Catholics attacked at prayer event at Statue of St. Louis…

Discussion in 'The Spirit of the USA' started by Booklady, Jun 30, 2020.

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    Nice crucifix tattoo on that fine christian man's arm.
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    I clicked on the link in your post Booklady. It was astounding to watch the young Priest tell those individuals who clearly are totally ignorant of history, that St Louis had nothing to do with Africa. It almost seemed as if they were going to stop and listen. That Priest was throwing light into the darkness, and he might be onto something.

    A lot of those protesters who are willing to attack in the name of some self perceived injustice are clearly ignorant of the facts.

    It truly is revealing to see how evil operates when you see violence coming from ignorance. The real racism and hatred is perpetrated by ignorant thugs, and surely uneducated in the historical facts. Some of those thugs may have higher education in some areas. but history NO.

    The blacks and others who perceive themselves to be unfairly treated historically should look at what the Irish endured under the British. Or look at what the Poles endured from the Russians. Africans are not the only ones who were conquered historically. We all need to get over the past, learn from it and not be destined to repeat it. I speak as an Irish person who does not hold a grudge against people in our day, for what their ancestors did or did not do in the past.

    I heard that Priest tell those protesters that it was Turks and Arabs who historically attacked Africans. I wish he had the chance and the time to tell us all a bit more about history. We might all learn from it. And stop destroying everything for the sake of some twisted version of reality pushed down our throats by the modern media.
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    "Feelings don't care about facts." -- a young White leftist female.

    I had to read up on St. Louis; hence the link.

    Could this be more about St. Louis' race than his religion?
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