agrees that it is prudent to take the medication as it is God's will for us to seek medical attention.

    God's Blessings,

  7. Lee

    Lee Principalities

    Cecil, we have a Divine Mercy Prayer line at church I'm adding you to, as well as lifting you up in my own prayers.

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